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Michael Jackson: Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008? (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of this blog I talked about the fact that I found a lot of conflicting information on Michael Jackson not just in 2009', when he supposedly died but also going back to 2008'.  I also told you about an office manager that worked for Michael's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein named Jason Pfeiffer who claimed that he and Jackson was involved romantically in 2008'.

Which now brings us to the people who said they were the only one's around Michael besides his kids, bodyguards, and house staff in 2008'. What is so odd about these claims is each one claims it was them, that they were his only friend during this time, yet neither one is someone I would put in the category of being Michael's true friend.

First, there was Dr. Tohme Tohme, (financial advisor) who was introduced to Michael by his brother Jermaine in the summer of 2008'.  He claimed that he was the only one around Michael during that time. Right and I believe this as much as I believe that Pfeiffer was his lover at that time as well. If this isn't bad enough Dr.Conrad Murray basic went on to claim the same thing in the documentary he did, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor", except he went even further by saying that Michael told him he was his only true friend. (Yeah, right and I'm Mrs. Michael Jackson. lol)  
Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Tohme Tohme
So I have Dr. Tohme Tohme and Dr. Conrad Murray claiming they were the only one around Michael Jackson during this time frame. But, yet I reported in an earlier blog entry that singer, Donny Osmond claimed that Michael had called him and told him he was hiding out in Phoenix, Arizona in an RV with his kids during this time frame because things had just gotten to be too much for him. 
Donny Osmond
Could all of this have happened?  Maybe, and maybe not, although I can basically show you the inconsistencies of some of the things each of them were saying.  One of the biggest inconsistencies is that there were actually other people that I have discovered that were around Michael Jackson during this time frame as well, such as June Gatlin, (Jackson's spiritual advisor), and Michael's lawyer, the late Peter Lopez, and who knows who else.

Click below for a video I created on to show you what was said and the inconsistencies these people were claiming.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Michael Jackson: Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008'? (Part 1 of 3)

This blog entry is about 2008', because through research I came across a lot of conflicting information about WHO Michael Jackson was around in 2008', WHAT he was doing in 2008', WHERE was he exactly in 2008', WHEN all of this occurred in 2008', and HOW all of this could have happened in 2008'.  I know it sounds confusing.  Believe me when I tell you this…it is.

After the supposed death of Michael Jackson I heard reports from Michael's family that they hardly saw him in the past few years leading up to his death. Come to think of it the general public didn't really see Michael during this time either. In fact, to be honest with you I actually believed that Michael was still abroad, which is where he had gone after the 2005' Child Molestation trial had ended. So imagine my surprise after his death to hear reports from various individuals that Michael had actually been back in the United States, and that he was reported to have at one time been in Las Vegas, and in Phoenix, Arizona, then of course, in Los Angeles.

So my understanding of all of his whereabouts was that Michael had returned back to the United States in 2006', and apparently this was also the time when he first met Dr. Conrad Murray, whom he met through one of his bodyguards, who recommended the doctor to Michael to treat one of his kids colds.
Dr. Conrad Murray
This now brings us to the subject of this blog entry, about the who, what, where, when and how of what happened to Michael Jackson back in 2008'.  In my previous blog entry titled:  "Did Michael Jackson Want to Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death", I stated that it appeared that Michael Jackson had a very eventful 2008' as well as 2009'.  I think the interesting thing here is we might just be able to possibly piece together what may have truly happened to Michael Jackson or not on June 25, 2009 by going back in time to 2008'.

The reason I feel that going back to 2008' is important is because there is just as much conflicting information back then as there was in 2009' leading up to Michael Jackson's supposed death from various individuals who claimed they were with Michael during this time, or that Michael was hiding out somewhere.

First of all, in April of 2011' we heard from a man by the name of Jason Pfeiffer on the television show "Extra", where he claimed to be Michael Jackson's gay lover. (Now I could say a whole lot about this man's claim here, but I'm not). 
Jason Pfeiffer's article in the Austialian Woman's Day Magazine
The reason I bring this up is in this interview Mr. Pfeiffer stated that he met Michael Jackson in 2008' at the office of his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein where he was working as an office manager at the time.  He stated they hit it off and started a relationship.  (Gee someone better tell Jason that there is a line around the building and he better get in it).  I say this because it seems there is more than Jason stating they were the one in Michael Jackson's life in 2008'.  Of course, the interesting thing that came out of this was Michael's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein during this interview confirming it by saying it was true that Jason and Michael were in love, but then much later down the road recanted his story by saying they made it up.  Now, why they made it up is beyond me, but Jason Pfeiffer is apparently sticking to his story. 

Jason went on record during this interview by saying: "Setting the record straight and telling the truth, as opposed to hiding in some house in the middle of nowhere….I think he would have approved of this, yes."

What do I have to say about all of this; not much other than it's easy to get wrapped up in your own fantasies and make them your reality. (Hey, I'm willing to admit I've had a few fantasies about Michael Jackson, but that doesn't make them true).  This guy has publicly said that he and Michael were lovers during this time. Do I believe this, do any of you? Come on this was a guy who obviously had a thing for Michael but somehow I don't think it was mutual. In fact there is zero proof to that effect. The only times Michael was seen with this guy was at a Christmas party he had at his home with a group of other people in a photo, and Michael isn't even standing next to him, let alone have any physical contact with him in any way in the photos I saw, but some think this is proof, of what, I'm not sure.  

The supposed incriminating photo of Jason Pfeiffer with
Michael Jackson at a Christmas Party that was given in Jackson's home.
Seriously, if you're famous be careful who you are photographed with even if it's a group photo. Other then this the only other times Michael was seen with this guy was leaving Kline's office (where Pfeiffer worked at the time) and these photos made Pfeiffer look like a love sick puppy dog following after Michael. Don't believe me, here is a video I found on YouTube showing this: (CLICK HERE)

So, maybe Michael was going to Kline's office at that time, and maybe Pfeiffer worked there, but I would put money on the fact that this was the extent of their relationship. So we can rule out Pfeiffer's vivid imagination as being creditable when it comes to what Michael was up to 2008'.  The one thing I am sure of is that Mr. Pfeiffer sold this story to Australians Woman's Day Magazine, and gave several more interviews in regards to this, to which I am sure he was paid.  But, hey he said Michael would have wanted him to come clean and tell the truth about them. (PPLLEEAASEEE give me a break)!!!  It's amazing how many people came out of the woodwork after Michael's death to claim all kinds of things about him.  It's really amazing what a person will do for fifteen minutes and the mighty dollar.

Anyway this is just the first of a few so called people who supposedly became involved in some way with Michael Jackson in 2008', or so they say.  Believe me when I tell you there are more.

So stay tune for Part 2, where I'll discuss several more people claiming all kinds of things about Michael Jackson, and it all took place in 2008'.  If Michael Jackson is still alive, I'm sure he is shaking his head right about now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death? ………(Part 3 of 3)

In my last two blog entries I gave a few reasons why I believe that Michael Jackson was trying to break free from Conrad Murray, but for some reason he didn't feel he could.  I also talked about the fact that Murray had some incriminating material on him with the recording of him in a drug induced state.  Let's face it this one recording could have made Michael feel he had to keep Murray around.  I know I'm speculating again here but let's face it why else did Murray feel the need to hang onto that recording?

Dr. Drew Pinski
Well known TV personality, author and psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinski talked about this in depth on his program on HLN cable network. He stated that having worked with countless individuals in rehab Dr. Pinski said that at times he too would tape a patient while they were under the influence. He said that he did this only to play the tape back for the individual to show them what they sounded like and to get them to see that they did have a problem. He then said that once he did this he would erase the tape immediately, he wouldn't hang onto it. He went on to state that there would be no reason to do so. So like many of us he wanted to know why Conrad Murray chose to hang onto this recording of Michael Jackson out of it. Murray obviously couldn't use the excuse that he did it to show Michael how he sounded. If that had been the case then he would have deleted the recording and it never would have been brought into evidence during his involuntary manslaughter trial. But, we all learned during this trial that he had this recording which was several months old. So this leaves me to wonder whether he was blackmailing Michael with the fact that if he got rid of him he would use it by taking it to the news media.

Now some of you could say that Michael could have easily denied that this was him, right?  I mean, after all I know some of you believe it isn't him because the voice is distorted. So this brings us to the biggest thing that Murray probably might have hung over Michael's head, and that was if Michael wanted his Propofol then he needed to keep Murray around because it was Murray who was the only one  supplying him with it, which actually does make some sense.   It would especially make sense to why Michael was trying to get someone else to give it to him, don't you all think?  I truly believe he was trying to find someone else to give him Propofol so he could send Conrad Murray packing. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death?...............(Part 2 of 3)

When I last left Part 1, I stated I would continue to tell you why I feel Michael Jackson wanted to break free from Conrad Murray.  I already explained how he had contacted Nutritionist Nurse, Cherilyn Lee just a day after a critical meeting Michael had with concert promoters from AEG and his manager, along with Conrad Murray, who basically told them not to worry and that Michael was fine and would not be missing anymore rehearsals.

Well, the second reason why I think Michael wanted to get away from Murray was  because he seemed to be shopping around for someone to give him Propofol, and from where I am sitting it wasn't Conrad Murray.  Let me explain in more detail, Michael asked Cherilyn Lee during his time with her about Propofol on April 19, 2009.  She stated this during her testimony in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Case.  But, what was interesting here is that another witness who had been a doctor of Michael's for many years, (Dr. Allan Metzger) stated under oath that Michael had asked him for an anesthetic sleep aide on April 18, 2009.
Cherilyn Lee

Dr. Allan Metzger

Now here the clincher for me in deciding this, Conrad Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez testified that she was receiving packages for Murray at her residence and it was later determined in the trial that they were Propofol shipments.  What's interesting here is the first package came to her residence by Fed Ex on April 8, 2009
Nicole Alvarez
If you look at the dates I underlined I'm sure you can see that Dr. Murray was obviously already supplying Michael Jackson with Propofol when Jackson was trying to obtain it from Cherilyn Lee and Dr. Allan Metzger.  So why was he doing this if Murray was already giving it to him?

I believe that all wasn't fine and dandy between Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson as he was trying to paint it in his documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor".  I stated in Part 1, which Murray had recorded Michael in a drug induced state in early May of 2009', but I have to wonder what else did Murray have on Jackson?  I have to ask this question because Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez stated in her testimony that Murray had been treating Michael since 2008'.  She also said Murray asked her in March 2009' to go to London with him for the "This Is It" tour.  (Gee, I thought Murray wasn't hired until the beginning of May 2009'.  He must have been awfully sure that he was going to London back in March of 2009' to ask his girlfriend to go with him, don't you all think)?  There was another thing she said that I thought was quite interesting, she said on the day Michael Jackson supposedly died that Murray had called her when he was on his way to the hospital with Michael Jackson in an ambulance to tell her not to worry if she heard anything about it from the new media because everything was okay. (Say what)?!

If you haven't watched Nicole Alvarez testimony it is an eye opener.  It is well worth watching, believe me.  CLICK HERE to watch it now.  Her testimony starts at the time of 22:38.

So does this sound like Michael Jackson was trying to break free from Conrad Murray?  It does to me.  I mean, why else would he be looking for someone else, as he apparently was when he approached Cherilyn Lee and Dr. Allan Metzger to give him Propofol if he had Conrad Murray already giving it to him.  Why would he do this?  Another thing you might want to keep in mind here is that if Murray was treating Michael back in 2008' how does all of this fit in with Dr. Tohme, his financial advisor at the time, who was hired by Jackson in the Summer of 2008'? Then let's not forget my other blog entry I wrote on March 8, 2012' titled:  "Is Donny Osmond Giving Us a Clue or is this Wishful Thinking", where Donny Osmond stated there was a time that Michael was hiding out in 2008' in an RV with his kids in Phoenix, Arizona because he had told Osmond that the stress had become just too much.  It sounds like 2008' was just as eventful for Michael as 2009', doesn't it?
Dr. Conrad Murray & Dr. Tohme Tohme
So as you can see trying to connect all the dots here is becoming quite the task in trying to find the truth in all of this mess.  So stay tune for Part 3, where I'll discuss some more reasons why I think Michael was trying to break away from Conrad Murray.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death?........ (Part 1 of 3)

Yes, we're back to the subject of Conrad Murray again. As I pointed out before, we will no doubt be going into the subject of this so called wonderful doctor many times in this blog, because if Michael Jackson is indeed dead this is the man who is responsible in some way whether he will admit it or not.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of this blog entry, which is was Michael Jackson trying to break free from Conrad Murray? Some of you might be wondering why I am even thinking that this might have been the case when he had AEG hire the guy in the first place? Some of you might be thinking Murray was just an employee, and if Michael had wanted to get rid of him all he would have had to do is fire him, right?  How hard could this have been if this is in fact something he wanted to do?  Why would I even suspect that Michael actually wanted to do this in the first place?  Believe me I have my reasons and I will be getting to that in a moment so keep reading.   

Pictured from left to right:
Kenny Ortega, Frank Dileo, and Randy Phillips
The reason I believe that Michael might have wanted to break free from Conrad Murray because during testimony in the doctors involuntary manslaughter case, AEG producer/director, Kenny Ortega spoke about a meeting that he had with Michael, Conrad Murray, AEG Owner, Randy Phillips, and manager, Frank Dileo on June 20, 2009' at Jackson's home.  Mr. Ortega stated that Conrad Murray got in his face and told him he needed to stop playing doctor when Ortega told him that Michael had showed up with what were flu-like symptoms and that he had advised Jackson to sit out rehearsal.  Ortega went on to testify that Murray told him that he had no right not allowing Michael to practice the day before. I briefly spoke about this in a previous blog entry titled: "Michael Jackson was Weak, Sickly and Frail! Really? Where At?"  In Mr. Ortega's testimony he stated that he had to coax Michael into telling Murray that it wasn't how it went down.  Ortega said that Michael finally spoke up and told Murray that it was his idea to sit out rehearsal and to just watch.  My understanding is at this meeting Murray reassured Phillips and Ortega that Michael was fine and that he would not be missing any more rehearsals. (Too bad this blogger wasn't at this meeting because I would have told Murray to buzz off!  I mean what business is this of his in deciding whether Michael can rehearse or not.  I thought Michael only had one father who was a dictator and not two)!

Cherilyn Lee testifying in court during
the "Conrad Murray Involuntary
Manslaughter case.
Some of you might be wondering what all this has to do with me thinking that Michael might have wanted to break free from this man.  Well, it's what transpired after this meeting just a day later on June 21, 2009' that makes me think this.  You see it was only a day later that Michael had one of his bodyguards call the nutritional nurse that he had met months earlier to ask for help.  Cherilyn Lee said in her court testimony that she had received the call on June 21, 2009' and she herself was in the Emergency Room, but yet she was surprised to hear from Jackson after not hearing anything from him for almost a couple of months and finding out that he was not well.  She said she could hear him in the background of the call that the bodyguard made with him yelling, "Tell her one side of my body is hot and one side of my body is cold."  She went on to state in her testimony that she wasn't currently in town and that she told the bodyguard that Michael should go to the hospital.  She said after she hung up she never heard anything more from Michael until June 25, 2009' when the news media was reporting him as being supposedly dead.

So my question here is why did Michael call Cherilyn Lee just one day after the notorious meeting where Murray stated to Phillips and Ortega that all was fine and that Michael would not be missing any more rehearsals?  Why didn't Michael just call Conrad Murray with his ailments the following day?  After all, Conrad Murray was hired as his doctor at the time, so what was up here?  This makes me think that Michael didn't call him because he didn't trust him.  Yes, I'm speculating here, but think about this.  He didn't call his personal doctor he called a nurse practitioner that he hadn't spoken to in months.  This to me is a RED flag!

So if Michael Jackson didn't trust Conrad Murray why didn't he just get rid of him?  Why did he act like he was appeasing the man?  What was up with this? 

There are two reasons that I think that Michael didn't get rid of Murray and the first one was because shortly after he had hired the good old doctor in early May 2009', the doctor was able to get some incriminating material on him.  If you watch the involuntary manslaughter case you must know that Murray had recorded Michael in what was a drug induced state. 

(CLICK HERE to listen to recording that was presented during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case)

So was Murray using this recording to control Michael Jackson?  Was he threatening to go to the news media with this recording if Michael didn't do what he asked him to?  Was he using this recording as a way of keeping his very high paying job?  This is a lot to think about here, right?  But, think about it I feel we must if we are ever going to get to the truth in this case.

So stay tune for Part 2, where I'll continue to discuss why I believe Michael Jackson was trying to break away from Dr. Conrad Murray, and the second reason why I truly believe this.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Was Conrad Murray Up To?..... (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous blog entry I went into the enigma that is Dr. Conrad Murray. I went into some odd things that were stated by him in that horrid documentary, "The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson" or "Michael Jackson and the Doctor", that was done by him and his defense team during his Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. I went into how things he said in the documentary didn't quite add up to things he would say and do later during the investigation into the supposed death of Michael Jackson. I say supposed because I can only hope that Michael isn't actually dead because I would hate to think that anyone could be so callous and heartless about their actions as Conrad Murray had been during and since the trial. He basically has shown no remorse and continues to act as if he has done nothing wrong.  He has even filed for an Appeal to his case. 

Think about this for a moment, all his past patients who talked about the man during his trial on how good a doctor he was. If what these people are saying is true then wouldn't Conrad Murray have felt at least complete and utter guilt over what happened to Michael Jackson? Wouldn't he have wanted to tell Michael's family, especially Michael's children how sorry he was that he allowed this to get out of hand to the point where it cost them their father.

Michael Jackson's children:  Prince I, Paris, and Prince II (aka. Blanket)

Wouldn't he have taken his punishment, what little there was without any argument? Heck, wouldn't he have even pleaded guilty to start with, knowing that regardless of what had actually happened in that room he was ultimately responsible for bringing the propofol into the house in the first place, then not being prepared for the worse if it should happen. He must have known from the get go what he was doing wasn't right, after all, why else would he choose to have the propofol sent to his girlfriend's house and not his medical offices. Also, I love how he said he was weaning Michael off the drug, yet he had 4 gallons of the stuff sent to him. This makes me shake my head, which leaves me to wonder if he truly was weaning Michael off of the stuff, along with King Kong and Godzilla as well. (Please….who was he kidding here, really)?

Yet, I have heard so many of Murray's patients talk about him as if he was a shining example of the medical profession. All right, I know what is going on here there are two Conrad Murray's, right?  It's like the same way I have made comments out here on this blog that I feel as if there were two Michael Jackson's. The good Michael whom I believe was the real one, and the bad Michael who was painted in the news media. Now with Conrad Murray there is the competent doctor who would put his patients first and there is the Conrad Murray whose a bumbling fool who would put himself before his patients, which is what this idiot who stood trial for Michael's supposed death has done.

Seriously, this guy has yet to take any blame for what happened, it was all Michael's fault, doesn't sound to me like a great doctor to me. Then we have him sentenced to jail for what four years? No wait, make that two because of jail crowding.  Does he accept this sentence, no he doesn't.  As I stated he continues to say he didn't do anything wrong and that he doesn't belong in jail.  (Say what)? 

As I stated above, Michael Jackson better not be dead because if he is this man is totally heartless and so is his defense team. His attorney, Michael Flannigan acts as if Murray is the victim in all of this, and he shouldn't have to spend his sentence time in jail and that if this case had involved anyone else other than Michael Jackson that his client would have been serving his sentence under house arrest.  I hate to remind Mr. Flannigan but someone is dead here, or at least that's what we've all been told. 

The only hero I have in this whole scenario as it stands is Judge Pastor, a man who won't listen to this garbage and has called out Murray on his lack of compassion in this whole matter. You know I could go on and on about Conrad Murray but it gives me a pounding headache because as I have said before this man really doesn't make any sense. This is why I have to wonder what this man was and is up to?  Perhaps, this has to do with the fact that we don't still have the whole story about that day. Murray should be the key to finding out the whole story about what happened back on June 25, 2009 to Michael Jackson, but he still isn't talking. Well, he's talking but it's nothing any of us want to hear. The truth is we might not ever find out the real truth of what happened on that day back in June of 2009.

One thing is for sure I will continue to write this blog and continue to dig for the truth, it’s the least I can do for Michael Jackson.  The mystery continues on.

Friday, April 6, 2012

What Was Conrad Murray Up To? .........(Part 1 of 2)

Conrad Murray

I know we have spent a whole lot of time on Conrad Murray. But when you think about the fact that this is the man at the heart of the supposed death of Michael Jackson, how can this be avoided? So, here we are again on the subject of Conrad Murray, and the more I go into this subject the more I find myself having to ask what was up with this man, and I mean that seriously. This man doesn't seem to make any sense to me. We know, or so we have been led to believe he is the person who inadvertently killed Michael Jackson. He was supposedly a highly respected doctor, right?  I mean just ask any of his former patients. They all sing his praises, some even during his involuntary manslaughter court case, including a spunky 80 year old woman, whom I couldn't help but like even if she was defending Murray. The odd thing is the man she speaks of, along with all those other patients, some of whom stood outside the court house holding picket signs seemed somehow out of place.

Anyway, getting back to Conrad Murray, to hear these former patients talk, he was a stellar doctor, who could be trusted and who cared immensely about his patients. (Huh?! How did this man go from being this pillar of the medical community to the bumbling idiot who took care of Michael Jackson, and killed him)? This is the man who did CPR on a mattress remember, and didn't have any proper monitoring equipment, reviving equipment, adrenalin drugs on him in case of an emergency. (You know the saying prepare for the worst). If that wasn't bad enough he didn't call 911 right away because in the documentary he says he was busy doing CPR, but during the trial he said there wasn't a working phone in the house.  (Which is it?  Didn't he have a phone to call all of the women that his cell phone had recorded as doing)?  This doctor wasn't the least bit prepared from what I saw. If that isn't enough there is still so much that doesn't add up here, both in his actions and in his so called statements to the police.  Let's go over some of these shall we.

First, of all if you've seen that horrid documentary that was done by Conrad Murray and his defense team around the time of his trial, titled: "The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson" you probably will have some idea what I am talking about. If not, you can watch it on YouTube, but I have to warn you it’s tough to watch. 
(CLICK HERE to watch it). 

If you would rather not watch it I can tell you that Judge Pastor from the involuntary manslaughter trial voiced his total distaste for the thing during Murray's sentencing. Here is a few tidbits from this documentary, but let me just warn you right here that this almost had me throwing my shoe at the TV screen that's how bad it was.

Murray stated in the documentary that Michael wet the bed and he never let the bed be cleaned because he was obviously too embarrassed. When asked by his defense attorney's if this was because of medication he was taking or some other psychological reason.  Murray stated it was psychological and said it had to do with Michael's childhood trauma that he had suffered by the hands of his father. Now what is the matter with this statement? First, Michael grew up in a large family and there were times when he shared a room with at least one of his brothers and none of them ever brought this up about him having this problem. He was also married twice, and despite what some choose to believe these were real marriages.  So why would these women never mention it? Even Lisa Marie, Michael's first wife when she was on what I call her woman scorn vendetta period giving interview after interview about negative things in regards to Jackson after their marriage ended never brought anything like this up.  Neither woman has ever mentioned this problem to this day. So come on, do I need to remind Murray that if Michael's autopsy report is genuine that an inflamed prostate was discovered, which could have been brought on by a prolong use of a catheter, to which we found out during the trial that he used on Michael every time he put him under propofol.  My understanding is he gave Michael propofol for forty straight nights for anywhere from eight to ten hours. Seriously, I could do a whole blog post on this alone, but let's just say Murray was just trying to cover his own behind on this one, and leave it at that.  (If any of you want to know how I know this about a catheter, I know this because I had a family member who had to have one for a long time, and I was told by medical personnel that the longer a person uses a catheter the more problems a person could have with their urinary track).

Conrad Murray went on to say in the documentary that when he administered the propofol he would never leave Michael's side. Too bad his cell phone tells another story of him leaving and calling three women and being gone for over forty minutes. (Yet, he told the police that he only left Michael Jackson for two minutes to go to the bathroom). One of the women Murray called admitted she hadn't heard from him in quite awhile.  So while he was supposed to be monitoring a patient on a sleep medication (anesthesia), he is calling someone to catch up with them?  Can this get any more bizarre?

On that note, I will close this blog post and pick it up in the next installment where we will continue to try to figure out what Conrad Murray was up to.  Believe me there is a lot more which I am sure will have you shaking your head and asking yourself if this is really real. So stay tune.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ: The Similarities Are Uncanny! (Part 2 of 2)

A light did seem to shine through
Michael Jackson.
In the previous blog entry, I went into how some have compared Michael Jackson to Jesus Christ.  In this entry I want to delve into why this comparison could have been made. Although, I don't under any circumstance agree with this theory, I do have to admit there is some reasons why this comparison could have been made and why some want to believe it to be true.

The first thing that leaps to mind is the fact that both Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ tried to bring about messages of peace and harmony. Christ did this by traveling the countryside, talking to crowds, and becoming a great philosopher. Michael did this through his music, most of which had strong messages about living in harmony with one another.  He also did this by giving more money to charity than anyone else living on the planet. In fact, he was written up in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for doing this.

Then secondly, there is the fact that both men were crucified in their own way. Christ was crucified on the cross; Michael was crucified in the media. Both situations happened after people they trusted betrayed them. Both men also loved and cherished children, were loved by many, but also were highly misunderstood by many as well.
Part of Michael's cruci-fixion was because he was accused of being a child molester, and from what I have witnessed, this all came about because of an innocent comment he made about loving children. Then of course, there was the whole, "he liked to have slumber parties in his room with kids". This somehow led to many people, especially in the new media having their minds go to the gutter. There had to be something wrong with someone who wanted to share his bed with kids, (they were saying) not stopping to think that this person was a kid at heart themselves.
Michael Jackson loved children of
all nationalities.

There was something else these two shared in common and that was being able to draw huge crowds to them. (To have people be taken in by their every word to the point of being pulled in). An example of Christ doing this was his documented Sermon on the Mount, in which thousands came from all around to witness. An example of this moment is depicted in the 1961 Movie by MGM Studios "King of Kings" in which Jeremy Hunter is playing the role of Jesus Christ. This scene is over twelve minutes long but it is worth viewing if you are interested in doing so. (CLICK HERE to view this scene)

Now here is a performance by Michael Jackson at the "1996 World Music Awards", and you can see the similarities again. Through his words, Christ could stir a crowd; though his music Michael could do the same. (CLICK HERE to view the "1996 World Music Awards").

There was also an interesting comment made with this video by someone who said that they didn't view Michael as the Messiah but as the Arch Angel Michael, their comment was interesting, and once again I couldn't say this person was off their rocker, what they said actually made some sense.

So what do I believe?  Well I do believe that both Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ were good individuals who in their own way wanted to deliver a message of love and peace. They were also two people who were punished in some way for their efforts. But, do I think Michael is the Second Coming of Jesus? In my opinion…no he wasn't, but if anyone could truly understand what Jesus may have gone through in his lifetime it very well could have been Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ: The Similarities Are Uncanny! (Part 1 of 2)

This is a hard blog entry for me to write because I have heard this for quite some time about the similarities of Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ, and to be honest with you I didn't want to go anywhere near this subject. Why? Well, because I couldn't help but feel that there were those who would view this as a form of Blasphemy! So I wish to go on record right here, right now that the views I am about to give you aren't necessarily my own. They are those of other people, however, I have to admit after giving this some thought and some research that there is some basis for this theory and belief by others, and I say this hoping that I am not struck down by lightening.

Anyway as stated in the title, this blog entry is about the similarities between Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ. Now before we go any further, what does any of this have to do with the death hoax you might be wondering, right?  Well, actually there is a theory out here on the Internet that pertains to the death hoax that does involve these two. Again, let me repeat these aren't my views but those of others. Anyway someone has actually posted on a website that they believe that Michael Jackson did die on June 25, 2009 and that he ascended on the day of his memorial service July 7, 2009. They went on to say that like Jesus did, three days later after his crucifixion, Michael would resurrect as well only this time three years later, in other words this year.

Now what do I say about all of this? I'll be honest, I have read a whole lot of theories but this one leaves me to think that it's not only cloudy outside, but someone had better build an ark because we're about to have a major down pour. Seriously, I don't give any credence to this theory. I have said before that I have come to two conclusions where Michael's death is concerned. 1.) He either staged his own death for various reasons, which I have already discussed out here on this blog, or 2.) He met with foul play, which is something else that I have discussed. (But no I don't think for a minute if he is indeed dead he will resurrect).  However, do I think this person is totally off their rocker for coming up with this theory? Should I think this person is crazy because they want to put Michael Jackson in the same category as Jesus Christ, and make him more or less the second coming of the Messiah? I would have to say no, I don't think this person is crazy. Whether it's hard to swallow or not, this person isn't the first one to come up with such a connection. There have actually been others. One group in particular "Aqualeo" has created a video on the subject, and yes they have met with much criticism for doing so, but continue to make this comparison.

(CLICK HERE to view Aqualeo's video on this subject)

So, is there any real basis for the comparison? Is Michael Jackson similar to Jesus Christ? As I said above there are similarities and I will be discussing them further in the next blog entry.

So stay tune.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Michael Jackson was Weak, Sickly and Frail! Really? Where At?

We have all heard the news media say time and time again how weak, sickly, and frail Michael Jackson was prior to his death. He was so thin, so pale, so listless, there was just no way he could have done those 50 concerts. We even had members of the Jackson family talk about how Michael was in no condition to do these concerts.

The clincher for me was the statements made by author, Ian Halperin, where he depicted Michael as being so weak he could hardly get out of bed. Odd thing about this man though is that he predicted that Michael would be dead in six months, in December of 2008'.  You read that right, (six months later Michael Jackson was supposedly dead), so that was probably the only thing he got right in this piece of trash he was alluding to.

Anyway, getting back to all these so called claims that Michael was sickly, weak and frail, someone… anyone please show me the proof that this was actually true because all I got is proof to the contrary. First of all, I want to put to rest the rumor that Michael was bone thin. For the record, Michael was always a thin guy.

It must have been in his genetics, he never seem to gain weight at least not for long. Also, let's remember that the Coroner’s Report listed his weight at 137 pounds.  No one who weighs over 130 pounds can be classified as bone thin, yes height can play a part in your weight ratio, but come on this still isn’t an unhealthy weight. Then there is this whole weak and sickly business, please. I saw the "This Is It" documentary and that man didn’t look too sickly and weak to me the way he was keeping up with dancers who were at least twenty to thirty years younger than him. Yes, to listen to Michael's father, Joe Jackson that some of the Michael Jackson's we saw in "This Is It" weren't his son, but impersonators hired by AEG.  Yes, I will agree with Joe Jackson on this, especially I would agree with him in regards to the guy who announced the comeback concerts at the O2 arena.  This person was not Michael Jackson. A few giveaways were the guy's voice, his teeth, his walk and his physical gestures.  They were definitely not Michael's.  (CLICK HERE to view).
But I do know Michael Jackson when I see him, and when I saw him in this documentary I didn't see a weak, or frail man. 

CLICK HERE to see Michael Jackson perform: - "Jam" from "This is It" rehearsal).

Now some have wanted to argue that AEG and Columbia Pictures edited out all the bad stuff in this documentary, (such as Michael looking too weak to go on). To those who stand by this claim, I got news for you Conrad Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff subpoenaed all 100 hours of rehearsal footage that was filmed because he thought it could be used as evidence in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial as a way of showing how Michael was deteriorating. Well, I'm sure most of you saw in this trial on TV, that none of this rehearsal footage was ever brought into evidence. No, because in the end Mr. Chernoff was unable to find anything that could be used as proof that Michael wasn’t in the best of health. In fact, I heard that he stated that Michael Jackson looked in pretty good condition.  He even admitted that Michael looked good even on those days that people say he wasn't doing all that good.  (Strange, right) In fact, the opposite happened during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. The District Attorney, David Walgren instead showed a couple pieces of the rehearsal where Michael Jackson looked amazingly strong and in good physical condition. 

CLICK HERE to view Michal Jackson performing:  "The Way You Make Me Feel" from the "This is It" rehearsal).

So what does this tell me? Well, it tells me that no one can still come up with concrete proof that Michael wasn’t fit enough to do these concerts. In fact, the only proof we have that anything was wrong with Michael during this time was a statement made by AEG employee and "This is It" Choreographer, Kenny Ortega in court about the fact that a few days prior to Michael's supposed death, that he displayed serious flu like symptoms. The odd thing about this statement, correct me if I’m wrong here, but wasn't this the first time any of us heard about this; in the manslaughter trial, right? Yet, it's far from the first time that Kenny Ortega made any statement in public before this trial began. He had done interview after interview and in those interviews he talked about how Michael always seem to be on top of his game.  The only thing Kenny Ortega brought up was the fact that Michael seem to be having trouble sleeping and that he often appeared tired.  He also added that Michael had passed a complete and thorough physical before starting rehearsals for "This is It".  Then out of the blue, Mr. Ortega at the trial brings up Michael having flu like symptoms a few days before his supposed death, to now paint a picture that Michael may not have been in as good health as we were first led to believe. Strange thing is this is exactly what the news media and even the Jackson family are trying so hard to convince all of us of, and yet I just never saw any proof that this was indeed the case.
(CLICK HERE - Part 1 & CLICK HERE - Part 2 & CLICK HERE for Part 3 to view Kenny Ortega's testimony at the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaugher Trial).

So what do I make of all this? Well, I have someone who in my opinion appeared to be in relatively good health for someone at the age of 50. Yet, I am being told constantly this wasn’t the case, as if the masses are hoping that if they tell us this enough we’ll start to believe it. Sorry, seeing is believing more than anything else, and what I saw didn’t add up to a sickly, weak, or frail man.