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Did Michael Jackson's Brother Jermaine Help Him to Get Away From Dr. Tohme Tohme?

Yes, we're back to the possibility that Michael Jackson staged his own death, and that he could have gotten help in doing so. Please bear in mind that we're heading back into this because, well there are a whole lot of unanswered questions, a whole lot of holes in the different stories we have heard about what actually happened on June 25, 2009 to Michael Jackson. Which is odd in itself; why are there so many different stories emerging about this?

Anyway, onto the subject of this blog entry, if Michael Jackson did staged his own death, I believe it might have been motivated to protect himself and those he loved (his family), from say Dr. Tohme Tohme or someone else that we might not even know about.  Many in the news media thought that Michael was highly paranoid when it came to someone being out to get him.  His past security guards even stated that he had a tendency to walk the grounds lat at night as a security precaution.
Dr. Tohme Tohme, who was at one time
Michael Jackson's financial advisor before he was
dismissed in May of 2009' by Jackson.
Even his friend, Dick Gregory alluded to this during Michael Jackson's 2005' child molestation case. (CLICK HERE). So one would have to wonder if some of the Jackson family helped him in disappearing because Michael might have felt this person or persons was getting just too close.  In thinking about this I have to really wonder if Michael's brother Jermaine definitely might have played a part in helping Michael to get away. We have gone into his Freudian slip during an interview where he said airport instead of hospital several times before out here on this blog site. (CLICK HERE if you didn't see this statement).

Jermaine Jackson
Now I want to go into yet another interview that Jermaine gave after Michael's apparent death that seemed as odd to me as Singer, Donny Osmond suddenly telling the public that Michael had called him while he was hiding out in an RV in Phoenix, Arizona. Anyway, in this interview Jermaine goes into the 2005' Child Molestation Trial and what a strain it was on Michael. He told the interviewer quite candidly that if Michael had been found guilty he and the rest of the Jackson's were prepared to whisk Michael away to some undisclosed location so that he wouldn't have to serve time for a crime he didn't commit.

(Click Video Below to watch his statement about this).

Now for some of us this may seem unethical and as the interviewer told Jermaine, the Jackson's themselves would have been committing a crime if this had actually happened. But as Jermaine said he stood firm on Michael's innocence and he wasn't about to let him go to jail for something he didn't do even if it meant breaking the law. Whether we agree with this or not a few things stand out here, first of all the Jackson's were willing to go to great lengths to protect Michael back in 2005'. Second, if they were willing to go to such lengths under those conditions, then why wouldn't they be willing to do so now when it might be a matter of life and death?  The other question I have in regards to all of this is why bring this up after Michael's supposed death, except to maybe tell the public just how far the Jackson's were and are willing to go to protect Michael.  What do you think?

Many of us know that Jermaine played a part in Dr. Tohme being in Michael's life by introducing him to his brother, which is all the more reason for Jermaine to want to help Michael if his brother felt threatened by the man, don't you think? I mean, I can't imagine that Michael didn't talk to Jermaine about Dr. Tohme and his concerns, especially since he voiced them to his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin. If Michael had told Jermaine don't you think that he might have felt responsible for the fact that Michael now felt trapped and wanted to help him get out from under this man's control?  I know it was reported that Dr. Tohme was keeping Michael away from his family and many of his associates, but there were times that Michael must of  managed to get away from him since he was able to see his spiritual advisor, plus there were reports that he visited his dermatologist a lot during this time.  Who says that Michael might not have found a way to communicate with his brother Jermaine in regards to Dr. Tohme throughout all of this? 
Another thing that always seemed odd to me, (yeah among a whole lot of stuff apparently) why was Dr. Tohme at the hospital the day that Michael supposedly died, and why was he more or less the spokesperson for the family? At first I didn't know who he was, I thought he was just a family friend or a hospital spokesperson. Then I found out he was anything but a friend or hospital spokesperson. In fact this was a man that Michael had fired from his employ just a little over one month before his apparent death. Now, maybe his family didn't know this, but odds are Michael's mother Katherine did since she stated to Pierce Morgan on his CNN talk show that she had been around him during this time. Odds are that Jermaine might have very well been around also. So why was Dr. Tohme at the hospital and not thrown out? Why was he allowed to speak and act like someone so close to Michael? Is it possible that it was all for show, to make Dr. Tohme believe none of the Jackson's were on to him, to play nice and put on a pretense, all so the man wouldn't be onto the truth that Michael Jackson had faked his death to get away from him, and to try to break free from the financial agreement that I'm sure Dr. Tohme was hanging over him even after Michael dismissed him from his employ.  I'm not really sure I should be writing this here on what I suspect because you never know who might be reading this.  But, with that in mind, just remember this is all speculation on my part.
If you really think about this I'm sure you can see how this all could have happened.  But, let's just think about one more thing here, although the Jackson family seemed to have a strange relationship with each other, and the three bodyguards who spoke on "Good Morning America" claimed that Michael's family needed an appointment to see him, the one thing I have learned about this family is that when the chips are down they generally come together to defend each other.  We saw that in Michael's 2005' Child Molestation Trial. So no matter what ever went down in this family I think they knew exactly when to defend each other, and I think this is a time that they could have very well done just that. 
Just some more things to think about here…

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