Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michael in Wonderland, or Is This Just Another Bizarre Coincidence?

Michael Jackson from his "Moonwalker Movie"
In a lot of my research of the Death Hoax there has been a reference to a white rabbit. Not only that, but one actually appeared in the courtroom during Conrad Murray’s arraignment, in the form of a small stuff animal. This of course made many think about Michael Jackson’s movie "Moon Walker", where he disguised himself as a rabbit in order to evade a hoard of fans, but was there another clue being given here? Think about this…

There are some who believe there is a connection to Walt Disney’s animated film version of Lewis Carroll’s, "Alice in Wonderland". In the film there is the scene where Alice follows the white rabbit, who is saying he is late while looking at his pocket watch. The odd thing here is if you study the scene carefully the watch says 12:25 p.m. What’s bizarre about this is according to the paramedics who arrived at the Carolwood house on the day Michael supposedly died, they arrived on the scene at 12:25 p.m. and made it up the stairs at 12:26pm.

Is this just another one of the many coincidences that seems to follow this whole situation around? Maybe, but you have to admit this is rather odd.

So would Michael have known about this scene? Well, we know that Michael Jackson was a film buff, so he could have watched this movie, maybe even caught this in that scene. Knowing Michael he could have made a mental note of it. Remember, this isn’t the only reference that was made to this movie or Lewis Carroll’s book since Michael’s suppose death. Michael as all of us know was in Las Vegas after returning to the United States in 2006', where he actually was considering the purchase of a beautiful estate there, and the eerie thing here is he was going to call this estate, if you guessed, "Wonderland", you'd be right!

So is this a sign that Michael may have staged his own death and is giving his fans clues that he is in fact still alive and is just alerting them to this by giving them undercurrent signs? Well, it’s a possibility that this maybe the case, however, it's also possible that once again it's cloudy outside, although I do find this rather strange to say the least.  Think about it, to get the time on the rabbits watch exactly to the time the paramedics arrived on the scene is highly uncanny.  I'm sure you can all agree with that, right?

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