Friday, February 15, 2013

Michael Jackson and the Price of Living Out Your Dream Job

As many of you know we're getting closer to the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson's supposed death, and since I started writing this blog, which was a little over two years ago.  I thought it was now time to address a few things.  Such as, if Michael Jackson is truly dead what really drove him to this, and in the end was the thing he loved doing the most such as singing, composer, and entertaining thousands his downfall.  Of course, there is the other side of the coin, such as if he is still alive, why he fake his own death when he was about to make the biggest comeback of his life?  I truly believe he would have been totally successful with this comeback, but maybe on some level he didn't think so, and so he decided to bow out.

          Let's face it, some of us get up and go off to work every day doing things that we love doing, but in most cases many of us go off to work just to make a living to pay our daily expenses.  We may not like what we do, but we do it anyway to support ourselves and our family.  Then there are some who go off to work to support ourselves and our family, but still hope to live out their dream job somewhere in the future.

          As a writer of this blog I am no different.  I teach for a living and in many ways I do like it.  But, is it the thing I am most passionate about?  Is it something that I truly love?  In all honesty, I have to admit it is not my dream job.  My dream job has always been to be a published author and a full time writer.  I have always had a love for writing, so I have to tell you I do enjoy writing this blog, and since it is on a subject I feel strongly about it only makes it even better.  I am happy to say that I did finally publish a couple of books on, which is to a book series that a couple other family members and I have been writing.  The book series ("To Nowhere"), is a Fiction/Fantasy/Mystery type series of books.  The first book is titled:  "The To Nowhere Train", and the second book in the series is"  "Elevator To Nowhere and Beyond".  So I can say a piece of my dream has come true?  Am I living my dream job now?  The answer is NO.  Yes, I'm published, but very few people have bought either one of the two eBooks, but I still continue to write the series because of my love for writing, and I am still hopeful that one day more people will discover these eBooks, and read them, and hopefully enjoy them.

          I think sometimes about what Michael Jackson must of dealt with while growing up singing, composing, and learning his musical craft and what he must of thought as he struggles as a small boy in the beginning of his career, and then as he reached success with his brothers as the Jackson 5, and then to go on to a very SUCCESSFUL Solo Career.  It was a career that became bigger than most.  I think it was a career that in many ways eventually became bigger than what he could live up to.  Yes, he was an amazing entertainer, but when you've been to the top there isn't anywhere else to go but down.  I think when you are living your dream job and this happens I can only imagine what it does to a person.  We know it caused Michael to live as a recluse.  He couldn't go out like most people.  He couldn't do all those normal things that we take for granted like grocery shopping, going to the mall, the movies, arcades, amusement parks, and just every day things like walking down a street.  If Michael wanted to do any of those things he had to do them behind lock gates and high security.  I think about that five year old, little boy who started his singing career in Gary, Indiana, who probably had wonderful dreams about the future.  I'm sure for a time his dream job seemed to be the greatest thing, but one has to wonder in the end what had actually become a dream job might have ended up as a nightmare to him.

          I hope if I ever have the opportunity to experience my dream job at a hundred percent and the success from it that I don't end up with such results.  I'd like to think that whatever we all aspire to do in life, that we can feel good about it at the end of the day and to not have it blow up in our faces the way Michael Jackson must have had to deal with in his supposed end.

          Here's to all of us living out our dream jobs with success and peace of mind!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Michael Jackson and Justin Beiber Coincidences

If you are a Justin Beiber fan than you know the singer has gone on record as saying that he admired and hoped to have as long a career as Michael Jackson.  So it has been quite interesting to watch this young entertainer's career since Michael Jackson's supposed death, and the coincidences that he seems to have latched onto.

          So let's start by talking about the coincidences I have noticed.

                                     1.)  Justin Beiber titled his 2012' album last year as "BELIEVE", and we all know that the word Believe has seemed to follow Michael Jackson around since his supposed death.  Now I know this isn't as much a coincidence since Michael Jackson's guitarist from the "This is It" concert Orianthi also titled her album shortly after Michael's supposed death, "Believe".

2.)  But, there is a song on Justin Beiber's "Believe" album called"  "Maria", which starts out very similar to one of the songs on Michael's posthumous album, "Michael" called: "Breaking News".  (This song starts out with news announcements and so does Justin Beiber's song ("Maria").  Then Beiber sings a song about a girl named Maria who's says he fathered her child, and if you've been following Michael Jackson's career then you know that he wrote the song, "Billie Jean", because a girl named Billie Jean accused him of the same thing.
Usher and Justin Beiber

          Is this just a coincidence, or is Justin Beiber trying to tell Michael Jackson fans and Believers something?  I have no idea.  I just think it's pretty strange.

          Now I realize once again that other musical artist have copied Michael Jackson, such as; Usher, Chris Brown, Madonna, and many others that I'm sure you could tell me about.  So whether Justin Beiber is doing this on purpose or just hoping that his career manages to last up to four decades like Michael's did I can't say.  There is one other thing I did find interesting.  When you listen to the song, "Maria", you almost feel like he hired the Jackson brothers to be the background singers to give it that Jackson 5 sound.  Now whether that was his intent I can't really say.  All I can say is that it is pretty eerie, so much so that even others have made comments on Beiber's video for "Maria" out on about how Michael Jackson sounding it is.

(CLICK HERE to listen to the song, "Breaking News" by Michael Jackson)

(CLICK HERE to listen to the song, "Maria" by Justin Beiber)