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Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?(Part 2 of 3)

Jermaine Jackson and Latoya Jackson
outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse during the
Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaugher Case.
In the previous installment of this blog entry I ask you to view a video that was placed on that features Michael Jackson’s, sister Latoya Jackson making a public statement standing by her belief that her brother, Michael met with foul play and was murdered. Hopefully, most of you have taken the time to view this video, if not you still can by CLICKING HERE.  

As disturbing as it may be for some of us after hearing her claims and then implicating someone by name, it's something that I felt needed to be viewed. I have to admit the part where she points to various people in the audience saying and I quote, "They don't want you, you, you, or you, to know really bothered me a lot.  The truth is Latoya's right when she says that during the "Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial they were bent on us just looking at one hand and not the other.  I know I was one of those people who looked at the case in only one way, because at the time I just wanted someone to pay, and I wanted them to pay at that very moment.  I never once thought that there might be something more we needed to address or possibly someone else we needed to implicate in Michael Jackson's death; if he is in fact dead. 

Anyway, I have to admit that I stumbled upon this video while lying in bed viewing various video's in regards to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax on my Android Tablet.  I have to tell you after watching this video I had a pretty sleepless night.  I guess I really shouldn’t watch this kind of stuff before going to bed; it really messed with my head, let me tell you.

On this blog, and on other blogs I have done I have had the unpopular stance of defending AEG Live, which some of you could never understand because, after all many of you felt they were just as liable in this as was Conrad Murray. Well, after viewing this video I have to say that I now owe many of you an apology. I defended AEG Live, and I condemned Conrad Murray, like so many others, I wanted him to fry for killing Michael Jackson. There was nothing that man could have said that would have changed my mind at the time.  I just wanted JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL and I wanted it at that time so badly!  But, now that I have been investigating this, the tables have somewhat changed because I now can see AEG Live as being a big part in this conspiracy (yes, folks I believe this is a conspiracy filled with all kinds of smoke and mirrors), and just maybe Conrad Murray was being set up to be the convenient scapegoat in all of this, while the true culprit or culprit(s) washed their hands and walked away with huge smiles on their faces because they know they got away with murder.

I know due to some very harsh emails that I have received that once again I am taking a less then favorable stance here. Many of us see Conrad Murray as guilty and nothing but GUILTY, and the only one to be blamed here, because well there is that pretty red bow we all placed on him so that we could feel we got Justice for Michael, even if it was just the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter. I have never said that I liked Conrad Murray, and believe me when I tell you I will never ever say that he was 100% innocent in all of this, but…I am starting to come to the conclusion that Murray isn’t the whole picture we should be looking at in the death of Michael Jackson, (if he really is dead).  I'm kind of with Latoya in that we shouldn't just be focused on Murray and Murray alone.  If anything…far from it!

The conclusions I am making here does come down to what Latoya Jackson is claiming in her video.  Think about it, she's right when she says we were all looking at just the right hand (Murray) only, and not paying attention to what the left hand (the alledged conspirators) were doing and obviously getting away with.

So let's talk about the person she names who was in Michael's house the night before his death.  Now if you watched the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial this person (Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live), testified that he was at Michael's rehearsal's on June 23, and 24th, and he even claimed he walked Michael to his car and that this was the last time he saw him.

(Click Here to watch his testimony about this)

Now in the video Latoya stated that one of Michael's kids claimed that they let him into the house on the night of June 24th when their father was at rehearsal.

So what was he doing there when he claimed in his court testimony he was at Michael's rehearsal?  Who was he there to see if Michael wasn't home, and worse yet was he there plotting something with someone?  Now, I realized in the video Latoya does say she doesn't know what he was doing there and that she doesn't know if he did anything.  But, it's quite obvious that something isn't right here.  Some of you might be thinking that he might have been there to meet with Dr. Murray, but the problem with that is in the part of the surveillance tapes that did get saved it showed Dr. Murray arriving just a few minutes before Michael did. 

(CLICK HERE to watch surveillance tape that was presented in court)

I don't know the exact time that Randy Phillips showed up at this house, only one of Michael's kids can tell us this, but as we all know none of them were subpoenaed in the Conrad Murray Trial to testify.I have to admit that there were signs out there that maybe Phillips was involved in some way, but I brushed them aside as coincidence or hearsay at the time, but now I wonder just how deep AEG Live and him are truly involved in this. (Yes, I know this is ALL speculation here, and they may not be involved at all, but you have to admit the evidence isn't looking too good).

There is something else that weighs on my mind when someone else presented me with a video of Phillips arriving at the hospital the day Michael Jackson was brought in there on June 25, 2009, showing him walking into the building with Michael's former financial advisor, Dr. Tohme. It's been rumored out here that Randy Phillips at one time was married to Dr. Tohme’s sister, whether this is true remains to be seen since this information was shot down as irrelevant in the Conrad Murray Trial,  but with what we’re finding out about him and AEG Live in connection to this I have to now wonder.

(Click here to see testimony in regards to this, and see both of them walking together into the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, 2009).

If you've been following this case there is another piece that is starting to make sense also and that is the piece where Michael's former financial advisor created a deal with an equity loan firm (Colony Capital) to buy the forclosure note on Michael's Never land Ranch.  So if you have been following this you might be asking what does this have to do with Michael Jackson, right. Well their the ones who own half of Never land Ranch currently as I write this blog entry, and again you have Dr. Tohme in the mix for that one, and once again during Conrad Murray's trial anytime anything got anywhere near discussing Dr. Tohme it was stopped instantly as you noticed from the above video. I don't know about any of you but suddenly the pieces are starting to fit together, and to be honest it's starting to scare me.
(Click Here to watch video in regards to the Colony Capital Connection, if any?)

When I first saw the testimony of Randy Phillips during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial, I thought nothing of it. But, now that I have re-watched his testimony on knowing what Latoya has claimed about one of Michael’s children saying that Phillips visited the compound on the night Michael died, I have to wonder how much of this is true of what he testified to. I also have to wonder why Defense Lead Attorney, Ed Chernoff wasn’t allowed to ask any questions regarding the London 02 press conference. What would have been the harm in that?  What else did they not want us to know here?  Let's be honest some of us don't even believe that was in fact Michael Jackson talking at that 02 Arena Press conference to start with.

(Click Here to watch video in regards to this)

Plus, remember we also only have Randy Phillips word that Michael agreed to do more than 10 concerts at the 02 Arena, as he said under oath. I have never wavered in my belief that Dr. Tohme agreed to extend the concerts not Michael, so once again we have Phillips and Tohme connected together here.

So was Phillips lying when he said that Michael agreed to extend the "This Is It" concerts to 50 shows? Well, he apparently was lying under oath (if you ask me), when he said he remained at the final rehearsal that night, because why would one of Michael’s kids lie about seeing him instead at the Carol wood home.  So unless this is a Soap Opera or a hoax you can't be in two places at the same time.

So the billion dollar question I have is if Michael Jackson was in fact murdered was Randy Phillips and AEG Live involved in some way? Are we looking at a huge conspiracy where Conrad Murray was made the fall guy so everyone else could just walk away with their hands all clean? If this was the case, what did all of them have to gain by killing this amazingly talented, loving, and very gentle man?  Yes, I am highly speculating here, but hey…who can blame me.

In the next installment, I'm going to go into what the possible motives behind these supposed conspiracies were and still are. So stay tune, because this is getting even more complicated then I could have ever imagined.


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