Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Meet With Foul Play? (Part 1 of 3)

We have gone into the possibility that Michael could have been kidnapped, could have staged his own death, and now it's time for the other possibility that I'm sure many of us don't want to even consider, but I feel we must, and that is that Michael Jackson might have met with foul play and was murdered. I don't feel we can ignore this since I'm sure many of you will agree that there is some kind of cover up going on when you consider all of the coincidences and strange occurrences that had taken place before and after Michael's supposed death. So foul play is another huge possibility because if Michael Jackson is indeed dead then odds are someone killed him, and I don't mean Conrad Murray.

We have delved into a lot of things on this blog that don't fit. In fact, I could write volumes on what had to be the stupidest court trial, and I'm referring to the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial, I have ever seen on TV. For the record, I am someone who watched soap operas for years, and those trials actually made more sense then the Conrad Murray Trial, so what does this tell us? The one thing that trial proved to me was there was a lot of covering up going on.  (CLICK HERE "Trial of Contradiction" Part 1)

Attorney, Michael Flanagan & Conrad Murray during his trial.
As much as I wanted Conrad Murray to fry for what I believed he had done to Michael Jackson, I now have come to realize there's got to be more to this than just involuntary manslaughter.  I'm now not surprised that the defense filed an Appeal to this case.  As much as some of you might not want to hear this, I truly believe that the Appeal will be granted based on so much contradictory testimony and the fouled up evidence recovery by the forensic personnel.  I know that some of you probably don't like me predicting that this will happen, but I have watched this trial many times on YouTube and I have tried to keep an open mind where the defense is concerned, which was something I didn't do in the beginning because I just wanted someone to pay for Michael Jackson's death and the doctor seemed like the likely suspect, but is he really?  Yes, I might consider that he might be a fall guy to all of this, but I don't think that if he is involved that he acted alone.

Jane Velez Mitchell
Some people have told me that I'm seeing conspiracies where there is none.  I personally don't agree with them.  I know Michael had his enemies, nobody can tell me he didn't. There is no denying from previous blog entries that there are those that had motive to want to take Michael Jackson out. Michael even had told some people in his inner circle that he feared for his life. Activist, Dick Gregory in an appearance on the television news show, "Jane Velez Mitchell, where he mentioned how Michael even feared for his life back in 2005' during the Child Molestation Trial, and that Jackson told him that he didn't even trust his household staff.  Some thought this was the ramblings of a paranoid drug addict.  But was it? At that time Michael was refusing to eat or drink according to Gregory because he feared someone was trying to poison him.
Dick Gregory
In the years that followed the 2005' trial Michael did other things that maybe were tall tale signs that he could have feared for his life, and that of his children.  He constantly traveled as if he didn't want to remain in one place for too long. Security guards working for Michael at around this time would talk about him patrolling the grounds late at night because he feared someone would get on the grounds. When he considered buying the beautiful estate in Las Vegas, which he planned to call "Wonderland", he said the only thing he didn't like about it was the lack of security and privacy. But does all of this mean someone was going to take Michael Jackson out, and if someone did, what would be their motive?

Well, one motive for murder and one that's been around since the dawn of time is greed. Michael had things in his possession that others would have wanted, such as the Sony ATV catalog, which was estimated in value at 1 to 3 billion dollars. There are other motives, such as jealousy or anger towards the fact that Michael was no longer under their control. Let's face it; there were those who saw Michael as their possession, or meal ticket, who might not have liked him wanting to be free to be his own person. Also, they may have feared Michael getting free from them legally and wanted to make sure he didn't. Think about this Michael went back to John Branca, a well renowned lawyer just one week before his supposed death. Then we all discovered a legal agreement between Michael and his ex-employee Dr. Tohme Tohme, and other deals such as the one with Sony Music and the ATV Catalog, and let's face it with Michael being dead there isn't really anyone to stop all this. Luckily, Michael did assign John Branca as one of the attorney's in charge of his estate.

So we apparently have motive, and we have Michael Jackson himself suspecting that someone was out to get him. So did he in fact meet with foul play? Well, we'll go into why this is a strong possibility that we really shouldn't ignore in the next blog entry.

So stay tune.

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