Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax or Not - 1st Anniversary of Blog!

That's right everyone it's been one year since I began my journey into whether Michael Jackson staged his death or not. Of course, back when I first started this blog I had begun it on Word Press but had some problems using it so I moved over to Blogger.  I have to be honest I wasn't sure I could keep this blog going for a whole year, or if there would be enough subjects or visitor interest in it to take us up to one year. I mean, after all when I began this my intent was to stop this death hoax rumor once and for all, but never did I think I would be converted to discovering that something wasn't right in all of this and that I would be changing my mind in regards to this subject.  So here I am one year later and the information and subjects keep rolling in. As I stated in a previous blog entry I don't really see this subject going away anytime soon. 

I would like at this moment to go into a little bit as to how this blog got started. Like many of you I saw the death hoax out on the Internet and at first I thought here we go, its Elvis Presley all over again. So I let it go and thought this would die down eventually after two years from Michael's death, but then I saw it wasn't going away. If anything it was getting bigger, and there were those who were out here on the Internet keeping this going and feeling quite strongly about it. So I thought to myself, maybe I should start a blog, one that could investigate this death hoax, and maybe put an end to the death hoax once and for all. That's right I said it I was out to put an end to the death hoax because I was 99.9% sure he was dead, and I thought having gone through personal loss myself that I could help many come to terms with the fact that Michael Jackson was indeed dead. After all, I knew the five stages of grief as being denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. I felt like so many individuals were stuck in the denial stage and was far from reaching acceptance, so I felt the need to help them make it there if I could.

However, because of my busy work schedule I needed help with this blog to get the initial articles done. So I approached my sister who was working currently online as a writer and asked her for help. Her first reaction was to turn me down flat telling me I was crazy for wanting to go into this, as far as she was concerned Michael was dead no reason for discussion. After a heated argument I finally got her to see what I intended to do as far as squashing this death hoax rumor and in the end got her to agree to help me write this blog.

Well, we started out on our quest to prove that the death hoax was just that a death hoax with no substance, but guess what as many of you know if you've been reading this blog we discovered that the more we delved into this subject the more we found that we were becoming death hoax believers. Are we believers in the fact that he staged his death? Well maybe, although I wouldn't go that far but we are firm believers in the fact that there is a cover up of some kind going on here. It's the only way to explain some of the holes that have popped up in what we have researched, and why I believe a large portion of Michael Jackson fans can't let this go.   You know if you don't get the answers you are seeking, you won't believe it.  The proof is generally in the pudding as they say!

So as many of you know my percentages have changed and I now do believe somewhat in the death hoax, but I also think that one of the other possibilities that have been brought to the forefront by other Jackson fans, such as Michael may have been kidnapped or he met with foul play should also still be considered.

So, on this 1st anniversary of the Death Hoax or Not blog I would like to thank all of you who have visited this site with an open mind. We may not have always agreed and we may not have gotten the answers yet that we've been looking for in the past year, but at least we have determined, or at least most of us, that there is a cover up going on here, and I don't know about any of you but I will not stop searching for the truth even if it takes me another year of writing this blog.

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