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What Is Up With Michael Joe Jackson's Name?

In this blog entry I want to explore something that I have talked about before out here and that was Michael Jackson's legal name.  This is something that many people have questioned in Michael's Last Will and Testament and in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Case, where his name was stated as Michael Joseph Jackson, when in fact his legal name is Michael Joe Jackson.


Now I know I have explored many avenues on this website about what might have happened to Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009. I have discussed the possibility that he was kidnapped, that he might have been murdered, and of course that he staged his own death. For many of you it may seem like I have started to lean towards murder around here more than anything else. I am here to tell you this isn’t exactly true, because although there are some valid things that point to him meeting with foul play, there are things that still can’t be explained if we went with that theory only, and I have discussed some of those thing out here on this blog; things that still have many of us on the fence wondering if this is still all just one big hoax.


First of all, no matter how anyone wants to justify it that Conrad Murray Trial was the strangest trial I have ever seen and I watched on daytime TV.  I would have to say that soap opera trials made more sense. The defendant didn't rise to hear the verdict, and the verdict used the non-definitive word alleged more than once. Go to and look at verdicts in general and find me just one that has actually used this word the same way that this one did and I just might believe that this was a real trial. Oh, and then there was the wonderful part where the judge just happens to bring attention to the fact that the jury changed the date of the supposed verdict form. (Say what?) Seriously, don’t tell me this isn’t a big deal because it is! Let's face it, this is a court of law, or at least I think it was and anytime you change the wording or date of a legal document is a big deal, believe me I know from experience. It turns out in order to do this the jury would have had to have filled out a correction form. I don’t recall the judge asking if this form was filled out, did you?


This is where my biggest pet peeve comes into play, and rightfully so, the legal documents involved in the death of Michael Joseph Jackson. First, let me just say if you've been following all of the happenings since Michael's supposed death then we all know that Michael's legal name is Michael Joe Jackson and not Michael Joseph Jackson, right?  Some of you might think what is the big deal about all of this?  Well, there is a big deal in regards to this name.  In fact, former prosecutor Tom Sneddon made sure in the Michael Jackson Child Molestation trial that all documents had the correct name on them.  He wanted to make certain that if he got a conviction that Michael wouldn't walk free over a technicality with his name, which believe it or not could have happened if the name hadn't been correct on all legal documents.


Now I want to discuss the really strange and odd thing about all of this.  Every document since Michael's suppose death has had the name Michael Joseph Jackson on them.  None of them, (not one) has had his correct name.  I find this rather strange.  You would think one of these very important legal documents would have had his legal name of Michael Joe Jackson on them.  (But, NOT EVEN ONE) From his autopsy report, his death certificate, his Last Will and Testament. Even all the papers filed and used during Conrad Murray’s Involuntary Manslaughter Trial ever stated his correct legal name.


Pearl Jr.
Firm Believer, or as she now refers to herself Knower, Producer, Writer, Journalist, Pearl Jr., recently did a video regarding this horrendous error.



Whether you agree 100% with everything Pearl Jr. has talked about in the past you have to admit she has a point here. Michael’s driver's license and passport both said Michael Joe Jackson and this is an important thing to know because before either of these is issued you have to produce your birth certificate. This is one of the first legal documents that are issued for a human being, and it is the one that is proof of your existence. In fact, after a person dies the first words from any mortuary is do you have their birth certificate? Why, because this tells them the exact date the person was born and the exact name of the individual, even if this wasn’t the name they used in life.

There is actually a story pertaining to the late king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. His full name was, of course Elvis Aaron Presley, but his middle name was misspelled on his tombstone. This led to even more belief that he wasn’t dead, even though the error wasn’t a huge one and was quickly fixed. But still, there were those who wanted to believe this, however, if we were to look at Elvis death certificate, autopsy report, Last Will and Testament, his name is correct. Remember, this was fixed quite quickly and we’re only talking about a tombstone not a huge amount of legal documents; that yes, can have errors but these errors are caught quickly and fixed so that there will be no legal ramifications.

For some of you this may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you it is. Any mistake on a legal document, such as putting down the wrong date or the wrong name can have a document declared invalid. This is why when you watch Pearl Jr.'s video and she talks about filling out her own legal documents, it was boldly in her face to insure the name of the person she was filing the motion against was EXACTLY correctly. Why do you think the Jackson family is currently questioning the validity of Michael’s Last Will and Testament? Not only does it have the wrong name, but also according to them the wrong date. No legal document that suppose to be worth more than the paper it's printed on would have such glaring mistakes on it after being filed in a court of law.


So what can we deduct from the fact that there are so many legal documents that have glaring mistakes on them. Well, some including Pearl Jr. have a theory which does make some sense. As some have pointed out if Michael had staged his own death, he would have committed fraud, he can go to jail for this. However, if it's not his actual legal name that is appearing on all of these documents, this is a technicality that could keep him from being prosecuted (sorry, Sneddon), According to these documents it was a Michael Joseph Jackson that died on June 25, 2009, and not Michael Joe Jackson.


One last thing you might want to think about, shortly after Michael's supposed death the new media had release a song of Michael's called, "A Place With No Name", and when you think about it there is such a place, it is Michael's supposed gravesite at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  (Remember no name has been place on this grave).  And, then there is the song that Michael's good friend Barry Gibb released that he and Michael did together called, "All In Your Name".  I don't know about many of you but I am starting to wonder if these are all clues that we should be paying attention to.


Just some more things to think about here…


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