Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?! (P. 1 of 3)

There I said it, you read the title correct and no I can’t believe it myself.  I recently stumbled upon a video of Latoya Jackson where she was speaking.  I'm not sure exactly where.  It looks like someone may have filmed it on their phone and downloaded it to  Anyway, over the years I didn’t always think that Michael's sister, Latoya Jackson was worth listening to, but this particular video made me stop and take notice.  Believe it or not, but I think everyone should be listening to what Latoya Jackson has to say now. Yes, I'll admit that since her book, ("Starting Over") came out that she has harped on about a conspiracy against her brother Michael, but this particular video was a bit different in that she implicates someone in it by name. The woman I once referred to be as intelligent as a bag of rocks, actually had something to say that had substance to it. So now I have to eat my words because Latoya actually makes a whole lot of sense in this video, especially when it came to the unfortunate death of her brother Michael.

We have explored many different avenues here at Death Hoax or Not, and one of the avenues we have explored, and I think it's one that many of us don’t want to even consider as being true is that Michael Jackson was MURDERED. Okay, I've said the word, and even I'm having a hard time thinking about that one.  Let’s face it out of all the possibilities this one is the most frightening.  Think about this for a moment.  To think that someone would maliciously set out to kill Michael Jackson. To set up a very calculated murder of someone that I considered to be nothing but loving, caring, and let's not forget someone's son, brother, and father. 

Unfortunately, I am starting to come to the conclusion that although, there are still arguments to support the Death Hoax, this one is becoming more and more a possibility. When I set out to tackle the Death Hoax in this blog, I never knew what a Pandora’s Box I was about to open up. Yes, Michael's supposed death was over three years ago, but it is still very fresh in my mind as I'm sure it is in many of yours. How writing this blog could come back to bite me in such a way, that I am now losing sleep over it thinking that our beloved Michael might actually have been murdered in an elaborate cover up, which in turn made Dr. Conrad Murray the fall guy to take the blame for the crime, while the real person or persons are walking around foot loose and fancy free thinking they got away with it, is heart wrenching to say the least.

If you've been reading this blog then you know that I've been doing a series of videos over on YouTube called "Trial of Contradictions". Anyway, in "Trial of Contradictions", I have gone into some of the very odd testimony of some of Michael’s household staff, especially his security team. I have also discussed some of this testimony out here on this blog as some of you know if you've been reading my blog. What I have concluded from this testimony is that there is definitely a cover up of some kind going on, and I know some of us want to believe it’s a Death Hoax, and that their just covering for Michael.

Anyway, getting back to Latoya, she has been very verbal in the fact that she believes that Michael was murdered. She has said this time and time again in numerous interviews, where she goes into Michael’s death and who she suspects could behind it. To be honest if Latoya is right I am starting to worry about her. She is putting herself out there in a way that could make her the next target. As I stated there is a video that I recently saw of Latoya, along with some pertinent clips to back what she’s saying that really disturbed me. I want you to go watch this video for yourself, and think carefully about what you are watching. Talk about it amongst your friends who are into the Death Hoax, be it in person, on Twitter, Face book, or in Forums.  Right now this video only has had a little over 500 hits, but I want it to have thousands of hits.  I want Michael Jackson fans young and old throughout the world to take notice of this video. I want it to stir you up because it definitely tells us that we have yet to get JUSTICE for MICHAEL!

(CLICK HERE to watch video)

In Part 2, I will go more into the video's content and why it's so scary to think that Michael Jackson might have been murder and how it appears that people at the top are just sweeping it under the rug. So stay tune.

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