Saturday, September 15, 2012

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax = Breaking News - AEG Live drops $17.5 Million dollar claim!

Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live
If you've been following my blog you would know that my last entry was about AEG Live, the promoter's of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concerts had filed a claim with the insurance company that was insuring these concerts for $17.5 million dollars (Lloyd's of London) back in 2009'.  Well, shortly after my last blog entry came out AEG Live dropped its claim. (Interesting)

AEG Live attorney's denied that dropping this claim was due to leaks of emails that the Los Angeles Times published on September 2, depicting concerns by AEG executives that Michael Jackson's health was deteriorating.  The attorney's for AEG Live went on to say that the reason for dropping their claim was because they no longer needed the money.  Their attorney, Marvin Putnam stated that they had been reimbursed by the Jackson estate for its concert losses.  He went on to state that he had informed Lloyd's of London of this back in June.  (This I find interesting since we all know that the Jackson estate is ran by attorney's, John Branca and John McClain, which some of the Jackson family is currently fighting with over what they call Michael Jackson's faked Last Will and Testament).

Why it took AEG Live a whole three years to drop this claim I find quite interesting.  They say it had nothing to do with these damaging emails, but come on!  These emails came out on September 2, and they drop their claim, which they say was back in June, but we only found out about all of this on September 10, 2012.  (I'm not sure what to believe here)
Katherine Jackson with Michael Jackson

One last note:  AEG Live still faces a wrongful death lawsuit by Michaels' mother, Katherine Jackson.  Mrs. Jackson contends that the company is responsible for bringing Dr. Conrad Murray into making medical decisions for her son that was inappropriate.  This court case is scheduled to be heard next year. (Should be interesting to see what happens here, especially since there is a large group that still believes Michael Jackson is still very much alive).

As I stated before, this isn't going away…






  1. Did you ever think of the possibility that maybe the family or even the owners of the estate pad them because they know that if they collect insurance and Michael isnt dead that he could be charged with fraud if he is ever found out or comes back? I know i'm grasping at straws and this is totally wishful thinking. Just a thought.

    Anyway, loving the blog; it's really putting some of the pices together for me. Keep blogging!

    1. Zaviarah:

      I don't think you are grasping at straws. In fact, I wrote a blog entry awhile back in regards to this topic dated 12/28/2011 titled: Michael Jackson: If He Did Fake His Own Death, Did He Commit Fraud?", you might want to check this entry out.

      Thanks for reading my blog, and together let's keep searching for the truth.

      Blog Author,
      Advice 365