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Analysis of a Death Hoax or Not: What Really Happened To Michael Jackson? (Part 1 of 2)

Michael Jackson rehearsing for his "This is It" Concert.
Now that we have explored what happened in 2008' in a previous blog entry, which was a bunch of double talk, (CLICK HERE for video), the strange messages in the new album, and whether Michael was buying his time in all of this? We now come to the part where I'm going to start exploring the possibilities of what may have actually happened to Michael Jackson. By now it should have become apparent that I have come up with three solid possibilities, so let's explore them and I will tell you which one I believe to be what could have happened, and why I think this.  Please remember this is just my opinion.  I am sure that some of you probably have different views on what might have happened to him.

Possibility No. 1: Michael staged his own death: This is what a large number of people believe who calls themselves the believers, and this number is growing larger with each passing day.  It has become so big that now we have a group calling themselves knower's.  The knower's feel pretty strong that Michael Jackson is in fact alive.  They believe Michael has staged this whole thing, as I outlined in a 5 part blog series:  "Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape?" I believe this could of happened if Michael feared for his life, or if he felt as if he were being suffocated by what was expected of him being Michael Jackson, then maybe he could of went through with such a plot, after author Ian Halperin gave him the idea. This one could actually explain some of the nonsense and all of the vast coincidences that many of us have witnessed since his supposed death.  Yes, I have heard some valid arguments that say that he wouldn't have done this to his fans, but there are some valid arguments that dispute this claim.  One of these valid arguments was discussed in my last blog entry entitled:  "Are We Painting Michael Jackson in a Bad Light on This Blog? Where I asked you the question if Michael had to make a choice between his life and well being, or his fans which one would you want him to choose?

Possibility No. 2: Michael has been kidnapped to make him a song writing slave, or for some other sinister reason that many of us probably can't even fathom. I've mentioned a fan who stood outside the gates almost daily at Michael's Carol wood home, (Sharon Sidney), If you haven't read about her out here on this blog you can still
CLICK HERE to watch her interview in regards to this).

At first I thought this woman was totally off her rocker literally, this sounded too out there to be true, but after hearing some of the songs from Michael's new album, (Especially the song, "Breaking News" and the one line of this song saying, "He's trying to write my Obituary"), this made me pause.  Some people still believe this is still too stupid to listen to because they believe if Michael had been kidnapped the family and the news media would have told us.  My question is do you really think so?  I mean, what if it was a matter of life and death that they remain quiet.  Also, let's really think about this, if the news would have reported Michael Jackson as being kidnapped what do you think would have happened?  How do you think people would have reacted to that news?  Think about that for a minute.  The news reporter gets in front of a television screen and says "we just got word that the "King of Pop, Michael Jackson has been kidnapped, and we are getting reports that law enforcement don't know if he is alive or dead."  Can you just imagine the hysteria we would have all had?  Yes, hearing about his death wasn't any better, but just the thought that he might still be alive and kidnapped I can only imagine what that kind of a report would have done to Michael's fans. I know hearing about him being dead isn't any better, but this is still something I think we should consider.  Also, let's not forget the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial verdict.  I never heard a verdict use the words alleged date and alleged victim.  Remember the word alleged means: (WITHOUT PROOF). 

                  (CLICK Below video to watch verdict).

Many people have told me I need to get off the conspiracy theories in relation to Michael, but how can I when this was in fact, Michael Jackson we're talking about, and it seems that everything bad that ever happened to this man had to do with money.  When they say money is the root of all evil, believe me it's true. 

Possibility No. 3: Michael met with foul play and was murdered: If Michael is indeed dead there is definitely a cover up of some kind going on, especially with all of the contradictory testimony that I heard in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. (CLICK HERE to watch a new video series I've created on titled:  "Trial of Contradictions"), which I will be featuring these contradictions from this trial.  These contradictions do somewhat lead me to believe that he had to have met with some form of foul play if he is actually dead. That is the only way to explain why so many people have conflicting remarks and why we can't seem to get a straight answer about what truly happened in Michael Jackson's Carol wood home on June 25, 2009. There is no other death of a celebrity that I can think of in recent memory that is as odd as this one, and has so many holes in it as Michael Jackson's does, and that is why I think this story is not going away any time soon.  Something is definitely wrong here.  I'm sure we can all agree on that one.

So there are the three possibilities of what could have happened to Michael Jackson. The question is which one do I believe is more possible and why do I believe this. Well in Part 2, I will go into why I lean more towards one of them then the other two. You might actually be surprised at which one I choose, but once I explain why I'm sure some of you just might find yourself agreeing.

So stay tune.

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