Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Could You Forgive the Person Who Killed Your Loved One?

The Jackson brother’s recently made a guest appearance on the highly rated daytime talk show "The View", right around the third anniversary of their brother, Michael's death. During this appearance, a few of the Jackson brothers stated that, although they would never forget what happened to Michael that they felt they could forgive Conrad Murray.  Of course, I got the feeling from a few that they couldn't forgive him, although they seemed to be wavering on this.

Now what is wrong with this picture? First of all, is this the same family who were upset with the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter, and didn’t believe it was enough, and who could blame them after all Michael is dead isn’t he? So if that’s the case then I'm sure they didn't want to hear that the person responsible for their brother's death was being charged with a lesser charge that someone can be given when responsible for the death of another, besides accidental death, only to discover the most this person could be given is four years in jail, if even that. This isn’t what anyone wants to hear if you believe your loved one was possibly murdered as they claimed at the time.

Yet, there was the Jackson’s basically forgiving Conrad Murray, when Murray had claimed throughout this trial that he didn't do anything wrong. Now, I know that we are taught to always forgive our enemies, to let go of our anger, right? But come on, a person is dead here, aren’t they? If this is truly the case would you be so forgiving if this was your family member? I don’t know if I could be, especially if the person is getting away with what could only be described as a slap on the wrist for causing the death of my loved one.

So, what do I get from this whole kindly turn the other cheek from the Jackson family? Well, first of all you guessed it, is this in fact a death hoax and they know Michael is still alive, and that Michael wouldn’t want Murray to suffer anymore then he needs to for any involvement he might have played in any of this. The other thing, and it's been said by other Jackson family members in interviews that they suspect, as I do that Murray isn’t the only one involved in the death of Michael Jackson, if he truly is in fact involved. Latoya Jackson suspects that Murray could just be a very convenient fallguy who was set up to take the fall for Michael’s death.

So these theories could make sense as to why the Jackson family is willing to forgive and forget the part that Conrad Murray played in Michael Jackson’s apparent death. To be honest, if it were me I might have eventually got to the point where I could have forgiven, although I have to admit it would be extremely hard. So, why can some of the members of the Jackson family just be so willing to move on when they admit out loud that they feel others were involved?  Yes, I realize holding a grudge is not going to bring Michael back, but still think about this, there are three kids who don't have their father right now and have to live with the fact of how he obviously died, or did he?

Another interesting thing to note here is that even Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson even believes that Murray if he in fact did kill Michael didn't act alone.  She stated this during her interview on CNN television network on the show, "Pier Morgan".

(Click Below video I created which shows clips of
what was said by some members of the Jackson Family)
So, I ask again could you forgive someone who could have done this to your loved one.  Better yet, as of today have any of you forgiven Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson?

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