Monday, June 18, 2012

Is Paris Jackson Giving Us a Clue as to whether her Father is Still Alive?

Recently, on June 11, 2012, Paris Jackson, now 14 years old, and the only daughter of Michael Jackson gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey for her network: "OWN", to talk about her life today and about her future acting plans.  She discussed her current movie project: "London's Bridge and the Three Keys".  During this interview she told Ms. Winfrey that she loved acting because it allowed her to basically be someone else.  (I thought that was interesting).

But what was more interesting was that during this interview she gave Ms. Winfrey a small piece of her film rehearsal.  Now, why am I calling this interesting, well it was just a very small film clip and Paris only had one line, and the line was and I quote:  "Why can't you just believe?"  I realize it is just one small little statement, but it's what she is saying that makes a person pause.  Think about it, she could have said anything in this film rehearsal.  She could have chosen to show Ms. Winfrey just about anything, but she chooses herself saying the line: "Why can't you just believe?"

To the group of fans who call themselves the believers I am sure this statement got their attention.  I know it got mine. 

(CLICK BELOW to Watch Video of her Film Rehearsal)

So, is Paris Jackson trying to tell us this in her own subtle, cryptic way so that her father's fans will know that he is still alive.  I can't really be sure here, but this was awfully strange to me.  Some might say that I'm looking for things that aren't there, but seriously of all the lines she could have said and showed Ms. Winfrey, why do you think she chose what she did?

Just something more to think about here…

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