Thursday, October 3, 2013

Katherine Jackson vs. A.E.G., and where is Paris Jackson?

Katherine Jackson
As many of you probably know that the Katherine Jackson vs. A.E.G. lawsuit ended yesterday, October 2, 2013 when the jury came back finding that A.E.G. was not liable for Michael Jackson's death.  Some of you might be upset over this and believe me I can quite understand.  Some thought that Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family were just being overly greedy with their lawsuit in suing A.E.G. for 40 billion dollars.  Now, I have stated in a previous blog article that I believe that this wasn't about 40 billion dollars, but more about getting answers to questions that the Jackson family still felt that they were in the dark about.  I can't really say whether they got any more information in regards to what actually happened to Michael Jackson because it seemed that throughout this trial a lot of "I don't remember" were constantly echoed in many of the testimonies that were given by A.E.G. personnel who testified.  I know for some that this verdict was not met with great favor, and understandably so.  I personally think that A.E.G. is liable for something, but is it 40 billion dollars…NO!  I would say that they knew something wasn't right with Michael, and that they chose to ignore it instead of helping him.  I guess when you get right down to it they are a business and he was their client who had a contract with them to do these concerts.  Yes, we can say that, but I know some will say it was all about money and their greed.  I might like to agree with that, but like I said they are a business, and like it or not this I'm sure it what made the jury verdict go the way it did.  I think A.E.G. does hold some liability to this; but also, we might not want to admit to this, but so did Michael Jackson.  I think the real culprit here is when you have a doctor who didn't put the brakes on this when Dr. Conrad Murray should have.  I guess it just goes back to medical protocol where a medical doctor should never befriend his patient.  There is obviously a good reason behind this, and I think we can all learn a lesson from this one.

     On a secondary note, where oh where is Paris Jackson.  Yes, I know she's supposedly in a mental health facility; but come on she went in there back in June.  I can't believe that she is still in this facility.  I know it's been stated that she has been suffering from extreme grief over her father, but I just find it strange that she isn't home yet.  There are some that have said that she isn't in this health facility, but with her father.  Yes, the death hoax continues.  There are some who believe that this was used for Paris to make her exit and meet up with her father without raising suspicion.  Now, do I believe this…NO!  Although, I still would like to know how Paris Jackson is doing, wouldn't all of you now that A.E.G. was able to walk away from this yesterday with no liability attached?  This does make one wonder.