Sunday, March 10, 2013

Michael Jackson and the "This Is It" documentary SUSPICION

I was thinking recently about the "This Is It", documentary that was made after Michael Jackson's supposed death.  This documentary hit theatres on October 28, 2009, which was just a little over four months after Michael's death.  Now as many of you know this documentary was made from footage of Michael's rehearsals of this concert series that was supposed to take place in the U.K. at the O2 Arena  starting in July 2009. 

          My understanding of this footage that it cost the production 30 million dollars to record every day and that it was the first time that Michael ever had done anything like this during his rehearsals.  It was stated he did this because he wanted the footage for his own personal library.  Okay, maybe this is true, although I still find this hard to believe that something that was costing so much would just be placed in a personal library, but I find it really hard to believe that after Michael's supposed death that they were able to market this and get a bid of $60 million dollars from Sony Pictures so quickly, and that they were able to piece all of this together to make this movie documentary just a little over four months later to get it into theatres.  If you ask me I think they were making this all along and that their intention was always to release this rehearsal footage.  Now the big question is why?

          Why = because they knew Michael wouldn't be able to do these concerts; so let's give his fans something?

          Why = because Michael knew he was going to make his exit before these concerts, so let's leave something behind.

          Let's face it they were within days of Michael's last rehearsal at the Staple Center in Los Angeles before leaving for London.  I just find this very suspicious.  The timing just seems off to me and the timing of this documentary just as well.

What do you think?
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