Saturday, June 30, 2012

Michael Jackson and Actress, Lindsay Lohan Connection? (Okay, Hold the Presses)!

I'm sure there are some of you out there who are saying what connection could Michael Jackson possibly have to this train wreck of an actress, Lindsay Lohan? While others may want to be cynical and say well we know the connection, they both abused drugs. No, no, no, I am not going there on either level. This isn’t about bashing either of these individuals whom obviously have had or had their own problems to deal with. This is believe it or not something that could be connected to the Death Hoax. Now some of you are probably going−wait Lindsay Lohan is connected to the Death Hoax, how did that happen?

Well, it would seem that Lindsay Lohan has actually been seen with Michael’s former bodyguard, and star witness in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial, Alberto Alvarez. Lohan has actually been photographed with Alvarez at LAX airport back in April of 2011' and it's now been reported that the former Michael Jackson bodyguard is working for Lohan.

Security Guard, Alberto Alvarez, and Actress Lindsay Lohan
All right, so what does any of that have to do with the Death Hoax? So what if Alberto Alvarez is seen with Lindsay Lohan, what does any of this have to do with our beloved Michael?  So the man used to work for him, big deal, after all he is a bodyguard and she probably needs one or more of them, right?  Then some of you might be thinking we didn’t even know who Alberto Alvarez was until he showed up in court, so what does any of this matter?

I would have to agree with all of you if this were the only apparent connection. As some of you might have heard, actress Lindsey Lohan is working on the Lifetime television film "Liz and Dick", which is based on the relationship between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Now as most of us know Taylor was Michael’s dearest and closest friend for years. Okay, so this is just another coincidence, and some of you might be thinking "could we all move on now?" All right, but this doesn’t seem to be the only project Lohan is involved in that may lead back to Michael, if you can believe that. In fact, this next one might blow your mind. It would seem as reported at TMZ news, (that’s right TMZ again.  I know it seems funny how they keep popping up here in relation to the death hoax).  Anyway, Lohan it would appear is also in negotiations to do another film called, "Escaping the Game", which is a movie that has a strange premise to what we are discussing out here on this blog, believe it or not. It would seem that this is a film about celebrities staging their deaths so they could escape their lives, then in turn move to a secluded island. That’s right; Lohan could be doing a movie about celebrities staging their deaths, how odd is that? So now you can see why it's odd that she is now linked to Michael Jackson's former bodyguard.  The other strange thing in all of this is Alberto Alvarez sat in court and told the jury during the Conrad Murray trial that he was having a hard time obtaining work since Michael Jackson's death and how difficult the whole thing had been on him financially, and yet TMZ was reporting that he was working for Lohan Pro Bono (which means for FREE).  What gives with this? 

Now I found out something even more interesting about this movie and that is it is being directed by:  Brett Ratner, and if you've been following Michael Jackson's life then you would know that Jackson has been friends with Ratner for many years.  (See photo below of them together).

Seated at the table: Brett Ratner and Michael Jackson
Michael even had a featured piece in one of his "Private Home Movies" with Ratner.  (Click below video to watch)

One last interesting thing about this film is that the cost for making it is the same cost of what was charged in the filming of the "This is It" rehearsal filming.  That's right, if you guessed $30 million dollars, you are correct!  This makes me wonder hypothetically if the same $30 million dollars that was being used for filming the "This is It" rehearsals is still being used to make this film.  (Yes, I know I'm speculating here, but you have to admit this is pretty bizarre that the amount is the same).

If you would like to check out this movie more thoroughly click URL below which will take you to the official website, or see below Synopsis of film.

Escaping the Game Official Site:
Escaping the Game (2012) = Synopsis
PG_13 Adventure
Not yet released

For those who have too much, want too much, this world is a playground, where their fantasy becomes a reality. A world very few of us know; the celebrity lifestyle. What happens when a young star in Hollywood is offered a way out of stardom? This is a tale of a famous young star that cannot handle the pressure of everyday celebrity life. He cannot continue to live a controlled life and a victim of what most seem to be a dream. Like "Bourne Ultimatum" meets "Eagle Eye" our hero tries to escape from the watchful eye of the public and learns that there is a way out by
hiring an underground secret company that has been faking the deaths of our most cherished lost celebrities for years... Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, TuPac, Notorious BIG, Princess Diana and many more who live on this lost Celebrity Island in the Pacific. We see how these celebrities are living today... Written by Nathan Folks

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