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Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?! (Part 3 of 3)

In the previous two blog installments I went into how Latoya Jackson stands by the belief that her beloved brother Michael was murdered. I know for some of us Latoya isn’t the most reliable source, and that some of you can’t forgive her for turning on Michael in 1993' during the first child molestation allegations, even though Michael had long since forgiven her prior to his death, and in the end she was one of his greatest supporters during the 2005' allegations. Still Latoya has continued to be labeled a Judas in the eyes of fans of Michael who find it hard to forgive her for what went down in 1993'. But since Michael’s death Latoya has stepped up on her brother’s behalf whether people want to acknowledge this or not.

She has taken on raising money for many causes including AIDS research that Michael supported during his life. She has also been very verbal in the fact that she wants justice, (real justice) for her brother, something she feels strongly hasn’t happened as of yet, even with Conrad Murray being behind bars. As I stated in a previous blog, I am actually concerned for Latoya because she could be playing with fire since she has been so verbal by implicating people by name, and could get seriously burned the way her brother might have.

Anyway getting back to Latoya’s theory about Michael being murdered; this is starting to make more sense to me and is becoming more frightening. She believes Michael met with foul play and that Conrad Murray was just a convenient fall guy who made it easy for the conspirator or conspirators to take Michael out, with the fact that he was administering Propofol to Michael Jackson in a home setting. If for some reason you still haven't watched Latoya's statement and who she implicates as possibly being involved in her brothers demise, (CLICK HERE)

Author, Ian Halperin
Jane Velez Mitchell
It's strange because in this video there is a part that was added taken from the Jane Velez MitchelI show on HLN Television Network, and I remember watching some of this but I don’t remember this stuff being discussed. It was either that, or I turned a deaf's ear and blind's eye to it. Why, because to me Conrad Murray was guilty as sin at the time, and there was no way I was going to listen to anything that came out of author, Ian Halperin's mouth, who was a guest on her show at the time. That would be like listening to stuff that Diane Dimond or Martin Bashir would be spilling out, and that just wasn't going to happen. But this time, as shocking as it was in watching this in this video with Latoya, Ian Halperin was actually saying something that made sense and needed to be heard. He’s what I would classify as the classic boy who always cried wolf.  Here he was on Jane Velez Mitchell's show finally having something worthy to say and I guess I just fazed him out because I couldn't trust what he had to say, since he hadn't been one of the most reliable sources over the years. Let's also not forget that during that same show Jane herself talked about a possible conspiracy against Michael Jackson, which could have led to his death. She of course, mentioned the Sony ATV Catalog that was in Michael’s possession. Ah…yes the Sony ATV Catalog, a motive in itself for someone to want Michael Jackson dead. As Jane said it's worth billions of dollars. So where is this catalog since his death, does his family have it?  I understand that when John Branca, one of the executors of the Michael Jackson estate appeared on "Pier Morgan's news program on the CNN television network, he stated the estate was still in possession of half of the catalog, and that Sony Music owned the other half.  Interesting, right?

This was probably the most valuable possession Michael owned and one has to wonder why it wasn’t mentioned in his Last Will and Testament, per say. Yet as stated, attorney, John Branca states the Michael Jackson estate is in full possession of it. (Not the family, but the estate).

Recently, if you've been watching the news you know that the Jackson family is trying to get the current executors (John Branca and John McClain), of Michael's estate to step down because they claim that the Last Will and Testament they have is a fake.  According to many family members the Will couldn't have been signed on the day that was on the document because Michael was in New York and the document states it was signed and dated in California.  Reverend Al Sharpton substantiates this story because Michael was with him at the time. (See video about this).  (CLICK HERE).

So is this Last Will and Testament legitimate, and do the Jackson's have a claim saying it's not?  I don't know but I am sure there will be a fight over it in the future to come.  As I've stated in many other blog entries, this story is not going away any time soon!

The one thing is for sure with the amount of money at stake here, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that greed could have been the strongest of motives for a whole bunch of people to conspire to kill Michael Jackson? Think about it, greed has been the motive for murder since the beginning of time. Was this catalog the reason?  Maybe it could be a part of it, but whatever happened it was all too obvious that whoever or whomever wanted him taken out, they obviously didn’t want him to make it to the London 02 Arena. They didn’t want him to do those concerts. The fact that he was supposed to leave for London on the very day he supposedly died would be a good indicator of that.  They obviously didn’t want him to get back on his feet again, to get his career back on track, to get out of the debt he was in without having to sale the Sony ATV Catalog.

There is a statement that people are worth more dead than alive, and unfortunately with Michael Jackson this may have been very true. One more thing, since his death the financial agreement he had with his former financial advisor, Dr. Tohme has been made public, where he gets a percentage of all of Michael’s profits whether Michael is dead or alive. Then there is the Michael Jackson Estate which has made unscrupulous deals with Sony music (yep, once again profiting off Michael) and the Pepsi corporation, which I think Michael would have never made any kind of deal with after being scarred for life during the infamous Pepsi commercial where he was burned badly.  His hair scalp never did recover.  Also, let's not forget how they dropped him from contract during the 1993' child molestation allegations. We all know so many who have profited off Michael Jackson since his supposed death because he isn't around to stop it, right?

So there you have it, you can make of this what you will, but I am starting to think I should rename this website "Michael Jackson, Foul Play or Not…" what do all of you think?
Michael Jackson at the Staple Center
during his rehearsal time for "This is It"

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