Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Michael Jackson Death Hoax, A.E.G., the Nanny, the Chef…Oh My!

Okay, I'm sure some of you are quite curious about the title and where this article is headed.  Let me just say I feel at times I am witnessing a soap opera where the Jackson family is concerned.  I recently heard that during the deposition phase of the case of Katherine Jackson vs. A.E.G. the attorney from A.E.G. questioned Prince the 1st and Paris Jackson about the subject of their nanny, Grace Rwamba.  I found this to be really strange.  Let me explain why; you see I was under the impression that Ms. Rwamba left her nanny employment with Michael back at the beginning of 2009', and that she was only brought back for a short time by Katherine Jackson after Michael's passing.  So with this in mind, why would A.E.G.'s attorney bring this woman up to the kids?  The last time I checked she wasn't even around on June 25, 2009 when this nightmare all began.  In fact, they asked questions that led me to believe that by the answers Michael's kids gave that the woman was an apparent, alleged stalker to their father.  There's a video and an article you can read in regards to this by clicking here.

Anyway, the other thing was, they had also brought up the chef, Kai Chase, who said that Prince had to at one time help his father up the stairs after one of the rehearsals he had for the "This Is It" concert tour.  She had testified to this during the current A.E.G. Wrongful Death Trial, but Prince disputed that during his deposition by saying that this never happened.  One has to wonder what Ms. Chase fully was up to during this time.  I mean, she's the one that said that the children never went upstairs on June 25, 2009 during her testimony at the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial; and yet, security guard, (Alberto Alvarez) claimed they were right outside their father's bedroom during his testimony. 

I can understand during this deposition why the chef was brought up, because she was there on that day, but I can't for the life of me figure out why the nanny was, if she left her employment with Michael before all of this craziness began.  Think about it, she wasn't even there when this entire nightmare took place.  I have to ask again; why is A.E.G.'s attorney bringing the nanny up when she has nothing to do with this case?  It does make one wonder if their looking for another fall person like Conrad Murray.  (This is just a thought)

I also want to alert you to another video that I came upon that talks about the Conrad Murray Trial and fingerprint evidence that seemed to be overlooked; or was it?  (Watch video by clicking here)

I have to ask if the fingerprint evidence was sort of pushed to the side, or if it had any true bearing on this case?  I say this because we all know that this was an involuntary manslaughter case.  I think if it had been a murder or even a second degree murder case that the fingerprint evidence would have been more crucial.  Of course, some of you are probably like me and think that it was extremely important; but once again, the question still crosses my mind about what is really going on here, and why all of this is sort of still being swept under the carpet.  Michael's sister Latoya truly believes her brother was murdered.  Now, the question is was he; or is something else going on?  Like I stated in a previous blog about the 40 billion dollar lawsuit Michael's mother Katherine has brought against A.E.G.; it seems atrocious, but I still believe it's really about her trying to get to the truth.  The one thing I am sure about here, is that we have yet to hear the real truth of what happened on that day - June 25, 2009.  Yes, it might be over four years later, but I still believe the truth will eventually prevail; or at least that's what I am still hoping for.

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