Sunday, June 24, 2012

Michael Jackson's 3rd Anniversary of his Death…Are We Any Closer to Knowing What Truly Happened to Him?

As many of you know June 25, 2012', marks the 3rd Anniversary of Michael Jackson's supposed death, and as I started to write this blog entry I started to ponder if we are any closer to knowing what truly happened to this incredible person who had touched the lives of so many people.  Yes, I know the doctor who gave him the drug Propofol was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but as I've written in previous blogs do we still have all of the blanks filled in. I would say NO!!!!  If we did there wouldn't still be a lot of questions, right?  There wouldn't be so many people discussing evidence that points to a death hoax, foul play, or kidnapping, now would there?  If everything made sense in all of this I believe we'd all be done and accept whatever the answers would be.  I don't know about all of you, but I have yet to hear answers that make full sense to me, have you?

Many of you know that since Michael Jackson's death a lot of things have been speculated, and I have to admit that yours truly has been one of those speculators.  Anyway, I'm sure many of you know that the speculations that have been talked about have been Death Hoax, Foul Play, or Kidnapping, right?  These three items have not gone away even though it has been 3 years. Some people have told me that I am in denial and that I just need to accept that this man is dead...end of story. I generally respond back by asking them a question that I still don't have an answer to like:  Question:  Why was the court verdict read with Alleged date and Alleged victim in it?  (They generally don't know how to answer me back.  Some say all verdicts say this, but yet they can't show me one that does.  I'm still waiting).  Another question I always throw at them is:  Question:  If the Conrad Murray trial was a legal proceeding why don't they have the victims name correct?  Why do they keep referring to him as Michael Joseph Jackson, when his legal name is Michael Joe Jackson? (I still haven't got an answer on that one back either). These are just a few questions I throw at them, but the sad thing here is I still have so many more unanswered questions that I am still waiting for answers to.

I recently had someone ask me why solving this was so important to me, and why did I think it was just as important to so many others who continued to come out here to the Internet to research, share information, and to just know that they are not alone in their quest to finding out the real truth.  I thought about this for awhile and, although I can't answer for all of you, I think the reason I continue on this path is because of whom Michael Jackson was (or if he's still alive…is), and that was or is a person who was not just an amazing entertainer, composer, dancer, but because of the great humanitarian he was, and how he cared so much about the human condition in the world, especially where children were concerned.  Yes, the news media wanted to make it out to be something sick and twisted, but people who care so deeply the way Michael Jackson did are rare to say the least.  I mean, think about this, here was a guy who was highly in debt, but yet a big chunk of the money he was going to make from his "This Is It" concerts was going to go to building a children's hospital from what I found out.  My understanding of this hospital was that he wanted it to be a place where children could forget about being sick.  He wanted a movie theatre and a playground/amusement park built in the hospital.  It's a shame this hospital never became a reality, even though this is what Michael wanted.

So now that we have arrived at the 3rd Anniversary of this man's supposed death I'm sure some of you might be wondering where we all should go from here.  Well, as I stated in my last blog entry, I don't plan on stopping my research or this blog any time soon.  How can I?  Plus, I know we haven't heard the end of this.  I know there is a lawsuit pending with the Jackson estate against Dr. Tohme Tohme and the financial agreement that he said he had with Michael, where he said he is owed a certain percentage of the Michael Jackson estate earnings.  It should be interesting to see how this plays out.  Also, it will be interesting to see if Conrad Murray gets his Appeal granted, (I know some of you are probably screaming NOOOO WAYYYY)!!!!  But, it is a possibility that it will be granted just based on the fingerprint evidence that I spoke about in my last blog entry. 

Then as I stated in another blog entry even if we did all walk away from this, I can tell you that this story isn't going to go away.  The Jackson family hasn't gone away, now have they, right? 

Although, we have reached the 3rd Anniversary of Michael's supposed death, I think we shouldn't stop what we are all doing in trying to find out the truth here, because I believe we are just at the crossroads right now, and I just know around the corner if we continue to plug away will be the answers we all seek.   So with all of this in mind I personally plan to continue on.

I hope you'll also continue on as well, and come back to this blog because I plan to always try to keep you up to date on anything, and all that I come across in regards to this very important subject.  Let's just remember until we fully and truthfully get JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL I don't feel we should stop at anything, do you?  Let's do this for Michael, because I'm sure he would do it for all of us!!!!

So stay tune…I am sure a lot more is still to come in the future in regards to all of this.

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