Sunday, February 3, 2013

Michael Jackson and Justin Beiber Coincidences

If you are a Justin Beiber fan than you know the singer has gone on record as saying that he admired and hoped to have as long a career as Michael Jackson.  So it has been quite interesting to watch this young entertainer's career since Michael Jackson's supposed death, and the coincidences that he seems to have latched onto.

          So let's start by talking about the coincidences I have noticed.

                                     1.)  Justin Beiber titled his 2012' album last year as "BELIEVE", and we all know that the word Believe has seemed to follow Michael Jackson around since his supposed death.  Now I know this isn't as much a coincidence since Michael Jackson's guitarist from the "This is It" concert Orianthi also titled her album shortly after Michael's supposed death, "Believe".

2.)  But, there is a song on Justin Beiber's "Believe" album called"  "Maria", which starts out very similar to one of the songs on Michael's posthumous album, "Michael" called: "Breaking News".  (This song starts out with news announcements and so does Justin Beiber's song ("Maria").  Then Beiber sings a song about a girl named Maria who's says he fathered her child, and if you've been following Michael Jackson's career then you know that he wrote the song, "Billie Jean", because a girl named Billie Jean accused him of the same thing.
Usher and Justin Beiber

          Is this just a coincidence, or is Justin Beiber trying to tell Michael Jackson fans and Believers something?  I have no idea.  I just think it's pretty strange.

          Now I realize once again that other musical artist have copied Michael Jackson, such as; Usher, Chris Brown, Madonna, and many others that I'm sure you could tell me about.  So whether Justin Beiber is doing this on purpose or just hoping that his career manages to last up to four decades like Michael's did I can't say.  There is one other thing I did find interesting.  When you listen to the song, "Maria", you almost feel like he hired the Jackson brothers to be the background singers to give it that Jackson 5 sound.  Now whether that was his intent I can't really say.  All I can say is that it is pretty eerie, so much so that even others have made comments on Beiber's video for "Maria" out on about how Michael Jackson sounding it is.

(CLICK HERE to listen to the song, "Breaking News" by Michael Jackson)

(CLICK HERE to listen to the song, "Maria" by Justin Beiber)



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