Friday, June 8, 2012

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax - Does Joe Jackson Fit Into All of This?

Joe Jackson             Conrad Murray
When Michael Jackson was first announced as dead and I had a chance to view Michael's father, Joe Jackson and how he was acting, as if he lost a musical icon instead of a son, my first reaction was to wonder where he fit in all of this. I know this is probably an awful thing to wonder about I will admit, after all, we are talking about Michael's father here. Yes, the father who believed he made Michael Jackson into the amazing artist that he was, and in the end was apparently cut out of Michael's Last Will and Testament. However, over time I abandoned these feelings because someone else seemed more obvious to be the one who was at the heart of what happened to Michael.

Recently, though I received a video that made me start to wonder if maybe somewhere Joe Jackson is really involved in some way with whatever happened on June 25th 2009. Watch the video below for yourself and tell me what you think.  When I found this piece of film I have to admit it somewhat blew me away.

All right, so Joe Jackson was mentioned especially by Michael's dermotologist, Arnold Kline in an interview with TMZ. Now I know many of us, myself included don't probably think that Arnold Kline is a reliable source, not after all the stuff he has done and said to get his fifteen minutes against Michael, right? But, it's my personal opinion when a person is talking in a nonchalant manner, where their just saying something in passing, that they usually are telling you something that is true, or what they believe to be true. So my question is does Joe Jackson know Conrad Murray? Think about that for a moment. Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas and so did Conrad Murray. Do you think that maybe it's possible that he's the one who introduced Murray to Michael? Now I'm sure most of you have heard the story that one of Michael's bodyguards introduced Michael to Murray, but that still may not eliminate the fact that Joe might still know Murray. Now I realize just because they lived in the same city and state that it doesn't necessarily mean they actually knew each other. I mean, after all, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I never ran into Michael here when it was reported he was hiding out in my very exact city and state in an RV in 2008'. I only wished I had met him then.

But, once again if you really think about it, this is quite a coincidence that all three of these men (Michael, Joe, and Conrad Murray),were in Las Vegas at one time in the year 2008'. There sure is a whole lot that seems to go back to that year doesn't it?  Michael even met Dr. Tohme Tohme in the summer of 2008' from his brother Jermaine.  Obviously, Jermaine must have been in Las Vegas around this time as well.

Now I have mentioned Sharon Sidney many times on this blog. The devoted Michael Jackson fan that would stand outside the gates of his L.A. Carol wood home, and actually had more than one opportunity to meet Michael. Her page even shows a picture of her with Michael. Well, there was always something that seem odd to me where Ms. Sidney was concerned. It was reported by Sidney herself that on the day Michael Jackson's home was visited by the ambulance and fire truck on June 25, 2009' that she called Joe Jackson to inform him that something was wrong. I always found this rather strange, because why would this woman call Joe of all people, why would she even think to call him?  I mean, how many of us have Joe Jackson's phone number, anyway? Did Michael put her up to it believing he could trust her? I have to ask this question because it has also been established not just by Ms. Sidney but Joe Jackson who stated that he got a call from a fan informing him of what was happening, and now we have somewhat of a connection between Joe Jackson and Conrad Murray. So, what does all of this mean? Where really does Joe Jackson fit in all of this, if he even does?  You'll have to decide if there is a basis for what I am bringing up or not.

Once again, just something more to think about here…

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