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Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?! (Part 3 of 3)

In the previous two blog installments I went into how Latoya Jackson stands by the belief that her beloved brother Michael was murdered. I know for some of us Latoya isn’t the most reliable source, and that some of you can’t forgive her for turning on Michael in 1993' during the first child molestation allegations, even though Michael had long since forgiven her prior to his death, and in the end she was one of his greatest supporters during the 2005' allegations. Still Latoya has continued to be labeled a Judas in the eyes of fans of Michael who find it hard to forgive her for what went down in 1993'. But since Michael’s death Latoya has stepped up on her brother’s behalf whether people want to acknowledge this or not.

She has taken on raising money for many causes including AIDS research that Michael supported during his life. She has also been very verbal in the fact that she wants justice, (real justice) for her brother, something she feels strongly hasn’t happened as of yet, even with Conrad Murray being behind bars. As I stated in a previous blog, I am actually concerned for Latoya because she could be playing with fire since she has been so verbal by implicating people by name, and could get seriously burned the way her brother might have.

Anyway getting back to Latoya’s theory about Michael being murdered; this is starting to make more sense to me and is becoming more frightening. She believes Michael met with foul play and that Conrad Murray was just a convenient fall guy who made it easy for the conspirator or conspirators to take Michael out, with the fact that he was administering Propofol to Michael Jackson in a home setting. If for some reason you still haven't watched Latoya's statement and who she implicates as possibly being involved in her brothers demise, (CLICK HERE)

Author, Ian Halperin
Jane Velez Mitchell
It's strange because in this video there is a part that was added taken from the Jane Velez MitchelI show on HLN Television Network, and I remember watching some of this but I don’t remember this stuff being discussed. It was either that, or I turned a deaf's ear and blind's eye to it. Why, because to me Conrad Murray was guilty as sin at the time, and there was no way I was going to listen to anything that came out of author, Ian Halperin's mouth, who was a guest on her show at the time. That would be like listening to stuff that Diane Dimond or Martin Bashir would be spilling out, and that just wasn't going to happen. But this time, as shocking as it was in watching this in this video with Latoya, Ian Halperin was actually saying something that made sense and needed to be heard. He’s what I would classify as the classic boy who always cried wolf.  Here he was on Jane Velez Mitchell's show finally having something worthy to say and I guess I just fazed him out because I couldn't trust what he had to say, since he hadn't been one of the most reliable sources over the years. Let's also not forget that during that same show Jane herself talked about a possible conspiracy against Michael Jackson, which could have led to his death. She of course, mentioned the Sony ATV Catalog that was in Michael’s possession. Ah…yes the Sony ATV Catalog, a motive in itself for someone to want Michael Jackson dead. As Jane said it's worth billions of dollars. So where is this catalog since his death, does his family have it?  I understand that when John Branca, one of the executors of the Michael Jackson estate appeared on "Pier Morgan's news program on the CNN television network, he stated the estate was still in possession of half of the catalog, and that Sony Music owned the other half.  Interesting, right?

This was probably the most valuable possession Michael owned and one has to wonder why it wasn’t mentioned in his Last Will and Testament, per say. Yet as stated, attorney, John Branca states the Michael Jackson estate is in full possession of it. (Not the family, but the estate).

Recently, if you've been watching the news you know that the Jackson family is trying to get the current executors (John Branca and John McClain), of Michael's estate to step down because they claim that the Last Will and Testament they have is a fake.  According to many family members the Will couldn't have been signed on the day that was on the document because Michael was in New York and the document states it was signed and dated in California.  Reverend Al Sharpton substantiates this story because Michael was with him at the time. (See video about this).  (CLICK HERE).

So is this Last Will and Testament legitimate, and do the Jackson's have a claim saying it's not?  I don't know but I am sure there will be a fight over it in the future to come.  As I've stated in many other blog entries, this story is not going away any time soon!

The one thing is for sure with the amount of money at stake here, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that greed could have been the strongest of motives for a whole bunch of people to conspire to kill Michael Jackson? Think about it, greed has been the motive for murder since the beginning of time. Was this catalog the reason?  Maybe it could be a part of it, but whatever happened it was all too obvious that whoever or whomever wanted him taken out, they obviously didn’t want him to make it to the London 02 Arena. They didn’t want him to do those concerts. The fact that he was supposed to leave for London on the very day he supposedly died would be a good indicator of that.  They obviously didn’t want him to get back on his feet again, to get his career back on track, to get out of the debt he was in without having to sale the Sony ATV Catalog.

There is a statement that people are worth more dead than alive, and unfortunately with Michael Jackson this may have been very true. One more thing, since his death the financial agreement he had with his former financial advisor, Dr. Tohme has been made public, where he gets a percentage of all of Michael’s profits whether Michael is dead or alive. Then there is the Michael Jackson Estate which has made unscrupulous deals with Sony music (yep, once again profiting off Michael) and the Pepsi corporation, which I think Michael would have never made any kind of deal with after being scarred for life during the infamous Pepsi commercial where he was burned badly.  His hair scalp never did recover.  Also, let's not forget how they dropped him from contract during the 1993' child molestation allegations. We all know so many who have profited off Michael Jackson since his supposed death because he isn't around to stop it, right?

So there you have it, you can make of this what you will, but I am starting to think I should rename this website "Michael Jackson, Foul Play or Not…" what do all of you think?
Michael Jackson at the Staple Center
during his rehearsal time for "This is It"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?(Part 2 of 3)

Jermaine Jackson and Latoya Jackson
outside the Los Angeles County Courthouse during the
Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaugher Case.
In the previous installment of this blog entry I ask you to view a video that was placed on that features Michael Jackson’s, sister Latoya Jackson making a public statement standing by her belief that her brother, Michael met with foul play and was murdered. Hopefully, most of you have taken the time to view this video, if not you still can by CLICKING HERE.  

As disturbing as it may be for some of us after hearing her claims and then implicating someone by name, it's something that I felt needed to be viewed. I have to admit the part where she points to various people in the audience saying and I quote, "They don't want you, you, you, or you, to know really bothered me a lot.  The truth is Latoya's right when she says that during the "Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial they were bent on us just looking at one hand and not the other.  I know I was one of those people who looked at the case in only one way, because at the time I just wanted someone to pay, and I wanted them to pay at that very moment.  I never once thought that there might be something more we needed to address or possibly someone else we needed to implicate in Michael Jackson's death; if he is in fact dead. 

Anyway, I have to admit that I stumbled upon this video while lying in bed viewing various video's in regards to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax on my Android Tablet.  I have to tell you after watching this video I had a pretty sleepless night.  I guess I really shouldn’t watch this kind of stuff before going to bed; it really messed with my head, let me tell you.

On this blog, and on other blogs I have done I have had the unpopular stance of defending AEG Live, which some of you could never understand because, after all many of you felt they were just as liable in this as was Conrad Murray. Well, after viewing this video I have to say that I now owe many of you an apology. I defended AEG Live, and I condemned Conrad Murray, like so many others, I wanted him to fry for killing Michael Jackson. There was nothing that man could have said that would have changed my mind at the time.  I just wanted JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL and I wanted it at that time so badly!  But, now that I have been investigating this, the tables have somewhat changed because I now can see AEG Live as being a big part in this conspiracy (yes, folks I believe this is a conspiracy filled with all kinds of smoke and mirrors), and just maybe Conrad Murray was being set up to be the convenient scapegoat in all of this, while the true culprit or culprit(s) washed their hands and walked away with huge smiles on their faces because they know they got away with murder.

I know due to some very harsh emails that I have received that once again I am taking a less then favorable stance here. Many of us see Conrad Murray as guilty and nothing but GUILTY, and the only one to be blamed here, because well there is that pretty red bow we all placed on him so that we could feel we got Justice for Michael, even if it was just the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter. I have never said that I liked Conrad Murray, and believe me when I tell you I will never ever say that he was 100% innocent in all of this, but…I am starting to come to the conclusion that Murray isn’t the whole picture we should be looking at in the death of Michael Jackson, (if he really is dead).  I'm kind of with Latoya in that we shouldn't just be focused on Murray and Murray alone.  If anything…far from it!

The conclusions I am making here does come down to what Latoya Jackson is claiming in her video.  Think about it, she's right when she says we were all looking at just the right hand (Murray) only, and not paying attention to what the left hand (the alledged conspirators) were doing and obviously getting away with.

So let's talk about the person she names who was in Michael's house the night before his death.  Now if you watched the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial this person (Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live), testified that he was at Michael's rehearsal's on June 23, and 24th, and he even claimed he walked Michael to his car and that this was the last time he saw him.

(Click Here to watch his testimony about this)

Now in the video Latoya stated that one of Michael's kids claimed that they let him into the house on the night of June 24th when their father was at rehearsal.

So what was he doing there when he claimed in his court testimony he was at Michael's rehearsal?  Who was he there to see if Michael wasn't home, and worse yet was he there plotting something with someone?  Now, I realized in the video Latoya does say she doesn't know what he was doing there and that she doesn't know if he did anything.  But, it's quite obvious that something isn't right here.  Some of you might be thinking that he might have been there to meet with Dr. Murray, but the problem with that is in the part of the surveillance tapes that did get saved it showed Dr. Murray arriving just a few minutes before Michael did. 

(CLICK HERE to watch surveillance tape that was presented in court)

I don't know the exact time that Randy Phillips showed up at this house, only one of Michael's kids can tell us this, but as we all know none of them were subpoenaed in the Conrad Murray Trial to testify.I have to admit that there were signs out there that maybe Phillips was involved in some way, but I brushed them aside as coincidence or hearsay at the time, but now I wonder just how deep AEG Live and him are truly involved in this. (Yes, I know this is ALL speculation here, and they may not be involved at all, but you have to admit the evidence isn't looking too good).

There is something else that weighs on my mind when someone else presented me with a video of Phillips arriving at the hospital the day Michael Jackson was brought in there on June 25, 2009, showing him walking into the building with Michael's former financial advisor, Dr. Tohme. It's been rumored out here that Randy Phillips at one time was married to Dr. Tohme’s sister, whether this is true remains to be seen since this information was shot down as irrelevant in the Conrad Murray Trial,  but with what we’re finding out about him and AEG Live in connection to this I have to now wonder.

(Click here to see testimony in regards to this, and see both of them walking together into the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, 2009).

If you've been following this case there is another piece that is starting to make sense also and that is the piece where Michael's former financial advisor created a deal with an equity loan firm (Colony Capital) to buy the forclosure note on Michael's Never land Ranch.  So if you have been following this you might be asking what does this have to do with Michael Jackson, right. Well their the ones who own half of Never land Ranch currently as I write this blog entry, and again you have Dr. Tohme in the mix for that one, and once again during Conrad Murray's trial anytime anything got anywhere near discussing Dr. Tohme it was stopped instantly as you noticed from the above video. I don't know about any of you but suddenly the pieces are starting to fit together, and to be honest it's starting to scare me.
(Click Here to watch video in regards to the Colony Capital Connection, if any?)

When I first saw the testimony of Randy Phillips during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial, I thought nothing of it. But, now that I have re-watched his testimony on knowing what Latoya has claimed about one of Michael’s children saying that Phillips visited the compound on the night Michael died, I have to wonder how much of this is true of what he testified to. I also have to wonder why Defense Lead Attorney, Ed Chernoff wasn’t allowed to ask any questions regarding the London 02 press conference. What would have been the harm in that?  What else did they not want us to know here?  Let's be honest some of us don't even believe that was in fact Michael Jackson talking at that 02 Arena Press conference to start with.

(Click Here to watch video in regards to this)

Plus, remember we also only have Randy Phillips word that Michael agreed to do more than 10 concerts at the 02 Arena, as he said under oath. I have never wavered in my belief that Dr. Tohme agreed to extend the concerts not Michael, so once again we have Phillips and Tohme connected together here.

So was Phillips lying when he said that Michael agreed to extend the "This Is It" concerts to 50 shows? Well, he apparently was lying under oath (if you ask me), when he said he remained at the final rehearsal that night, because why would one of Michael’s kids lie about seeing him instead at the Carol wood home.  So unless this is a Soap Opera or a hoax you can't be in two places at the same time.

So the billion dollar question I have is if Michael Jackson was in fact murdered was Randy Phillips and AEG Live involved in some way? Are we looking at a huge conspiracy where Conrad Murray was made the fall guy so everyone else could just walk away with their hands all clean? If this was the case, what did all of them have to gain by killing this amazingly talented, loving, and very gentle man?  Yes, I am highly speculating here, but hey…who can blame me.

In the next installment, I'm going to go into what the possible motives behind these supposed conspiracies were and still are. So stay tune, because this is getting even more complicated then I could have ever imagined.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Michael Jackson Death Hoax…or was it a Well Calculated MURDER?! (P. 1 of 3)

There I said it, you read the title correct and no I can’t believe it myself.  I recently stumbled upon a video of Latoya Jackson where she was speaking.  I'm not sure exactly where.  It looks like someone may have filmed it on their phone and downloaded it to  Anyway, over the years I didn’t always think that Michael's sister, Latoya Jackson was worth listening to, but this particular video made me stop and take notice.  Believe it or not, but I think everyone should be listening to what Latoya Jackson has to say now. Yes, I'll admit that since her book, ("Starting Over") came out that she has harped on about a conspiracy against her brother Michael, but this particular video was a bit different in that she implicates someone in it by name. The woman I once referred to be as intelligent as a bag of rocks, actually had something to say that had substance to it. So now I have to eat my words because Latoya actually makes a whole lot of sense in this video, especially when it came to the unfortunate death of her brother Michael.

We have explored many different avenues here at Death Hoax or Not, and one of the avenues we have explored, and I think it's one that many of us don’t want to even consider as being true is that Michael Jackson was MURDERED. Okay, I've said the word, and even I'm having a hard time thinking about that one.  Let’s face it out of all the possibilities this one is the most frightening.  Think about this for a moment.  To think that someone would maliciously set out to kill Michael Jackson. To set up a very calculated murder of someone that I considered to be nothing but loving, caring, and let's not forget someone's son, brother, and father. 

Unfortunately, I am starting to come to the conclusion that although, there are still arguments to support the Death Hoax, this one is becoming more and more a possibility. When I set out to tackle the Death Hoax in this blog, I never knew what a Pandora’s Box I was about to open up. Yes, Michael's supposed death was over three years ago, but it is still very fresh in my mind as I'm sure it is in many of yours. How writing this blog could come back to bite me in such a way, that I am now losing sleep over it thinking that our beloved Michael might actually have been murdered in an elaborate cover up, which in turn made Dr. Conrad Murray the fall guy to take the blame for the crime, while the real person or persons are walking around foot loose and fancy free thinking they got away with it, is heart wrenching to say the least.

If you've been reading this blog then you know that I've been doing a series of videos over on YouTube called "Trial of Contradictions". Anyway, in "Trial of Contradictions", I have gone into some of the very odd testimony of some of Michael’s household staff, especially his security team. I have also discussed some of this testimony out here on this blog as some of you know if you've been reading my blog. What I have concluded from this testimony is that there is definitely a cover up of some kind going on, and I know some of us want to believe it’s a Death Hoax, and that their just covering for Michael.

Anyway, getting back to Latoya, she has been very verbal in the fact that she believes that Michael was murdered. She has said this time and time again in numerous interviews, where she goes into Michael’s death and who she suspects could behind it. To be honest if Latoya is right I am starting to worry about her. She is putting herself out there in a way that could make her the next target. As I stated there is a video that I recently saw of Latoya, along with some pertinent clips to back what she’s saying that really disturbed me. I want you to go watch this video for yourself, and think carefully about what you are watching. Talk about it amongst your friends who are into the Death Hoax, be it in person, on Twitter, Face book, or in Forums.  Right now this video only has had a little over 500 hits, but I want it to have thousands of hits.  I want Michael Jackson fans young and old throughout the world to take notice of this video. I want it to stir you up because it definitely tells us that we have yet to get JUSTICE for MICHAEL!

(CLICK HERE to watch video)

In Part 2, I will go more into the video's content and why it's so scary to think that Michael Jackson might have been murder and how it appears that people at the top are just sweeping it under the rug. So stay tune.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Could You Forgive the Person Who Killed Your Loved One?

The Jackson brother’s recently made a guest appearance on the highly rated daytime talk show "The View", right around the third anniversary of their brother, Michael's death. During this appearance, a few of the Jackson brothers stated that, although they would never forget what happened to Michael that they felt they could forgive Conrad Murray.  Of course, I got the feeling from a few that they couldn't forgive him, although they seemed to be wavering on this.

Now what is wrong with this picture? First of all, is this the same family who were upset with the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter, and didn’t believe it was enough, and who could blame them after all Michael is dead isn’t he? So if that’s the case then I'm sure they didn't want to hear that the person responsible for their brother's death was being charged with a lesser charge that someone can be given when responsible for the death of another, besides accidental death, only to discover the most this person could be given is four years in jail, if even that. This isn’t what anyone wants to hear if you believe your loved one was possibly murdered as they claimed at the time.

Yet, there was the Jackson’s basically forgiving Conrad Murray, when Murray had claimed throughout this trial that he didn't do anything wrong. Now, I know that we are taught to always forgive our enemies, to let go of our anger, right? But come on, a person is dead here, aren’t they? If this is truly the case would you be so forgiving if this was your family member? I don’t know if I could be, especially if the person is getting away with what could only be described as a slap on the wrist for causing the death of my loved one.

So, what do I get from this whole kindly turn the other cheek from the Jackson family? Well, first of all you guessed it, is this in fact a death hoax and they know Michael is still alive, and that Michael wouldn’t want Murray to suffer anymore then he needs to for any involvement he might have played in any of this. The other thing, and it's been said by other Jackson family members in interviews that they suspect, as I do that Murray isn’t the only one involved in the death of Michael Jackson, if he truly is in fact involved. Latoya Jackson suspects that Murray could just be a very convenient fallguy who was set up to take the fall for Michael’s death.

So these theories could make sense as to why the Jackson family is willing to forgive and forget the part that Conrad Murray played in Michael Jackson’s apparent death. To be honest, if it were me I might have eventually got to the point where I could have forgiven, although I have to admit it would be extremely hard. So, why can some of the members of the Jackson family just be so willing to move on when they admit out loud that they feel others were involved?  Yes, I realize holding a grudge is not going to bring Michael back, but still think about this, there are three kids who don't have their father right now and have to live with the fact of how he obviously died, or did he?

Another interesting thing to note here is that even Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson even believes that Murray if he in fact did kill Michael didn't act alone.  She stated this during her interview on CNN television network on the show, "Pier Morgan".

(Click Below video I created which shows clips of
what was said by some members of the Jackson Family)
So, I ask again could you forgive someone who could have done this to your loved one.  Better yet, as of today have any of you forgiven Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Michael in Wonderland, or Is This Just Another Bizarre Coincidence?

Michael Jackson from his "Moonwalker Movie"
In a lot of my research of the Death Hoax there has been a reference to a white rabbit. Not only that, but one actually appeared in the courtroom during Conrad Murray’s arraignment, in the form of a small stuff animal. This of course made many think about Michael Jackson’s movie "Moon Walker", where he disguised himself as a rabbit in order to evade a hoard of fans, but was there another clue being given here? Think about this…

There are some who believe there is a connection to Walt Disney’s animated film version of Lewis Carroll’s, "Alice in Wonderland". In the film there is the scene where Alice follows the white rabbit, who is saying he is late while looking at his pocket watch. The odd thing here is if you study the scene carefully the watch says 12:25 p.m. What’s bizarre about this is according to the paramedics who arrived at the Carolwood house on the day Michael supposedly died, they arrived on the scene at 12:25 p.m. and made it up the stairs at 12:26pm.

Is this just another one of the many coincidences that seems to follow this whole situation around? Maybe, but you have to admit this is rather odd.

So would Michael have known about this scene? Well, we know that Michael Jackson was a film buff, so he could have watched this movie, maybe even caught this in that scene. Knowing Michael he could have made a mental note of it. Remember, this isn’t the only reference that was made to this movie or Lewis Carroll’s book since Michael’s suppose death. Michael as all of us know was in Las Vegas after returning to the United States in 2006', where he actually was considering the purchase of a beautiful estate there, and the eerie thing here is he was going to call this estate, if you guessed, "Wonderland", you'd be right!

So is this a sign that Michael may have staged his own death and is giving his fans clues that he is in fact still alive and is just alerting them to this by giving them undercurrent signs? Well, it’s a possibility that this maybe the case, however, it's also possible that once again it's cloudy outside, although I do find this rather strange to say the least.  Think about it, to get the time on the rabbits watch exactly to the time the paramedics arrived on the scene is highly uncanny.  I'm sure you can all agree with that, right?