Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jackson Family vs. Michael Jackson's Executors of his Last Will and Testament…Why Did it Take so Long?

In my previous blog entry I talked about the latest happenings inside the Jackson family where some of them have sent a letter to their late brothers executor's of his "Last Will and Testament", (John Branca and John McClain), asking for them to step down from their duties of executors of their brothers Will.  As I stated in my previous entry some of the Jackson's believe that the Will is a fake because of the date that was on the document.  The date of the so-called signing in Los Angeles was actually a date where Michael was in New York with the Rev. Al Shapton. 

It has recently comes to light that, although some of the Jackson family members have sent this letter to Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain to step down, the problem that I have with this is that the Jackson's have not sought out any legal actions against them.  I'm trying to figure out why not?  I mean, if they have proof…and they obviously do since I showed you a video of Michael and Rev. Sharpton in New York in the previous blog entry on the date Michael supposedly was in Los Angeles signing this so-called Will.  So my question is why haven't they sought legal action against this Will?  An even bigger question that I have is why have they waited over three years since Michael's supposed death to stir this all up now?  Why didn't they do it from the very beginning?  I mean, it wasn't like they hadn't questioned the Will from the beginning with the way certain names were not correct on the document.  So again, I ask why NOW?

I did discover that, although the Jackson siblings hadn't filed any legal action against the Will that Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson did file legal documents back on July 19, 2012 asking the executors to hand over for inspection and audit all supporting documents in regards to Michael's estate so that she could see where all the money was going. But, interestingly enough the executors, attorney's John Branca and John McClain had issues with the request stating that they objected to the request because it was too vague and ambiguous.  They stated that the request would encompass thousands of pages and they also stated that the request seeks highly confidential business and financial information.  The executors went on to state that most of the contracts that the estate had entered into are sealed because they include trade secrets and other confidential privileged information, and that this is usually something that is done to protect the interest of the estate. (Say what?  One has to wonder about all of this and what they might be possibly hiding, right)?

So I have to go back to my original question if Michael Jackson is in fact dead what has taken the Jackson's so long to start questioning the tactics of Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain?  Yes, I will admit some of the things that Branca and McClain have done I feel wouldn't have been something that Michael would have wanted; like the Sony music deal with them releasing new unreleased music of his.  I also don't think Michael would have agreed to the Pepsi deal, since in the past Pepsi had dropped him from their business campaigns because of the alleged child molestation charges.  So I don't know if some of this has to do with why the Jackson's are stewing about this Will right now, or if there is another reason.

Some who believe in the Death Hoax might say that Michael isn't happy about what is going down and that he wants his siblings to fight this.  Now I don't know if I can believe that, but I will admit that some of what the Jackson's are saying is obviously true in regards to the date of the Will and that it couldn't have been signed on that date since Michael wasn't in Los Angeles at the time.  But, once again, what is it about right now, over three years after their brother's supposed death that has brought all of this up?  Truly…what is it?
One thing is for sure, I have said this time and time again on this blog, it is amazing how this story never seems to go away. What do you think this might really be telling all of us?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do We Now Have Proof That Michael Jackson is in Fact Dead? (Part 2 of 2)

In my recent blog entry I went into the recent Jackson Family drama, and whether all of this truly points to Michael Jackson really being dead. In Part 2, I want to try to analyze what went on here, (yeah I know lots of luck with this one), because like Michael’s death this family drama doesn’t make much sense either. Think about this for a minute…with Katherine Jackson walking away from her grand children, (Prince, Paris, and Blanket) for over 9 days and then losing guardianship, and all she could say when she returned home was that she couldn't understand why all of this was blown out of proportion.  Well, I only have one things to say in regards to all of this and that is two and two isn’t adding up once again to four, which was how things were with Michael’s death and why I believe there is still a death hoax in the first place.

Anyway, if you've been following this, then you've probably been hearing the liberal media, which of course has been telling us all that the Jackson’s are nothing but money grubbing leeches and that their only using their mother to get their hands on the billion dollar estate Michael left behind. I got news for the liberal media the only Jackson ever painted as a money grubbing leech by Michael himself was his father, Joe Jackson. Sorry, Joe but this is what Michael has said about you more than once?

(Click Video Below to listen to a phone conversation about this).

Despite the turbulent relationship Michael had with his brothers and sisters at various times he never spoke of them as wanting him only for his money. His talent maybe, but never his money, at least that was never stated by Michael himself, not that I know of. But, here is the liberal media saying that the Jackson’s want his money, they are mad they weren’t in Michael's Last Will and Testament", they have money issues…blah, blah, blah. Seriously, if these people ever took the time to actually research a story and not relied only on their so called sources they might actually get the whole picture for a change. Such as, the Jackson brothers just got done doing a highly successful summer concert tour where they were reported to have made several million dollars. Tito Jackson also is a highly successful musician who has toured on his own, and his sons, better known as "The Three T’s" are a highly successful singing group. Latoya Jackson has two successful businesses, Marlon Jackson makes regular humanitarian trips to Africa, which tells me he has to have a certain amount of money himself to do this. Michael's brother, Randy had donated thousands of dollars to charities, (one of these donations he gave allowed a young girl to have surgery that her family stated they could have never afforded.

I don’t know what Marlon and Randy do, but their obviously not living in cardboard boxes desperate for money if their forking over that kind of money to help others. Jackie and Jermaine continue their own music endeavors which included the recent concert tour. Michael's eldest sister, Reebie is married to a highly successful man, and let's not even go there with Janet, she is a highly successful actress as well as recording artist.

I am amazed that this garbage that is being spewed by the liberal media is being so widely accepted, including the crap that Randy and Jermaine have approached the estate requesting money to pay alimony, (gee funny how the estate used this when it was no secret that Jermaine was trying to get his alimony payments lowered last year), who would dispute this claim after that, right? PLEASSSSE....

According to the Jackson family this is actually about disputing the supposed Last Will and Testament of Michael Jackson, and that they are not trying to stake a claim to it, but more like questioning the validity of the document as being legitimate. They are disputing the legitimacy of this Will and who the executors of this Will are. Remember, that Tito Jackson sits on the board of this estate, and according to reports from the Jackson family Tito has stated that he doesn’t approve of how the executors, John Branca and John McClain are handling the estate and that he feels more money should have been turned over to Michael’s Kids as well as his mother at this point. So the Jackson family has set out to contest the Will, and whether or not it's real, and some in the liberal media are painting it as if they are grasping at straws. But guess what, maybe they're not. Many of us on this blog have questioned the legitimacy of this Will ourselves. Well, it turns out there was reason to, according to long time Michael Jackson friend and talk show host Reverend Al Shapton, who actually got to talk to Randy Jackson during all of this drama as it was playing out and probably still is.

(CLICK HERE to watch video) 
Yep, Michael was with Rev. Al Sharpton in New York all day on the day that Michael was supposedly in L.A. signing this so-called Will. Now I know we have discussed the possibility of their being two Michael Jackson’s, but unless this is indeed the case how can the executor's of the estate explain this? Well, guess what they do have an explanation, saying maybe the date was written wrong on the document. (Ugh), no wonder this freaking death hoax continues, with the amount of legal documents that have the wrong name, wrong date, crossed out information then corrected (which by law you can’t do) you have to wonder what is going on here. I personally have worked around lawyers, I’ve dealt with lawyers, I can honestly tell you no legal document that is legally binding and considered legally binding is going to have the wrong dates, the wrong name, the wrong information, this leads to more legal ramifications then a court could handle. So if Branca and McClain want to claim the document has the wrong date, this is enough leverage to have the Will thrown out. 

Also, I find it rather odd that Michael Jackson and John Branca just got back together just one week before Jackson's death after many years of being alienated from each other. In fact it was claimed that Michael at one time stated he didn't trust Branca, and yet after Michael's supposed death we all found out that Branca was named as one of the excutor's on Michael's Last Will and Testament. (Say what)???? 
As for Michael, where does this leave us where he is concerned, is this enough proof that he is actually dead? I know it's not something many of us want to accept, it would be nicer to hold on to the death hoax because it means are beloved Michael is still out there somewhere. But, would Michael if he were still truly alive have sat back and watched while his kids were scared to death about what happened to their grandmother. All right, some could argue that maybe he didn’t, maybe he was the one who encouraged TJ to file for temporary custody and maybe he is the one who orchestrated the whole contesting of the Will, to get rid of Branca and McClain once and for all.
So where is he in all of this if he is still alive? Well, that is a question that can’t be answered as of right now. I do have to admit that I might have reasons to believe that Michael could be in fact dead, and that if he is we have a whole lot of conspirators giving us smoke and mirrors to have us not look at what really happened, and yet I still can’t abandon the death hoax completely. After all, no one can still explain to me someone with somewhat of a legal background why there are so many legal documents involved in this mess that shouldn’t be considered legal in a Court of Law, along with other stuff that still can’t be explained away. Still, I have to wonder if Michael is alive what is it that would be so serious that he wouldn’t have come out of hiding to save his own kids, whom meant more to him then his own life.
So my next question to you would be the third thing that I brought up as a possibility to where Michael Jackson is if he is still in fact alive. The three things I've mention throughout several blog entries has been death hoax, foul play, and the other thing that is still a strong possibility is…he was kidnapped, and is still being held against his will.
Just something more to think about here…

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do We Now Have Proof That Michael Jackson is in Fact Dead? (Part 1 of 2)

"We are family".  The Jackson's at Michael's
Memorial Service back in July of 2009'.
I have waivered back and forth on whether Michael Jackson is truly alive or truly dead. The one thing that has made me waiver back and forth is that I know that something isn’t quite right, and that there must be a cover up going on somewhere with all the strange things that have occurred since his supposed death. Perhaps, an even uglier cover up then any of us wants to contemplate. Recently, in light of current events I have to now seriously ask the question is Michael Jackson truly dead?

Rebbie Jackson
Most of us who are Michael Jackson fans know what recently went down with the Jackson family. Michael's mother Katherine disappeared from the estate that she had been sharing with Michael’s three kids while the children were supposedly away at camp, and they in turn had arrived home earlier to find that their grandmother was not at home. We then eventually heard that Katherine Jackson was alright and that she was with her eldest daughter, Rebbie in Arizona. Okay, so mystery was solved, or was it?  According to Michael’s daughter Paris on Twitter, she wasn’t allowed to talk to her grandmother whenever she called her Aunt Rebbie. Why? Well, according to Paris she was always told that her grandmother wasn’t available to talk to her.
Paris Jackson
Then we had Marlon Jackson (one of Michael's brother's), on television breaking down saying that he didn’t know where his mother was, while his brother Jermaine was just sitting there saying everything was fine. Then we were shown footage from a security camera outside Katherine's new home which she lives in California at with Michael's three kids, (funny how this camera was working fine isn’t it, and that the news media managed to get the film from it to show all of us on television), of Janet trying to take Paris cell phone away from her, while Paris stood there continuing to tweet her followers on Twitter. (Click Here) to watch video of this.

Janet Jackson
In the midst of all of this we got no word from Katherine’s estrange husband, Joe Jackson, or very verbal daughter, Latoya. In fact during all of this they were nowhere to be found. Needless to say, all of this seemed to be waving huge gigantic red flags at me. I was like what in the world is going on here? Why is this family against one another in all of this? Why is the media painting them all out to be money grubbing jerks who are trying to take over their brother’s estate using their mother?  And, why was all of this happening well over three years after Michael's supposed death?

Seriously, I was thinking about all sorts of stuff. The worst being that Katherine Jackson had been kidnapped, and that some of the family members such as Jermaine and Janet knew about this, but others were in the dark because they didn’t want to worry them. But, then TJ, (Tito Jackson’s son) went to court to petition for temporary guardianship of Michael’s kids. Say what you want about TJ, but I can’t blame him for this one bit. At this point, Katherine had been missing for over a week, nine days and counting according to Paris on Twitter. Someone had to step in to protect those kids from the circling sharks according to the infamous news media. So there was TJ, who spent a great deal of time with the kids who stepped in to take guardianship to protect them. You could say that he would be someone considered as an innocent bystander, because he isn’t one of the immediate families being painted in the press as money grubbing leeches.

Yet, according to reports Katherine was stunned about all of this and couldn’t believe it happened. Say what, Katherine disappears for over a week, leaving minor kids under no one's supervision (she didn’t ask anyone such as TJ to watch over them). She didn’t leave them a note explaining that she was following doctor’s orders to get away for awhile, and not to worry about her. No, she disappears and scares three kids, and now she wants to act stun that someone went to court to take guardianship from her. Forget the television show "Dallas" on the television network, TNT and the Ewing family because their drama has nothing on the Jacksons, which is supposed to be real life.
The Ewing Family from the television show: "Dallas"
So what does any of this drama have to do with whether or not Michael is truly dead, anyway? Think about this carefully, if Michael were indeed alive do you think he would have allowed all of this to be blown so out of proportion the way it was? Do you think he would have allowed his kid’s to be scared with worry and left without their grandmother? Well, in Part 2, I will go into this further, so stay tune. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial…Reason's To Believe It was Scripted?

Yes, we’re back to death hoax, and by now I am probably giving some of you whiplash. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that foul play was explored here in a big way. So big that it might have had some of you believing that I was leaning that way and forgetting all about the death hoax angle. But, I want to go on record as saying that, although I do see some major things pointing to foul play and Michael Jackson being murdered, I have not abandoned the possibility that Michael Jackson still could have staged his own death, because there are still some things that don’t add up even with the foul play angle.

So this brings me back to the Conrad Murray’s Involuntary Manslaughter Trial and the odd things that occurred during it. Let’s face it this trial made even soap operas light in comparison and that isn’t a good thing. Anyway, as we have discussed in other blog entries there were the odd objects that kept showing up in the room during this trial (remember at one time there was an elephant in the room, a stuffed rabbit, a pumpkin, to name but a few), and then of course the strange verdict with the words of alleged victim and alleged date. Once again, the word alleged means without proof. Then there was the fact that the victim was referred to as Michael Joseph Jackson, when according to the Jackson family and his own 2005' trial Michael’s full legal name was Michael Joe Jackson. No court would mess this up believe me, they would want to make certain they had the name correct, after all this is supposed to be a legal proceeding, right?

Now comes the basis for this blog entry, recently, I was watching the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial out on again.  I have to tell you all that I have watched this trial a whole lot of times.  But, during this time I noticed something strange and it made me have to question if in fact this trial really was scripted as some have claimed. I was watching lead defense attorney, Ed Chernoff questioning AEG head, Randy Phillips when all of a sudden the camera switched over to a close-up of Prosecutor, David Walgren who was observing the questioning and then a few moments later objected to the question.  Now, you might be saying what is so strange about this, right?  Well, if you saw the video clip you would have to ask yourself how the cameraman knew to bring his camera angle on Prosecutor Walgren before he even objected.  Basically, how did he know he was going to object at that time without being signaled in some way of knowing this?  Did he have a script that said, "Camera angle on Walgren"?

Here is the clip of what I am referring to and pay close attention to how the camera focuses in on Prosecutor Walgren before he even says anything.

Did you notice it? Hopefully, you noticed what I did.  Think about it, he had yet to object, he had yet to even open his mouth, but the camera had zeroed in on him as if expecting him to say something. Why didn't the camera remain on Mr. Chernoff who was speaking at that moment? I mean, wouldn’t the camera have stayed focused on Mr. Chernoff and not Walgren, until Walgren opened his mouth.

It was kind of like the current seasons of the television show, "Dancing with the Stars" where Tom Bergeron is announcing which couple is still in the competition, but the cameraman zeroes in on the couple before Bergeron even opens his mouth. If you've never seen this television show, the cameraman on "Dancing with the Stars" knows what is about to happen next, so he just angle his camera in on that couple before we even know the results. 

So if the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial wasn't scripted how in the world did the cameraman know what was about to happen? Cameramen would only know such things if they were told in advance, and were being given directions by a director, which brings us all back to the possibility that this whole trial could very well have been scripted. So once again, here we are with yet another odd thing that happened during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.

So was it scripted, and if so why?  You be the judge.