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Michael Jackson: Death Hoax = What Truly Is Up With A.E.G. Lives Lawsuit?

We have discussed in detail about some of the stuff that doesn’t add up with the production company A.E.G. Live, who were the concert promoter's for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concert series. It seems it has come to light that not only does the Jackson family have a lawsuit against A.E.G. Live for the wrongful death of their beloved Michael, but apparently A.E.G. Live has one against the insurance company "Lloyd's of London" for 17.5 Million Dollars. According, to an article that I just came across, A.E.G. Live has filed this lawsuit against this insurance company because they are refusing to settle Michael’s insurance policy that A.E.G. Live had taken out on the superstar if he were unable to complete his concert series. Lloyd's of London is claiming that A.E.G. Live misled them in what Michael Jackson's actual condition was. I can't really say what is truly going on here.  You're going to have to decide this for yourself.


I say you have to decide for yourself about this because, although I love the Internet and it’s a great source for research purposes, it's not 100% accurate in its information. That’s why some refer to it as a content mill. Take it from someone who has done it and in fact is doing it right now. Anyone can write stuff and put it out here, whether it's completely factual or not. Why do you think I use so many videos out here?  I do it to try to show actual proof of what I have found.  So the article is just that, but is this actually based in truth?


Now, I do believe some of this is true though, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute given some of the shady things we’ve discussed here about A.E.G. Live that they do in fact have a lawsuit against Lloyd's of London. This might explain why the Jackson family has filed suit against them; after all, Michael's estate doesn't need the money. But, what about the part about Lloyd’s of London, I must be honest I find this part hard to swallow and I’ll explain why. Don’t most high end insurance companies such as Lloyd’s of London do their own physicals on people before insuring them?  (I understand, Michael did take a four hours physical and passed it).  I don’t know what the issue actually is with Lloyd’s of London, but I am finding it hard to believe it's because they were duped into believing Michael was in better condition than he was, (this is Lloyd’s of London we’re talking about), I highly doubt it's hard to put one over on them.  Some of the Death Hoax believer might think that the reason Lloyd's of London haven't paid out is because they know Michael Jackson is still alive, right?


Then there is a part in the article that I read which stated some things about choreographer, Kenny Ortega stating that Michael Jackson was in very poor condition. Funny, how he never discussed this in any of his interviews or even during the court case, other than the one incident that he mentioned when Michael showed up with flu-like symptoms one night. Now, once again I am led to wonder if this statement is true because of this reason. Let’s remember what happened to singer, Aaron Carter who gave an innocent interview about his relationship with Michael Jackson, and the next thing we knew it was all over the Internet that Aaron said Michael Jackson would give him alcohol and drugs, and this turned out not to be true. Ortega could have said that Michael would have an occasional drink after rehearsal, (which wouldn’t be odd for Michael to do), and the next thing you know Michael is drinking heavily during rehearsals. Come on if that were the case wouldn’t the alcohol have appeared in his autopsy, which it didn’t.


So what we have here is an alleged statement by Ortega regarding this incident, and yes now I am using alleged, it’s a little hard not to when it comes to some of the stuff that has happened since Michael’s apparent death. I’ll hold out judgment here till Ortega shows up in court and actually makes these so-called allegations.


As for this lawsuit, I have to wonder what A.E.G. Live is truly up to. Seriously, so what if Lloyd’s of London has refused to settle for whatever reason? Didn’t A.E.G. Live make millions off the rehearsal footage that came from the "This Is It" documentary concert film?  And, then didn't they make more off the DVD release of it and the soundtrack for it? Do they really need to go file a lawsuit against this insurance company? Haven’t they made enough money off Michael Jackson, even in his supposed death?


Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live
I have to ask the question again what A.E.G. Live is truly up to.  I keep thinking about two things in regards to all of this.  First, I keep thinking about what Conrad Murray said about A.E.G. Live C.E.O., Randy Phillips. 
                        (Click Here to watch video).

Latoya Jackson

Then I can't forget Michael's sister, Latoya and her claims about Randy Phillips. 


So what is truly going on here?  You'll have to decide for yourself.  One thing is for sure…this is not over by a long shot!





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