Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do We Now Have Proof That Michael Jackson is in Fact Dead? (Part 1 of 2)

"We are family".  The Jackson's at Michael's
Memorial Service back in July of 2009'.
I have waivered back and forth on whether Michael Jackson is truly alive or truly dead. The one thing that has made me waiver back and forth is that I know that something isn’t quite right, and that there must be a cover up going on somewhere with all the strange things that have occurred since his supposed death. Perhaps, an even uglier cover up then any of us wants to contemplate. Recently, in light of current events I have to now seriously ask the question is Michael Jackson truly dead?

Rebbie Jackson
Most of us who are Michael Jackson fans know what recently went down with the Jackson family. Michael's mother Katherine disappeared from the estate that she had been sharing with Michael’s three kids while the children were supposedly away at camp, and they in turn had arrived home earlier to find that their grandmother was not at home. We then eventually heard that Katherine Jackson was alright and that she was with her eldest daughter, Rebbie in Arizona. Okay, so mystery was solved, or was it?  According to Michael’s daughter Paris on Twitter, she wasn’t allowed to talk to her grandmother whenever she called her Aunt Rebbie. Why? Well, according to Paris she was always told that her grandmother wasn’t available to talk to her.
Paris Jackson
Then we had Marlon Jackson (one of Michael's brother's), on television breaking down saying that he didn’t know where his mother was, while his brother Jermaine was just sitting there saying everything was fine. Then we were shown footage from a security camera outside Katherine's new home which she lives in California at with Michael's three kids, (funny how this camera was working fine isn’t it, and that the news media managed to get the film from it to show all of us on television), of Janet trying to take Paris cell phone away from her, while Paris stood there continuing to tweet her followers on Twitter. (Click Here) to watch video of this.

Janet Jackson
In the midst of all of this we got no word from Katherine’s estrange husband, Joe Jackson, or very verbal daughter, Latoya. In fact during all of this they were nowhere to be found. Needless to say, all of this seemed to be waving huge gigantic red flags at me. I was like what in the world is going on here? Why is this family against one another in all of this? Why is the media painting them all out to be money grubbing jerks who are trying to take over their brother’s estate using their mother?  And, why was all of this happening well over three years after Michael's supposed death?

Seriously, I was thinking about all sorts of stuff. The worst being that Katherine Jackson had been kidnapped, and that some of the family members such as Jermaine and Janet knew about this, but others were in the dark because they didn’t want to worry them. But, then TJ, (Tito Jackson’s son) went to court to petition for temporary guardianship of Michael’s kids. Say what you want about TJ, but I can’t blame him for this one bit. At this point, Katherine had been missing for over a week, nine days and counting according to Paris on Twitter. Someone had to step in to protect those kids from the circling sharks according to the infamous news media. So there was TJ, who spent a great deal of time with the kids who stepped in to take guardianship to protect them. You could say that he would be someone considered as an innocent bystander, because he isn’t one of the immediate families being painted in the press as money grubbing leeches.

Yet, according to reports Katherine was stunned about all of this and couldn’t believe it happened. Say what, Katherine disappears for over a week, leaving minor kids under no one's supervision (she didn’t ask anyone such as TJ to watch over them). She didn’t leave them a note explaining that she was following doctor’s orders to get away for awhile, and not to worry about her. No, she disappears and scares three kids, and now she wants to act stun that someone went to court to take guardianship from her. Forget the television show "Dallas" on the television network, TNT and the Ewing family because their drama has nothing on the Jacksons, which is supposed to be real life.
The Ewing Family from the television show: "Dallas"
So what does any of this drama have to do with whether or not Michael is truly dead, anyway? Think about this carefully, if Michael were indeed alive do you think he would have allowed all of this to be blown so out of proportion the way it was? Do you think he would have allowed his kid’s to be scared with worry and left without their grandmother? Well, in Part 2, I will go into this further, so stay tune. 

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