Saturday, May 24, 2014

Michael Jackson Alive at the 2014' Billboard Music Awards

     On Sunday, May 19, 2014, Michael Jackson appeared live on stage at the 2014' Billboard Music Awards.  Actually, in all honesty it was a hologram image of him.  If you saw this performance then you know what I am referring to.  Holography's is a realistic technology, which can bring an item, or in this case a person to life making it look as if the person is really there.  I have to say after witnessing this for myself that it was absolutely amazing.  I think what made it so amazing was that here was this holographic image of Michael Jackson singing a song off his new album, "Xscape", (which we all know is the second posthumous album to come out since the superstars passing back in 2009').  If you didn't see this hologram performance you can watch it here below:

    It's been interesting reading the comments in regards to this holographic performance on; where this has been downloaded to by many, so I have to say I read all types of comments from positive to negative about it.  Like:
  •     Absolutely amazing!
  •        This is so awesome!
  •        This is so disrespectful.
  •        Creepy!
  •        Makes me emotional…
  •        Makes me sad for what we lost in this amazing, talented artist.
  •        Interesting technology. Cool!
  •        I wonder what his family thinks about all this.
  •        I think Michael would have hated this!


  •        I think Michael would have loved this!
  •       Why would anyone do this when Michael was murdered!!!!

   So whether you love it or hate it, I think it is a pretty, interesting technology.  Now, I realized not everyone is going to like it because it will probably bring up all kinds of emotions, but in some way I don't think it's much different than watching one of his music videos.  The only difference is you see the Michael Jackson hologram performing music that was never published to any album until now.  Although, Michael always wrote so many songs for an album, he admitted in the end that he always had to make a decision as to what would eventually go on the album, and that the rest would go into the Sony Music Vault.  Now, I realize just the mention of Sony Music gives a bitter taste too many, but as much as we wished that company never prospered off of Michael in his death, the problem is would Michael have wanted this music to remain in that vault, or whether he would have wanted his fans to hear it?  Who really knows for sure?  I know some of you would probably say he definitely wouldn't have wanted any of it released, and yet; some of you would probably say that he would have wanted his fans to eventually hear it.  So whether you agree or not, Michael's "Xscape" album is Number #1 in fifty countries as I write this.  It's also been noted that his new album had even a bigger bump in sales since the Michael Jackson hologram performance at the Billboards Music Award.  So obviously, his music is still in great demand.

   I heard some people say that the album is awful, but personally I think it is actually better than his first posthumous album.  Yes, I do think his first posthumous album "Michael" was good, (although, there was some questionable songs on it as to whether it was Michael singing or not), but his "Xscape" album I feel is better.

   To sum up, let's face it, anytime something is new, like holographic imagery it's always going to draw all kinds of opinions whether good or bad, but I like to think of it the way Michael Jackson would have probably.  In his first posthumous album "Michael" there is a booklet in the front of the CD, and inside there are these little notes that Michael had scribbled messages on.  The last page of this CD booklet had this message and I quote, ("We only live once since we are given the gift of life, it should be our persistent endeavor to immortalize ourselves; no matter what field of endeavor you choose.")  I think this is what most musical artists do with their music.  So do I personally think Michael would have approved of this holographic image singing a song that was placed in the Sony Music Vault?  Like I said, I really can't be sure, but the one thing I do know is that this holographic image, and song definitely immortalized him in a way that I'm sure even he couldn't have ever imagined.

   Who knows, maybe this will be the way that the "This Is It" concert will finally be completed, and in turn immortalize Michael Jackson way beyond anything he, or any of us would have ever thought.

Side Note:  There have been some since this holographic performance that think Michael Jackson had something to do with it, and that he is still alive and was maneuvering this behind the scenes.  Now, to be honest I really have to say that I don't really think this happened, although he did say once in an interview with Geraldo Rivera about experimenting with new technologies in filming.  (See interview below)

   I guess in the end, you'll have to be the judge as to whether he had something to do with that performance, or whether it was just something someone created to immortalize him for us and future generations, which is only fitting for the legendary, "King of Pop".