Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Analysis of a Death Hoax or Not: What Really Happened To Michael Jackson? (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous blog entry I went into the three possibilities of what could have happened to Michael Jackson. These possibilities were he faked his own death, he was kidnapped, or he was possibly murdered. So which one of these do I think is the most possible of the three you might be wondering, right?  Well, given the events that have happened since Michael Jackson's supposed death and all that I have researched I would have to say I still don't know.  I do sort of lean more on a hoax of some kind then the other two, but in all honesty I still don't know.  The one thing I do know since I've been doing this blog is that I am not 100% sold that he is actually dead like I was when I first started writing these blog entries. I think one of the biggest reasons I can't say Michael Jackson is truly dead is because there are too many inconsistencies and too many coincidences to even write about here.  There have been too many things that just don't add up or make any sense.  One of the things I talked about in Part 1 was the contradictions that were featured in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.  I started a new series out on YouTube.com called:  "Trial of Contradictions".  In Part 1 of "Trial of Contradictions" I talked about where were Michael Jackson's kids on June 25, 2009?  I also just recently downloaded Part 2 of "Trial of Contradictions" where I talk about where was Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009?  I hope you check them out.

So let's talk about the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial and the contradictions that existed throughout this case. The question I have about this case is why wasn't anyone called out on their testimony through a recall?  No, all they did was recall Dr. Shaeffer back to the stand before they rested their case.  This I did not understand, and still don't. This trial was like a three ring circus, gee what does that remind you of?  If you guessed the CD cover of Michael's current album, then you're right, it looks like a circus on the cover.  

                                       (See Photo Below)
So are these all clues being dropped on us that he did in fact fake his death and this is just his way of telling his fans that he's okay and to not worry?  (Yeah, yeah I know this is probably just wishful thinking on my part).

So I think the two strongest possibilities are Michael faked his death, or he met with foul play and was murdered.  I do think this is also a possibility that we should all look at because I think when Conrad Murray left Michael's bedroom to make all those phone calls someone else might have made their way into that bedroom and took Michael Jackson out, and it's possible that this person or persons are walking around right this very minute happy and free and thinking he/she/ or they got away with something.  (I know… I know I'm probably seeing conspiracies again here, but I can't help it).  This is just another theory you might want to consider.

Before I close, recently I saw this commercial on television which made me think about all of this.  It's a DIRECTV commercial called:  "Don't Attend Your Own Funeral 2012'. (CLICK HERE to watch commercial)

You know I did a blog entry out here awhile ago entitled:
"Will Someone Please Identify This Man?  He just Might Be Michael Jackson"which sort of covers this topic. 

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