Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jackson Family vs. Michael Jackson's Executors of his Last Will and Testament…Why Did it Take so Long?

In my previous blog entry I talked about the latest happenings inside the Jackson family where some of them have sent a letter to their late brothers executor's of his "Last Will and Testament", (John Branca and John McClain), asking for them to step down from their duties of executors of their brothers Will.  As I stated in my previous entry some of the Jackson's believe that the Will is a fake because of the date that was on the document.  The date of the so-called signing in Los Angeles was actually a date where Michael was in New York with the Rev. Al Shapton. 

It has recently comes to light that, although some of the Jackson family members have sent this letter to Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain to step down, the problem that I have with this is that the Jackson's have not sought out any legal actions against them.  I'm trying to figure out why not?  I mean, if they have proof…and they obviously do since I showed you a video of Michael and Rev. Sharpton in New York in the previous blog entry on the date Michael supposedly was in Los Angeles signing this so-called Will.  So my question is why haven't they sought legal action against this Will?  An even bigger question that I have is why have they waited over three years since Michael's supposed death to stir this all up now?  Why didn't they do it from the very beginning?  I mean, it wasn't like they hadn't questioned the Will from the beginning with the way certain names were not correct on the document.  So again, I ask why NOW?

I did discover that, although the Jackson siblings hadn't filed any legal action against the Will that Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson did file legal documents back on July 19, 2012 asking the executors to hand over for inspection and audit all supporting documents in regards to Michael's estate so that she could see where all the money was going. But, interestingly enough the executors, attorney's John Branca and John McClain had issues with the request stating that they objected to the request because it was too vague and ambiguous.  They stated that the request would encompass thousands of pages and they also stated that the request seeks highly confidential business and financial information.  The executors went on to state that most of the contracts that the estate had entered into are sealed because they include trade secrets and other confidential privileged information, and that this is usually something that is done to protect the interest of the estate. (Say what?  One has to wonder about all of this and what they might be possibly hiding, right)?

So I have to go back to my original question if Michael Jackson is in fact dead what has taken the Jackson's so long to start questioning the tactics of Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain?  Yes, I will admit some of the things that Branca and McClain have done I feel wouldn't have been something that Michael would have wanted; like the Sony music deal with them releasing new unreleased music of his.  I also don't think Michael would have agreed to the Pepsi deal, since in the past Pepsi had dropped him from their business campaigns because of the alleged child molestation charges.  So I don't know if some of this has to do with why the Jackson's are stewing about this Will right now, or if there is another reason.

Some who believe in the Death Hoax might say that Michael isn't happy about what is going down and that he wants his siblings to fight this.  Now I don't know if I can believe that, but I will admit that some of what the Jackson's are saying is obviously true in regards to the date of the Will and that it couldn't have been signed on that date since Michael wasn't in Los Angeles at the time.  But, once again, what is it about right now, over three years after their brother's supposed death that has brought all of this up?  Truly…what is it?
One thing is for sure, I have said this time and time again on this blog, it is amazing how this story never seems to go away. What do you think this might really be telling all of us?

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