Sunday, December 9, 2012

Michael Jackson and the Bloodied Shirt

       Yes, you read the title correctly.  There apparently was a bloodied shirt found in Michael Jackson's Carol wood home after his supposed death, and yet no one ever talked about it in the Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial.  I found this most interesting because if you watched this trial then you know clothing was discussed as far as saying that Michael's clothing was found on the bathroom floor.
          So I find it interesting that no one talked about this bloodied shirt.  No one talked about where it came from and whose blood was on it.  In fact, to this day I hadn't heard anything about this until I came upon a video from a person who does a series called, "What Did Happen on June 25th (Part 76), when in this video she discusses this.
Click Here to watch video.  Pay close attention to the time of 9:05 on the video because this is where this bloodied shirt is discussed.  I think you will probably find it just as interesting as I do.
          So one has to wonder why this piece of evidence was never brought up in the Conrad Murray trial.  I'd be really interested in knowing why they left this evidence out, wouldn’t you?