Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conrad Murray Ends His Silence in the Death of Michael Jackson!

Conrad Murray, the doctor who was found guilty in administering the lethal dose of the anesthesia, Propofol to Michael Jackson finally broke his silence today, April 4, 2013; while during a telephone interview with Anderson Cooper 360 on his current affairs show.

          During this interview Murray continued to insist that he was innocent of the death of the music superstar and was still seeking an Appeal to clear his name.  He let it be known that he was in no way responsible for Jackson's death. (Interesting, right)?

          Murray went on to contend that he was just a scapegoat in all of this, and that he too was grieving the loss of his friend.  He said and I quote to Anderson Cooper, "I'm an innocent man, Anderson.  I maintain that innocence.  I'm extremely sorry that Michael has passed.  It's a tremendous loss for me, it's a burden I've been carrying for the longest while, and it's a burden I will carry for an indefinite period of time.  The loss is just overwhelming.  He was very close to me.  I was close to him.  We were absolutely great friends."

          During this phone conversation Murray talked about his reasons for refusing to testify in the wrongful death lawsuit, which Michael's mother, Katherine has brought forth against the concert promoters; AEG Live.  The lawsuit contends that the company was responsible for hiring Murray to take care of Michael, as he set forth to ready himself for the 50 concert shows he was to give in London at the O2 arena starting in July of 2009.

          Also, during this phone conversation Murray did something strange when he started to sing a song by the late Nat King Cole titled:  "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot."  Murray told Anderson Cooper that the song was about a little boy who gets no Christmas gifts and said that this was the story of his life.  He said he grew up with no Christmas, no toys, and had nothing.  Some might thing he was talking about Michael Jackson if you really think about it; what do you all think?  (Strange)?

          One last note; the lawsuit again AEG Live brought by Katherine Jackson started on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  It should be interesting to see what happens during this case.  I'll definitely be paying attention.