Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michael Jackson: The Day before His Supposed Death (June 24, 2009)

I wanted to write a blog entry about June 24, 2009, which was the day before Michael Jackson's supposed death because I have found out a lot of interesting things about this day. Like for instance, this was the last rehearsal for Michael to do here in the United States.  My understanding since this was Thursday, that all of the concert sets were being packed up and shipped out the next day, (June 25, 2009) on boats headed for London.  I also understand that Michael was packing up the home he was renting at Carolwood and his kids to head out that weekend for London.  I find this rather strange that he made it to his last rehearsal here in the United States, but he never made it to his London dress rehearsals which I understand were set for the following week before his concerts were to open at the O2 Arena. I found out all of this information on the "This Is It" Documentary DVD in the Special Features area that was added to this disc.

It was interesting hearing Michael's choreographer, Travis Payne make comments in this special feature talking about how close they were to making the "This Is It" concerts a reality.  He went on to say that he wished that Michael would have done at least one of those concerts.  He said he just knew that if Michael would have done one concert he would have been okay.  He said he knew Michael was under a lot of pressure, but he just knew that if he could have done one concert and felt the reaction of the fans once again he just knew everything would have been fine.  I guess when you're a perfectionist like Michael was you probably worry about even the smallest of detail.

It was eerie to hear Randy Phillips of AEG who were promoting the concerts say that on the night of June 24, 2009, Michael was in good spirits and had high energy that gave him goose bumps to listen to him.  This was also the first night Michael practiced singing the song, "This Is It", and I understand many in the room were speechless.  Randy Phillips went on to say that he walked Michael Jackson out to his car where Michael hugged him and thanked him for getting him that far and that he could take it from there.  Randy Phillip then went on to say that was the last time he saw Michael Jackson alive.  It's eerie when you hear someone say that because it makes you think of all your loved ones.  I mean, think about it we all go about our lives everyday thinking that the people that we love and care for will always be there, even though we know how precious and fragile life truly is.  It's just something that most of us take for granted.

Pictured:  Randy Phillips, Michael Jackson, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
When I think of Michael Jackson in regards to how he was treated in life I can understand why he might have faked his own death.  But, did he?  That is still the million dollar question as I sit here and write this that I don't have an answer for even after 3 years. 

I now want to share something with you, which will probably sound kind of silly but I did this anyway.  I stayed up till 1:00 a.m., June 25, 2012 because I heard that this was the reported time 3 years earlier that he had arrived home from that last rehearsal.  I laid in my bed pretending I had a time machine and I made it 3 years earlier and I imagined running up to Michael and saying:
"Don't go in that house!  You'll never come out alive!  Come with me and I'll protect you from what I know is going to happen to you!  I won't let it!  Trust me!" 
From the movie, "The Time Machine"
by: H.G. Wells.
I know this sounds pretty silly that I was thinking this but it continued throughout the next day from the 10:50 a.m. time which was stated as the time Conrad Murray gave him Propofol to the 12:00 noon time when Murray said he had found Michael not breathing.  I even thought about the 9-1-1 call being made at 12:21 p.m., to the paramedics showing up at 12:26 p.m., and, of course I thought about the Press conference Jermaine gave to tell all of us that Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m.  I even watched it on Youtube.com at that time.  It was a strange day for me looking at the clock and thinking about all of this, but if the truth be known I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was thinking about all of this, now was I?

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