Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Michael Jackson: Can We Now Say He Is Dead?

        Recently, someone asked me why I think that the Michael Jackson Death Hoax still continues today.  I guess I can understand why this person might have asked me this.  I mean, after all it has been almost three and a half years since we all heard that awful news that the King of Pop was dead, right?

        I have heard people since his death say that people who continue to believe in the death hoax must not have anything better to do with their lives.  Some have even picked on me for continuing to write this blog.  Yes, I have been writing it for over 1 year, and do I feel it is time to stop and close down this blog?  My answer is NO!  Absolutely NOT!

        I heard a rumor recently that Conrad Murray who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the Death of Jackson could be getting out of jail soon.  Yes, that would mean that he only would have served about two years of his four year sentence.  I don't know if this is 100% true, but it has been rumored.    Now, where this will leave this story at, I have no idea.  I do know that Conrad Murray did file an Appeal with the Appeals court and I expect any day now to find out if this Appeal will be granted.  Personally, I hope it is.  Now before anyone starts sending me email and yelling at me for hoping for such a thing, let me explain.  Let's be honest, as I have stated during many of my past blog entries that I truly believe we haven't heard everything is regards to all of this, and that I truly believe Mr. Murray needs to be granted another trial so that we all might (I pray) get the answers to the unanswered questions that many of us still feel we haven't heard yet.

        One last thing, I recently came across an article out here on the Internet which made me realize that Death Hoax's can happen at any time and to anyone. 

(CLICK HERE to read an article of how it happened to one such man). 

        So to all of the people who call the Michael Jackson Death Hoax BeLIEvers a bunch of kooks with nothing better to do, I hope you realize if it can happen to the man in the article above, than it just as well could have happened to Michael Jackson.




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