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Do We Now Have Proof That Michael Jackson is in Fact Dead? (Part 2 of 2)

In my recent blog entry I went into the recent Jackson Family drama, and whether all of this truly points to Michael Jackson really being dead. In Part 2, I want to try to analyze what went on here, (yeah I know lots of luck with this one), because like Michael’s death this family drama doesn’t make much sense either. Think about this for a minute…with Katherine Jackson walking away from her grand children, (Prince, Paris, and Blanket) for over 9 days and then losing guardianship, and all she could say when she returned home was that she couldn't understand why all of this was blown out of proportion.  Well, I only have one things to say in regards to all of this and that is two and two isn’t adding up once again to four, which was how things were with Michael’s death and why I believe there is still a death hoax in the first place.

Anyway, if you've been following this, then you've probably been hearing the liberal media, which of course has been telling us all that the Jackson’s are nothing but money grubbing leeches and that their only using their mother to get their hands on the billion dollar estate Michael left behind. I got news for the liberal media the only Jackson ever painted as a money grubbing leech by Michael himself was his father, Joe Jackson. Sorry, Joe but this is what Michael has said about you more than once?

(Click Video Below to listen to a phone conversation about this).

Despite the turbulent relationship Michael had with his brothers and sisters at various times he never spoke of them as wanting him only for his money. His talent maybe, but never his money, at least that was never stated by Michael himself, not that I know of. But, here is the liberal media saying that the Jackson’s want his money, they are mad they weren’t in Michael's Last Will and Testament", they have money issues…blah, blah, blah. Seriously, if these people ever took the time to actually research a story and not relied only on their so called sources they might actually get the whole picture for a change. Such as, the Jackson brothers just got done doing a highly successful summer concert tour where they were reported to have made several million dollars. Tito Jackson also is a highly successful musician who has toured on his own, and his sons, better known as "The Three T’s" are a highly successful singing group. Latoya Jackson has two successful businesses, Marlon Jackson makes regular humanitarian trips to Africa, which tells me he has to have a certain amount of money himself to do this. Michael's brother, Randy had donated thousands of dollars to charities, (one of these donations he gave allowed a young girl to have surgery that her family stated they could have never afforded.

I don’t know what Marlon and Randy do, but their obviously not living in cardboard boxes desperate for money if their forking over that kind of money to help others. Jackie and Jermaine continue their own music endeavors which included the recent concert tour. Michael's eldest sister, Reebie is married to a highly successful man, and let's not even go there with Janet, she is a highly successful actress as well as recording artist.

I am amazed that this garbage that is being spewed by the liberal media is being so widely accepted, including the crap that Randy and Jermaine have approached the estate requesting money to pay alimony, (gee funny how the estate used this when it was no secret that Jermaine was trying to get his alimony payments lowered last year), who would dispute this claim after that, right? PLEASSSSE....

According to the Jackson family this is actually about disputing the supposed Last Will and Testament of Michael Jackson, and that they are not trying to stake a claim to it, but more like questioning the validity of the document as being legitimate. They are disputing the legitimacy of this Will and who the executors of this Will are. Remember, that Tito Jackson sits on the board of this estate, and according to reports from the Jackson family Tito has stated that he doesn’t approve of how the executors, John Branca and John McClain are handling the estate and that he feels more money should have been turned over to Michael’s Kids as well as his mother at this point. So the Jackson family has set out to contest the Will, and whether or not it's real, and some in the liberal media are painting it as if they are grasping at straws. But guess what, maybe they're not. Many of us on this blog have questioned the legitimacy of this Will ourselves. Well, it turns out there was reason to, according to long time Michael Jackson friend and talk show host Reverend Al Shapton, who actually got to talk to Randy Jackson during all of this drama as it was playing out and probably still is.

(CLICK HERE to watch video) 
Yep, Michael was with Rev. Al Sharpton in New York all day on the day that Michael was supposedly in L.A. signing this so-called Will. Now I know we have discussed the possibility of their being two Michael Jackson’s, but unless this is indeed the case how can the executor's of the estate explain this? Well, guess what they do have an explanation, saying maybe the date was written wrong on the document. (Ugh), no wonder this freaking death hoax continues, with the amount of legal documents that have the wrong name, wrong date, crossed out information then corrected (which by law you can’t do) you have to wonder what is going on here. I personally have worked around lawyers, I’ve dealt with lawyers, I can honestly tell you no legal document that is legally binding and considered legally binding is going to have the wrong dates, the wrong name, the wrong information, this leads to more legal ramifications then a court could handle. So if Branca and McClain want to claim the document has the wrong date, this is enough leverage to have the Will thrown out. 

Also, I find it rather odd that Michael Jackson and John Branca just got back together just one week before Jackson's death after many years of being alienated from each other. In fact it was claimed that Michael at one time stated he didn't trust Branca, and yet after Michael's supposed death we all found out that Branca was named as one of the excutor's on Michael's Last Will and Testament. (Say what)???? 
As for Michael, where does this leave us where he is concerned, is this enough proof that he is actually dead? I know it's not something many of us want to accept, it would be nicer to hold on to the death hoax because it means are beloved Michael is still out there somewhere. But, would Michael if he were still truly alive have sat back and watched while his kids were scared to death about what happened to their grandmother. All right, some could argue that maybe he didn’t, maybe he was the one who encouraged TJ to file for temporary custody and maybe he is the one who orchestrated the whole contesting of the Will, to get rid of Branca and McClain once and for all.
So where is he in all of this if he is still alive? Well, that is a question that can’t be answered as of right now. I do have to admit that I might have reasons to believe that Michael could be in fact dead, and that if he is we have a whole lot of conspirators giving us smoke and mirrors to have us not look at what really happened, and yet I still can’t abandon the death hoax completely. After all, no one can still explain to me someone with somewhat of a legal background why there are so many legal documents involved in this mess that shouldn’t be considered legal in a Court of Law, along with other stuff that still can’t be explained away. Still, I have to wonder if Michael is alive what is it that would be so serious that he wouldn’t have come out of hiding to save his own kids, whom meant more to him then his own life.
So my next question to you would be the third thing that I brought up as a possibility to where Michael Jackson is if he is still in fact alive. The three things I've mention throughout several blog entries has been death hoax, foul play, and the other thing that is still a strong possibility is…he was kidnapped, and is still being held against his will.
Just something more to think about here…

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