Sunday, November 11, 2012

Michael Jackson's Brother Jermaine Filed Court Documents to Change His Last Name. What's Up With That?

Okay, back on November 8, 2012, Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine filed papers in court to change his name to Jermaine Jacksun.  Now why he did this I can't really say.  I just find it strange that a man in his late fifties would want to do this.  I can't really say why Jermaine would do this but he said it is a career move.  I find this even stranger because technically the phonetic sound of his last name hasn't changed just the spelling.  It makes one think why he would just want to change one letter in his name.  When you think about it he's changing the ending from SON to SUN.  Okay, so the Jackson family has always had some strange thing going on around them and for some strange reason once again they are in the news.

          One has to wonder if he is doing this to give all of the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Believers another clue.  Do I think this?  Not really, but hey it is something to think about here.