Sunday, May 5, 2013

$40 Billion Dollar Lawsuit…What is this Telling us, if anything?

At the beginning of April 2013', jury selection got underway for the Jackson family's lawsuit against the mega-company, A.E.G., who had been the concert promoter's for Michael Jackson's "This is It" concerts, that were to have taken place back in mid-2009'.  The lawsuit directed at A.E.G. is for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson. 

          The lawsuit attests that A.E.G. is responsible for Michael's death; and that the Jackson's are suing for $40 Billion dollars; money they say Michael could have made; but now will not.  This trial is set to go on for 90 days or more; and could head into mid-June 2013'.

          I personally find this lawsuit quite interesting.  It's not that I'm surprised that the Jackson's are suing A.E.G.; I'm not! It's more the fact that they are suing for $40 Billion dollars.  I don't know if I've ever heard of any lawsuit asking for $40 Billion dollars.  Have any of you?

          Some have said that the Jackson's are showing their greed at wanting $40 Billion dollars, and that it's not going to bring Michael back; so why so high a price?  Some have said there is no amount they could pay to make up for the death of Michael.  What do you all think?

          The one truth we will probably all have to pay attention to is that whenever you go after someone, it usually gets ugly.  There is a rumor that A.E.G. plans to bring up Michael Jackson's 2005' child molestation charges as their central issue, so that the juror will find disfavor with him.  My understanding of it; is to show that it was Michael's indiscretions that made him into an insomniac; not them. (I guess even in death, Michael will be on trial again.  A trial that we all know Michael was found innocent in).

          I have to ask myself when is all of this going to end.  I have to wonder if Michael is still alive, if he is having his family do this to try to settle a past dispute with A.E.G.  I know there has got to be more to this story than meets the eye.  I know this; because of Dr. Conrad Murray, and what he said in his documentary against Randy Phillips, the President of A.E.G.
Randy Phillips
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          And, of course in my previous blog I told you that Conrad Murray had decided to take the fifth if he is issued a subpoena, so who knows if the jury will ever know about any of the above conversation that Murray says he had with Phillips.  Then let's not forget about Michael's sister Latoya and what she claimed about Phillips.

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          So the real question after watching this video above that I have is, are the Jackson's really wanting $40 Billion dollars for the wrongful death of Michael; or are they still just looking for justice in who really killed him?

          It should be interesting to see how this court trial plays out.  I'll definitely be paying attention; how about you?
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