Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michael Jackson and the Case of the Messed Up Time Line!

In a previous blog entry I talked about an old television showed called "Perry Mason", and I even used it for my blog entry titled:  "Perry Mason and the case of the missing IV tube.  Well, in this blog entry I sort of want to allude back to that by my above title: "Michael Jackson and the Case of the Messed Up Time Line!   Yeah, you read it right.

Recently, I came upon some research about the day Michael Jackson supposedly died and how the time line of that day was so messed up.  I think it is because of this messed up time line that the death hoax continues on.  I have to admit it makes the death hoax believers case stronger and more believable then most people are aware of.  In fact, I would have to say that if you are a death hoax believer and there is someone around you that thinks you are crazy believing that Michael Jackson just might still be alive, that this is a blog you should have them read.  Not only read, but watch the video that will be linked below.  I'm almost sure that the non-believer will probably stop laughing at you and possibly become a believer, or at least start to question some of the things that just don't add up here.

What I have discovered is that four people reported that the ambulance on June 25, 2009 was at Michael Jackson's house before noon.  If you've been following this case then you must know that it was reported in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case that the police stated that the Los Angeles Fire Department received a call at around 12:21 p.m., and that an ambulance arrived at Michael Jackson's home at 12:26 p.m.
Strange, right?  Now I know sometimes people can get their time messed up, but when you find four people who have stated this, it makes a person pause and take note.  The four people who stated the ambulance was at Michael Jackson's home before noon on June 25, 2009, were Frank Dileo, Randy Phillips, Brian Oxman, and Linda Welton (a lady selling Star Maps on the corner where Michael Jackson's house on Carolwood was located).
Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips pictured above

So what does all of this mean?  Who really can say?  The one thing I can say is that this is another inconsistency amongst many others.  You would think that since a lot of this time line was discussed in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial that the consistency would have been more accurate, especially from the paramedics that were on the scene, and yet it wasn't.  (CLICK HERE to watch video that talks about this in more detail).

Seriously, we have non-believers telling us that we need to give this up because Michael Jackson is dead so why can't we accept it and move on? Well, I got news for them if they took the time to look at this they would start to wonder what is going on as well, I sure did. I am not the type to want to believe in a death hoax.  But, from day one I can truly say that I never once waivered in my belief that Elvis Presley was dead, although I know there are still people today who still think he is alive amongst us. I could never get behind that death hoax because things added up to him being just that, I am sorry to say to those who still don't want to believe it. I could connect the dots and come up with that fact the same way I have been able to do so with other famous individuals who had untimely deaths, most recently music icon Whitney Houston. The events added up to the fact that the person was indeed dead, there were no discrepancies that told us otherwise, at least not that I have seen so far. So far there doesn't seem to me any messed up timeline, no children being in two different places at once (this will be discussed in another blog), no people double talking one another, in short no holes that have you scratching your head. But I can't say that when it comes to Michael Jackson, I try to connect the dots and all I get is a huge mess that makes no sense. The dots don't seem to come up with the fact that he's without a shadow of a doubt deceased, if anything there are just too many inconsistencies to list, and too many unanswered questions.

Now once again, more has come out regarding the notorious messed up timeline of the events that happened after Michael was found apparently dead. So what are we to make of all of this?

We had four different individuals who stated the time was before noon and the fact that the ambulance was at the home long before the Paramedics claimed on the day in question.  Once again this time line has more holes in it then a slice of Swiss cheese.

So what gives with this ambulance or should I say ambulances? Is it possible and I'm just theorizing here that maybe there had been two ambulances on that day and the first one actually spirited the very much alive Michael away and the second one was just for show…just a thought.  I don't know if the gates to the Carolwood mansion were ever closed that day, so I don't know if there could have actually been two ambulances.  I do know that there are actually two exits off the grounds of this home, so you never know.
Picture of the Carol Wood Mansion
Just some more food for thought…

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Didn't Michael Jackson Pre-plan His Funeral When He Wrote His Last Will and Testament? (Part 2 of 2)

In my previous blog post I discussed why it seemed odd to me that Michael Jackson hadn't pre-planned for his death when apparently he had taken the time to draw up a Last Will and Testament.  Now I won't dispute that there are those who question the legitimacy of this Will and whether it was actually Michael's last wishes, including his own family because of the way the names appeared on the Last Will and Testament. I can understand why this Will was scrutinized but I would find it very hard to believe that Michael Jackson, the father of three kids, who had more than his fair share of mishaps wouldn't have drawn up a Will. Now whether this is his actual Will remains debatable, but I am sure he had one drawn up. So if he took the time to draw up a Will wouldn't he have given thought to his final resting place, and what type of memorial service he would have wanted after death?  One would like to think so since he had previously attended James Brown's funeral, and Michael had to have been aware of the fight of where Brown would be laid to rest, right?  Not to mention Michael was still very much alive when the fight over where Anna Nicole Smith was laid to rest also came up, right?

I know from my own personal experience that when a person takes the time to think about their Will, that generally they make provisions after death for their loved ones so there is no debating their final wishes and final resting place.

I would like to think that Michael Jackson would no doubt have thought about these things, yet if he had it certainly didn't come across after his death. Instead we had the family debating about where he should be buried. I remember Jermaine being very verbal about the fact that Michael would want a spot where his fans could visit him and because of this Jermaine wanted Never Land to be the spot where Michael should be put to rest. Now this of course, met with a whole lot of resistance from the press and even Michael's family because of the reports that Michael left Never Land after 2005' Child Molestation Allegations, but personally I never believed this. If that was the case why didn't Michael leave Never Land after the raid in 1993', instead he stayed, and still considered Never Land his home. Also, he never completely sold Never Land Ranch, but held onto half of it. If he hated the place as some believed he would have sold it all completely and never looked back. So I have to agree with Jermaine, especially when he brought up a tree on the property that had been Michael's favorite place, and how this should be the spot where Michael should be put to rest. However, Jermaine was over ruled by the family who used the fact that security was an issue with the body. I couldn't dispute this, after all, there were fans who wanted to lie next to Michael's lifeless body, so security was indeed an issue at the time or so we were led to believe.

The odd thing about this is when you look back we never actually heard anyone say that they wanted to lay next to Michael's body or desecrate his grave, this was something that was given to the media by sources. I love that word; every time I hear the word sources used I think about those ghosts in the "Family Circus" cartoons that are called "Not I" or "Not Me", because sources falls into the ghost category we can't see now can we?  Also, my understanding is Michael's sister LaToya had taken over custody of Michael's body.  Why is this?  Why was it her and not someone else in the family?  Why didn't the executor's of Michael's Last Will and Testament decide on Michael's final resting place?  These are the many questions I have going through my head.  What right did LaToya have in all of this and who gave it to her.  I mean, why wasn't Michael's oldest brother, Tito, or the oldest sister, Reba in charge of Michael's body.  I understand that Michael's mother, Katherine was supposedly too devastated to handle it, but why LaToya?  I know many family members didn't agree with her decisions, so why was she chosen and who chose her? Who????? (Did Michael choose her to do it)?

Now let's look at another situation where a similar debate took place, and I'm not referring to aforementioned James Brown, or Anna Nicole Smith,  but the death of the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. His final resting place was also debated after his death, which is one reason why his death was questioned at the time. Elvis too, apparently didn't pre-plan, which I don't really find odd since at the time of his death, pre-planning wasn't something a whole lot of people did when they drew up their Last Will and Testament. However, Michael died at a time when this has basically become a part of planning your Last Will and Testament.  So once again, we have a parallel between these two men. Which brings me to another huge red flag, Michael knew all about Elvis Presley and he had even been married at one time to Elvis daughter, Lisa Marie, right?

 In a previous blog entry I went into how Michael had asked Lisa Marie about the day Elvis died. Now don't you think that in the course of this conversation that what kind of memorial service and after death preparations they both wanted would have come up? At the very least this whole conversation should have gotten Michael thinking about what he wanted, and how he should decide this so his family wouldn't be left with the burden of deciding this after he was gone.

Crypt where Michael Jackson's casket is supposedly kept.
So why was this debated with Michael, and why did it take months for it to be decided. Somehow this doesn't seem to add up because you would think after all of this time the family would realize that they need something more public for the fans to visit then the outside of Forest Lawn Cemetery and the Great Mausoleum, right?  Is the family still worried that someone might try to get into Michael's grave?  I mean, if you look at the photos, Michael's casket has been encased in a huge rock crypt.  How could any average human move it anyway?  Is the family afraid someone might?  This seems awfully strange to me.  

Then there is Sharon Sidney, the fan that I talked about in a previous blog entry who believes that Michael is still alive and that the family should do a DNA test on the body.  Why won't the family do this to stop this death hoax in its tracks?  There are some that think that Michael's body isn't even in that grave, which does make one wonder.  I mean it took the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial before we even saw what was to be believed as Michael Jackson's dead body.

So, what are we left with, we have Michael apparently buried at Forrest Lawn in Glendale, CA. with still no grave marker in place where he is suppose to be buried, yet his dear close friend in life Elizabeth Taylor has a marker on her grave, and she died a year after him, or so we were led to believe. Then there is the fact that no one can find him listed in the Forrest Lawn records, and yet once again Elizabeth Taylor can be found there.

You can't deny the fact that it seems extremely odd that someone like Michael Jackson didn't pre-plan his death when he after all had a Last Will and Testament and knew about other celebrities that had past and had burial issues brought up, doesn't it?

Just some more food for thought...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Didn't Michael Jackson Pre-plan His Funeral When He Wrote His Last Will and Testament? (Part 1 of 2)

Well, here comes another in a long line of red flags that I have to put out here. While watching the funeral procession for late pop icon, Whitney Houston it was said that she would be buried next to her father in New Jersey, and that this was what she had wanted. Something went through my mind at that point, here was a woman at the age of 48 years old, yet she had obviously given death some thought, and knew what she wanted in the way of burial. Which now leads me to the next question in a long line of them, why didn't Michael Jackson know what he wanted? Some of us could say well Michael was only 50 years old, so why would he go around thinking about these things, right? Well, let me put it to you this way, anyone whose career requires them to constantly travel, especially by plane is in what I consider to be a high risk category. Obviously, Michael must have known this; after all he did have a Last Will and Testament, didn't he?

So in my opinion this is another red flag, because who would take the time to draw up a Last Will and Testament without thinking about after death preparations, especially if you're someone whose as famous as Michael Jackson. 

Now I know from my own personal experience with my parents, that both of them when talking about their Last Will and Testament, also talked about what they wanted in the way of a funeral, and the disposal of their bodies. I have to use that terminology because in both cases they chose not to be buried but cremated, although at one time they did consider burial because they had purchased a companion burial plot. But getting back to Michael Jackson, why didn't he pre-plan what he wanted? Why didn't he take the time to put it in writing, or even tell someone what he wanted? Why didn't he tell someone where he wanted to be put to rest, or how he wanted his body disposed of? This wasn't a dense person we're talking about here, but a very bright one who apparently thought about things around him, (but then I'm suppose to buy that he never took the time to contemplate this).

As we were all made aware, that not only did Michael apparently not make his wishes clear but there was his family debating where he should be put to rest. This debate was all over the various news programs, all the while Michael's body supposedly laid in a morgue somewhere, (another red flag).

I know there was a huge debate over the late Anna Nicole Smith, and apparently she hadn't done pre-planning or maybe she had, but because her son Daniel had died suddenly in the Bahamas and was put to rest there, when she died so tragically shortly after him it became an issue as to whether she should be put to rest next to him, which of course is what ultimately happened. Funny thing is this took less than a month to decide, but in the case of Michael Jackson it took almost two months, and we had it all over the press. Now some have questioned whether Michael's Will is even legitimate, including his family.

So was the Will legitimate and Michael is in fact buried at Forrest Lawn and closed off from the public?  The bigger question is would Michael have really wanted this to happen to his body?  Would Michael have wanted his fans kept away, knowing how much he loved them?

 Stay tune for Part 2, where I'll discuss just how truly strange this all is.

Friday, February 17, 2012

If Michael Jackson is Really Dead, Why Isn't his Name Finally on his Grave?

Recently, I was out on and there was some discussion in the comments about Michael Jackson's name still not being on his grave marker.  There were some people who stated it was probably for security reasons and for the protection of his grave, where others felt that this meant that Michael Jackson definitely wasn't dead.

I thought these were interesting arguments, but think about this for a minute, the Jackson Family went to great lengths to show us a part of Michael's supposed funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery, and to tell us where at Forest Lawn his final resting place would be. 
Michael Jackson's casket arriving supposedly at Forest Lawn Cemetery for funeral.
So, if they were willing to do this for all of us, why is it that Forest Lawn Cemetery acts like there is no Michael Joe Jackson interred there?  I mean, it's not like Michael Jackson fans haven't gone to the cemetery and hung outside the supposed area where the family said he is located at.  So what gives here?

Is it the family that has decided not to mark the grave or is it the owners of Forest Lawn Cemetery that have decided not to mark it because of the security and other issues it would bring?  If it is Forest Lawn Cemetery that has taken this stand, surely they can realize how stupid it is by now, can't they?  Then again, maybe the owners of Forest Lawn Cemetery might be telling us the truth about not having anyone by the name of Michael Joe Jackson interred at their cemetery.  Maybe the Jackson family just wants all of us to believe he is there.  Like I've constantly stated in my blog entries something just isn't right in all of this, and this is just another one of those things to add to all of the strange coincidences and happenings that have surrounded the supposed death of Michael Joe Jackson.

*The Supposed Final Resting Place of:  Michael Joe Jackson

One last thing since it has been two and a half years since Michael Jackson supposed death I think if he were really dead that it's time to finally honor the man by at least marking his grave.  After all, many other famous people are buried at Forest Lawn and their graves are marked, so can we at least honor this man if he is truly there with his name on his grave?  Then again, if he isn't there I guess I can understand why they wouldn't want to mark it.  I'm sure that Forest Lawn Cemetery wouldn't want to mark a grave with Michael Joe Jackson if his body isn't there.  I'm sure they wouldn’t want to be involved in any kind of fraud or deception, now would they?
Just a thought...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax - Is it all in the California Court Seal?

In my previous blog entry I told you that Conrad Murray is trying to get released to home arrest.  I also told you that his hearing in court in regards to this is to come up on February 24, 2012, and I alluded to wondering whether the reason Conrad Murray won't go away is that maybe this is the only way that Michael Jackson feels that he has in leaving us clues.  Now why he might want to do this, I can't really say.  I know back when I first started writing this blog I thought it was humorous that anyone thought that Michael Jackson was still alive and was leaving us clues. 

Is Michael Jackson standing in the shadows leaving us clues?

I have to admit after I started researching all of this, I could see how people started to question whether he was doing this or not.  Let's face it the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial had more questions than answers.  And, even though it ended with a guilty conviction of Conrad Murray the man has yet to go away.  So I started looking back at this trial and I found some more interesting information that I thought I would share in this blog entry.

What I want to talk more about is the California Seal that we all saw when court was not in session on our internet and television screens. Apparently someone took the time (don't ask me why) to count the stars that were on the California Seal during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial. It turns out there were 32 stars on the seal as oppose to 31 stars, which is the actual number found on the standard California Seal. So what is the big deal here you might be asking?  What is the major issue over one little extra star being there? Well, at first I didn't think it was a huge deal either, but it turns out this is a big deal for the state of California. You see the California Seal has 31 stars no more, no less for a very valid reason.  It represents the fact that California was the 31st state to be inducted into the United States of America.

So this is actually a huge deal for California, and a detail that they would make certain that their state seal would most definitely be represented correctly.  Think about it, the State of California went through all the trouble of adding stars to their state seal to commemorate them as the 31st state, so I would think they wouldn't allow a mistake to take place on their official state seal. Especially, not a mistake you would want displayed in a court of law, right? So now we have a California Seal that has one more star then it should, an error that no doubt California would never make. Now some of you might be thinking we're only talking about one star here, so the person who counted this could have miscounted. Sorry, but it turns out several people have taken the time now to count the stars on the California Seal that appeared in that courtroom and each of them have come up with 32 stars, not 31 as there should be. And even I went to look closely at this seal, and low and behold it did have 32 stars on it. So what does this mean?  Is it another clue?  I mean, after all as I stated above, why would someone take the time to count the stars in the first place? It seems like a silly thing to actually do, but for some reason someone did this, and then leaked it out to the Internet and everyone else seemed to follow suit. (CLICKHERE to watch video about this California Seal discovery)

This is sort of like some of the other things that could have gone under the radar but were brought to the public's attention during the trial. Such as the (08 date), on the coroners death photo of Michael Jackson that was supposed to be an (06), and let's not forget the marking out of the incorrect date of death by the jury on the official verdict notice, and the judge bringing it to all of our attention on the day of the verdict by telling us that the jury marked through the date with some squiggly marks.  If the judge hadn't told us this we would have never known about it, but he felt the need to tell us this, why? None of this needed to be brought up or made public knowledge, but for some strange reason it was brought to all of our attention. 

I think because of all of this I stopped laughing about Michael Jackson dropping us possible clues.  I truly think something is going on here and if it isn't Michael doing this then someone obviously is, and why they might be doing this, I couldn't really tell you.

Also, let's not forget the verdict and how it was read with the terminology of alleged victim and alleged date.  There have been some people on the Internet, who have said there isn't anything unusual about this, but I've looked at a lot of trial verdicts on and I have yet to hear any final verdicts read with the word alleged.  If you can find one, please let me know where I can view this.  I'm sorry but the word alleged should never be used in a final verdict.  The word alleged means without proof.  I always thought dead was dead and how much more proof do you need, unless of course the person isn't really dead.  Then I can understand the word alleged being used.  (CLICK HERE to view verdict) 

So keep believing death hoax believers because I have yet to hear anything concrete on whether Michael Jackson is truly dead.  Personally, I think Michael Jackson is alive, but there is a possibility that when Conrad Murray and District Attorney David Walgreen direct us to Jackson being injured this could very well be.  Michael Jackson could very well be in a coma as I write this and this could be the reason why he hasn't come back.  It could still be questionable whether he will come back to us or whether he will truly die.  This is just an assumption by me, and I could be wrong here.  This is just a thought.  So don't kill the messenger here.

So stay tune, I'm sure there will be a lot more to come…

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Won't Conrad Murray Go Away? (Is there a clue in all of this)?

Recently, Conrad Murray had his lawyer, Michael Flanagan file court papers to have him released to house arrest.  This was very surprising to me because it would seem that this man just won't go away.  Have any of you noticed that?  When I started writing my other blog "Conrad Murray vs. State of California" I thought that by the time the trial ended this blog would have started to collect cobwebs. In other words, there would be no reason to continue to update it. Boy was I ever wrong, because here is yet another update, and I had to write another blog entry on that blog.

So why Conrad Murray can't accept his minimal sentence with dignity, and just go away along with his defense team is beyond me? As many of you must know this hasn't been the case, Conrad Murray wants to appeal his sentence. Apparently, to him and his defense team even Involuntary Manslaughter, one of the smallest sentences a person can receive for taking another human's life is too severe. I've got news for them, many believe including Judge Pastor who presided over this case, that this sentence wasn't severe enough. I agree with this if Michael Jackson is in fact deceased, Murray should have at least been charged with either Negligent Homicide, if not Second Degree Murder. I've said it before, the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles should of tried for all three charges, and should have let the jury decide which one, if not more than one that Murray was guilty of. No, instead he got involuntary manslaughter which was a slap in the face to Michael's family and his fans. But to Murray that was still too severe.

Jackson Family at Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I have read stuff that has literally infuriated me such as, Murray saying he did nothing wrong, and now I have his lawyer, Michael Flannigan telling the press that Conrad Murray didn't mean to "injure" Michael Jackson. (Say what?! Seriously I don't care any longer if this is legal jargon, I hate the use of the word injure where this case is concerned, it makes it sound like all Conrad Murray did was break Michael Jackson's arm or leg. This isn't the case, Michael Jackson is dead, (or is he); unless there is something that Conrad Murray wants to share with all of us to the contrary. As I have stated I can't believe the stuff I am hearing and the audacity of Murray and even his defense team. Murray is actually trying to appeal his case (I guess four years for killing someone, and possibly only having to serve 2 years of that sentence is still too severe for him). He actually wants permission to serve his sentence under house arrest with a monitor connected to him instead of prison. The reason he gives is he can't support his children while in jail. As my father would say where's my violin so I could play him a sad little maudlin song to go with this crap. Seriously where is this sudden paternal instinct coming from? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the man who was already in trouble for not paying court issued child support? Now, all of a sudden he needs to support his kids. (Please, give me a break)!

So what is really going on here?  Why won't this man just go away? And, why do all of these attorney's keep referring to Murray as only injuring Michael Jackson.  As I stated in a previous blog entry, when is death considered an injury?  If Michael is truly dead then someone better tell Murray's attorney that his client didn't just injure Michael Jackson but actually killed him, if in fact he did do just that.

Michael Flanagan
My understanding is that the hearing to decide whether Murray will be given house arrest is scheduled for February 24, 2012'.  I wonder if any clues will be dropped on us then?  It's the only reason I can come up with to why this man won't go away.  Obviously, if Michael is dropping us clues this is the way he feels he needs to do it.  I guess we'll all have to pay attention to this hearing and its outcome to see if anything comes up.

So stay tune and keep believing.  As I keep saying something just isn't right here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 4 of 4)

From the Movie:  "Miss Cast Away & the Island Girls
Cameo: Michael Jackson as Agent MJ
Well, we've come to the last Part of "Where, oh where is Michael Jackson", and I believe this part will probably be the best of all of the parts in this series.  I've done a lot of investigation on this part and I truly believe after you read this entry you will have a lot to think about.  This part is about how some fans believe that Michael Jackson is working undercover for the government in a sting operation.

I realized some of you might find this comical and wonder how in the world anybody could possibly think that Michael Jackson would work undercover for the government on anything, right?  I have to admit when I first heard about this I had a good laugh, but then as I started to research I have to admit I started to wonder if there was some substance to this.  Believe it or not there is some evidence to support this and I will try to explain what I have found out that has made me stop to really think about this.
Michael Jackson, Chelsea Clinton, President Clinton
First, if you didn't know this already Michael was highly active in the government.  He worked with many representatives, and he is good friends with former President Bill Clinton.  In fact, former President Bill Clinton has even visited Michael's Never land Ranch home.  He's even held Prince the 2nd (aka. Blanket) when he was just a baby. 
President Clinton & Michael Jackson
After Michael Jackson's supposed death no one even thought to ask former President Clinton about how he felt about the news of Michael's passing.  I find that quite fascinating.  They asked President Obama, but not President Clinton. (ummm)
President Carter with Michael Jackson

Plus, let's not forget the other President's Michael Jackson has met along the way, along with other influential people from all over the world.  Michael Jackson could have very well been a foreign diplomat in his own right.

Michael Jackson with President Bush Sr.

First Lady Nancy Reagan, Michael Jackson, and President Reagan

Michael Jackson with First Lady Barbara Bush

Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson

Some of you might be thinking so what?  What does this prove?  Well, let's talk a little about the F.B.I. report that we all heard about after Michael's supposed death where it stated that they had followed and reported on Michael Jackson for a little over ten years.  I read some of the highlights of this report and I found it to be quite fascinating.  First, I was fascinated that a government agency like the F.B.I. would use tax payer money to follow Michael Jackson around for ten years trying to get him on child molestation charges, (if in fact that's what they were actually doing).  This just seems awfully strange to me.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that child molestation is a pretty serious crime, but to use the F.B.I for over ten years trying to pin something, anything on Michael Jackson, seems way out there for me.  I personally think something else had to be going on here.

My understanding is that after Michael's supposed death they released these files which included 333 pages, although I understand there was actually 600 pages.  The F.B.I. for some reason only made half of them public stating they couldn't release all pages due to sensitive material in how they investigated a case could be disclosed. (Say what?)  Think about that for a minute they said there were 600 pages.  So, although you can read the F.B.I. report on Jackson (CLICK HERE to view report), just know there are 267 pages you cannot view.  Sure makes you wonder what is in those pages, doesn't it?

There were, although some things of interest in the pages that were disclose and that was there was never any substantiated evidence that Michael Jackson ever molested any children.  But, there was one major thing talked about in this report and it happened back in 1992' when a man by the name of Frank Paul Jones had threatened to kill Jackson.  He was later arrested on May 22, 1992, charged with extortion, and sentenced to prison in 1993' for 2 years. (It's amazing how a person can threaten to kill Michael Jackson and get 2 years in prison, and yet another (Conrad Murray) can supposedly kill him and get 4 years, with the likely chance of only possibly serving 2 years).  Someone tell me what is wrong with this picture.

So where is Frank Paul Jones now?  (CLICK HERE to view an article that I found online that tries to address that question).  It's another highly interesting read. 

Anyway, back to our story.  The reason I bring up the F.B.I. files is not just because of the fact that they had investigated Michael Jackson for over ten years, but because a good portion of it happened during the President Clinton time in office.  I find this to be really interesting because of the friendship that Michael had with President Clinton.  I don't care what this report might say I just have this gut feeling that something else was going on here.  I can't believe that President Clinton would have backed the F.B.I. following Michael Jackson around for ten years to try to get him for child molestation and not getting any evidence to prove such a crime in all of that time.  This just doesn't make sense to me.  Does it make sense to any of you?  I repeat something else had to have been going on here.

Dick Gregory
There were times over the years that many thought Michael Jackson was an extremely paranoid individual because he often times reported that he felt someone was following him.  Well, now we know someone was (the F.B.I.) so maybe Michael was not as paranoid as some thought.  There was also a time when Michael told a good friend of his (Dick Gregory) during the 2005' trial that someone was trying to kill him.  He told Gregory that he was afraid to eat or drink anything in his own home (Never land of all places).  Gregory stated in an interview after Jackson's supposed death that he had to talk Michael into going to a hospital on the outskirts of town because he didn't trust going to a hospital nearby.  Was this all paranoia by Jackson, or was there something he knew that none of us knew?  (CLICK HERE to view Dick Gregory interview about this incident).

Think about this, right after the trial Michael left Never land and the United States behind.  Many stated it was because Michael couldn't live in his Never land house because of it being raided by law enforcement.  Now that might hold some water except there was a raid in 1993' when Michael was first accused of child molestation, and Michael returned back to Never land after that, didn't he?  Also, Michael lived at Never land after the 2003' raid and continued to live there until after the trial.  I don't think that was the true reason.  Some say he left because he couldn't afford to live there.  That's a possibility, although, Michael Jackson's attorney Tom Messerau stated that he advised Michael after the trial to leave the country if he could because he felt that the District Attorney in Los Angeles would continue to go after him, even if it were just for jay walking.  Who know if that would have happened, but Tom Messerau felt strong enough about this claim to convince Michael to leave the country.

What was interesting after Michael left the United States in 2005' was he was reported to have gone to Bahrain.  What was also interesting about this was that Michael did go there but didn't stay for very long.  He also visited Ireland and Germany during this time.  He seemed to not stay very long in one place.  It almost seemed as if he were afraid to remain in one place for very long. When he finally did come back to the states a year later he headed to Las Vegas and rented a home there.  I found this highly fascinating that he would move to the state where his father was currently living.  I guess Michael really had settled whatever problems he might have had along the way with his father since he was willing to live in the same city as his father.

Michael remained in Las Vegas for a time but eventually ended up back in California, of all places in early 2009' to start rehearsing for a series of concert as a comeback to the stage.  I found this to be really strange.  You would have thought that Michael would have never stepped back in California with all the problems that haunted him there.  You would have thought he would have worked something out with the production company (A.E.G.) to work on his comeback rehearsals in Las Vegas.  I mean, after all there are some pretty huge theatres in Las Vegas, and in the end the concerts weren't going to be held here in the United States anyway, but in London at the 02 arena.  So you see once again this doesn't make sense to me.  Why did he do these rehearsals in California of all places?
Now back to the government sting operation.  Do I think Michael Jackson is working in an undercover sting operation for the government?  I'm not sure right at this moment.  I have to admit that during the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter that the information throughout this trial was like a medical lesson on prescription drugs.  The evidence was kind of creepy when prescription drugs were described as having a higher percentage of deaths than automobile accidents. 

Let's face it there have been many celebrities that have met there death with the use of prescription drugs.  One in particular which I'm sure rang a bell with Michael Jackson was the late Elvis Presley.  So is Michael trying to help the government weed out all of these Dr. Feel Goods?  I guess it's a possibility.  Would this be dangerous if he were doing this?  It's hard to say.  I'm sure many doctors have hundreds of dollars worth of drug shares in many of these drug companies, so I guess the stakes could be high.  Who really know, but I guess it is something to think about.

But then there is the other thing that we all might have to consider in "Where Oh Where is Michael Jackson", and that is he is in fact at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  This is something we might all have to consider, but personally after researching all of the strange happenings and all of the insurmountable coincidences I am still out to lunch on that one.  So on that note…BeLIEvers keep believing.  I just know the real truth is out there, and I know as of right now we still haven't heard it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Michael Jackson-Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 3 of 4)

Coroner's van in Germany
In this blog entry I'm going to discussed how some people believe that Michael Jackson has left the country and is living somewhere overseas.  Now why some people believe this, I can't really say.  There is although a reason that they have given for why they believe this.  The first thing was because the LAX airport on the day that MichaelJackson supposedly died was closed down for a short time around the time when all of this was going on.  In fact, there was a flight listed as destination unknown.  I even spoke about this in a past blog entry dated:  October 10, 2011.  (CLICKHERE to view this blog entry, and while there check out the airline flight itinerary on this page).

Now I realize that airlines close and have delays all the time, and I'm sure they don't always chart their destinations on their itinerary schedules, but I just thought it was kind of strange that this all happened at LAX on this day and at about this time.  And, of course we can't forget Jermaine Jackson and his radio interview when he said and I quote, "Michael was not with us way before he arrived at the airport." (If you didn't have a chance to view this video, you can still see it in the Part 2 entry of this "Where Oh Where Is Michael Jackson" series).  This was what I would classify as a major slip up by Jermaine Jackson.  I mean even the radio interviewer asked him what he meant, and then he quickly corrected himself to "I mean the hospital".

There was also a rumor about Joe Jackson floating around the Internet that he had left the country and went to Germany three weeks after Michael's supposed death.  Now I realize that the Jackson family travels all the time and that I shouldn't really pay much attention to this, except for one thing that has been eating away at my brain when I found this out.  There is a German video that many have classified as a fraud.  This video shows a coroner's van that you see someone like Michael Jackson coming out of the back and a man that looks a lot like Conrad Murray walk over to it and opens up the back and escorts a person who looks a lot like Michael Jackson into a building.  (CLICK HERE to view video).

I do have to tell you that it's been stated that a news agency has admitted to creating this as a hoax to us.  Now why they felt the need to do this is beyond me.  I understand that they justified it by saying they were just trying to show how some stories just have legs and many times those legs don’t have any truths to them.  I guess the news media should know since many of their stories haven't been true in regards to Michael Jackson over the years.  So why am I suppose to believe them this time in regards to making this video.

Another thing of interest in regards to this video is the date it was made.  It was made on 08/25/09.  Some of you might be asking what is so interesting about that date, right.  Well, this is a date that was in dispute in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case.  This date was questioned by the Los Angeles District Attorney to the coroner in court on one of Michael Jackson's death photos.  District Attorney David Walgren questioned the date on one of Michael's death photos as being 08/25/09.  Many have argued that the date on the photo is really 06/25/09.  But is it really?  I mean, think about it, yes we know that Michael Jackson supposedly died on 06/25/09, so why did the District Attorney feel the need to draw all of our attention to this date on this photo to start with?  As far as I am concerned if the District Attorney had never brought it up, I doubt if anyone would have really paid attention to the date on the photo, but D.A. Walgren did.  Why?

Many think the District Attorney did this to drop a clue to all of us.  Now whether this is what actually happened, I can't really say.  Once again, I'd have to say that this is just another coincidence. (I know, I know, these coincidences do keep stacking up).

So do I think Michael Jackson could very well be hiding out in Germany?  I can't really say as of yet.  I can speculate that it is a possibility, and if he is I would say he has a good reason for doing just that.

People keep asking if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his death when he is coming back.  Now I have on several blogs entries tried to answer this, but the truth is I don't really truly know.  I really think that if he is still alive that he is hiding out for a reason.  So when he's going to coming back, who knows?  The truth is he could very well be hiding out for his own safety and that of his family.  This is something we may all need to think about.  He may not ever come back unless the danger he fears is eliminated.


Stay tune for Part 4, which will be the final part in, "Where Oh Where is Michael Jackson?"  I will discuss that some people believe that Michael is working on an undercover sting operation for the government.  Another blog entry you don't want to miss.