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Conflicting Testimony on Where Michael Jackson was on June 25, 2009?

The Carolwood Home
In a previous blog entry I discussed the problem with the time line on June 25, 2009, and the fact that some people claimed they witnessed more than one ambulance at the Carolwood home where Michael Jackson was living at the time. If you didn't read this blog entry you still can by clicking title below: 

"Michael Jackson and the Case of the Messed Up Time Line"

Now back to this blog entry on where was MichaelJackson at on June 25, 2009? Yes, I know he was reported as being unconscious, and then dead from acute propofol intoxication, but what I mean is, where was his body exactly at when the 9-1-1 call was made, and also when paramedics showed up? It may seem odd to want to dwell on this and to even ask this question, but it's something that testimony during the Conrad Murray Involuntary ManslaughterTrial couldn't seem to agree on.  The testimony was highly conflicting to the point that you almost have to think that Michael Jackson wasn't even in the room, and that someone had written a bad movie script. 

This all reminds me of a soap opera where the writer can't remember what they wrote a year ago, and then rewrites history saying something else.  This situation bothers me a lot while watching a soap operas on television, and so this bothers me now while dealing with this conflicting court testimony in real life.  Whoever said that soap operas aren't like real life obviously didn't watch the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial.  You can still watch this trial out on by typing in the search engine:  Conrad Murray Trial.

If you watched this trial then you would have heard security guard, Alberto Alvarez saying that they moved Michael to the floor while on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator. Then paramedic Seneff stated when he testified that when he came in to the room they were just moving him to the floor as he entered, but then his partner who followed him into the room said that Michael was laying fully on the bed. 

(Click here to watch testimony in regards to this)

So where was Michael Jackson?

Well according to Michael's brother, Jermaine Jackson he was at the airport, oh wait, he meant to say the hospital. Now I'm sure you can see how stupid this all sounds, and yes, we are back to death hoax, but it's stupidity like this that keeps leading me back to this just being a hoax.

I understand as well as anyone that when you're in an emergency situation you aren't thinking clearly. But paramedics are trained to act in emergency situations and to handle them. Of course, it could be argued that they were taken back by the fact that this was Michael Jackson, right? This brings me to another stupid thing, why weren't they told beforehand who they were going to be treating?  I realize that maybe people don't give out such information in a 9-1-1 call, (this part wasn't odd to me), but when they first arrived at the Carolwood home, why weren't they told then? One of the paramedics testified about entering the room not knowing that it was Michael Jackson who was the patient.  Why didn't security or someone in the house tell them when they first got out of their ambulance vehicle who the patient was?  Strange, right?

(Click below video testimony from paramedic about this).

This is one of the reasons why I believe there is still a death hoax going on and why some refuse to let go of it.  It's stupidity like this that keeps this death hoax from going away.  To watch other conflicting testimony I created a new series on called: 
"Michael Jackson:Death Hoax or Cover-Up"-
"Trial of Contradictions".
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