Friday, October 12, 2012

The Jackson's Unity Tour - Was There a Clue That We Should Have Been Paying Attention to?

          Recently, I discovered a video showing a piece from the "Jackson's Unity Tour" concert that they did this past summer.  In this concert they featured a picture of Michael behind the camera that was used for his "Liberian Girl" video.  When they showed this they sang the following words:

"I want to see you again…"

          Now I realize this could have just been done as a tribute to Michael and really didn't mean anything, but yet I thought it was strange that they would be featuring this picture of him of all the pictures that this guy ever took.  There have been many who have speculated that Michael is currently directing all of this from behind the camera since this all began.  Now to what extent they are referring, I'm not really sure.  I do, although find it strange that they would use the words: "I Want to See You Again".  I know some of you might just say it's how most of us feel after we lose a loved one, right?  Well, I might agree except I don't know if I would have placed it in a concert quite like that.  I think if I really wanted to give tribute to my decease brother in a concert I would just do a tribute to his music.  So when they sang the above words and showed the infamous picture of him behind the camera, I really thought this was rather strange.

          You can view what I am talking about by viewing this video by CLICKING HERE.  I think you will see what I am saying.  So am I making more out of this than there is, or is there a clue for all of us to pay attention to?  You'll have to decide that for yourself.


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