Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Meet With Foul Play? (Part 3 of 3)

In Part 2, I went into how someone could have had motive to take Michael Jackson out, and how they could have gone about doing it. Now I want to talk about some of the odd circumstances that have occurred after Michael's supposed death. And, no I am not referring to the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial (which I know was odd, no doubt about it). 

What I want to talk about is the odd deaths of those who knew Michael but ended up dead within 8 months of Jackson's supposed death. One was a supposed drug overdose and had at one time been a staff member of dermatologist, Dr Arnold Kline, who was Michael Jackson's dermatologist.  His name was Bruce Ayers and he apparently was found dead on a sidewalk in California on December 18, 2009. Then there were two very odd suicides with one of them being a close friend and business associate of Michael's, attorney Peter Lopez.  The other person was basically a sworn enemy, and his apparent reported suicide happened just a little over four months after Michael's death and that person was Evan Chandler, whom we all know as the father who made child molestation allegations against Michael back in 1993'.  My understanding is he apparently took a gun to his head and committed suicide. Sorry, but I refuse to believe what some said that Evan was terminally sick and this was why he ended things.  Excuse me but my understanding is that the man was sick for almost 20 years, but shortly after Michael's apparent death he ends it all, the timing seems rather strange to say the least.  He committed suicide in early Novemer 2009'.
Evan Chandler

Let's go back to attorney Peter Lopez, who had worked for Michael for several years, they not only had a good professional relationship but a close friendship as well. In fact, Peter Lopez was in Michael's life during the time that Michael was under the control, and I mean that literally, of his financial advisor, Dr. Tohme Tohme. Peter Lopez supposedly committed suicide in February 2010'.

Peter Lopez

Now there were rumors that Michael had dismissed Lopez, but there are those who believe that if anyone dismissed Lopez it was probably Dr. Tohme Tohme and not Michael. Anyway, guess what?  Just a little over  three months after Evan Chandler shot himself in the head, Peter Lopez did the same thing by taking a gun and shooting himself in the head. Like I stated above, all of these death happened within 8 months of Michael's death, coincidence?

So what does this have to do with whether Michael Jackson met with foul play? Well, you have to admit that it seems very odd that three people all connected to Michael were dead within 8 months of Jackson's supposed death. Was one a drug overdose, and two of them suicides, or did they too meet with a form of foul play like Michael Jackson might have? Given the odd circumstances I must say this has given me reason to pause and wonder.
Just some more things to think about here…

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