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Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 4 of 5)

In my previous blog entry I went into the people who could have been directly involved in Michael Jackson possibly staging his death. After all if Michael did do this, he was going to need help, so there were those who would have to play a part. There were also those that Michael would want to know the truth because he would never want to hurt them by making them believe he was actually dead, (such as; his family and closest friends). But were there others who might have been involved or inadvertently involved (which means they were involved without knowing it). Another question I have is could there have been others involved after the fact. Here are some of the people who might have played a part, some without knowing it, and those who found out after the fact but now must be trusted with the secret.

Cherilyn Lee: She was the nutritionist nurse who stepped forward a few weeks after Michael Jackson's supposed death claiming that the music icon wanted an anesthetic called propofol from her.  It sounded so ludicrous at the time that no one actually believed her story.  Most people thought she just wanted to get her fifteen minutes.  Then little did any of us know the supposed autopsy came back stating that Jackson had died from an overdose of propofol.  Although, throughout all of this Lee's story has changed somewhat, not as much as Alberto Alvarez or Kai Chase, but there have been some discrepancies in her remarks. But for the most part Lee has said that Michael called her regarding the propofol and about not feeling well shortly before his death. So was Lee involved? Well this is definitely a gray area where I am concerned, but it's possible that she was involved. It's also possible that Michael might have used her as I said in a previous blog entry to bear witness to the fact that he intended to use this drug or give the illusion of said use.

June Gatlin: Michael's spiritual advisor around this time. She has said that Michael feared his financial advisor Dr. Tohme, and that he had been threatened with death and destruction by the man. Did he tell her what he planned to do? Hard to say but she did come forward with this information about her sessions with Michael, and the woman was only all too willing to playing a tape recording of Jackson voicing his concerns about this man.

Nicole Alvarez: No relation to Alberto Alvarez, not that I know of, but the live-in girlfriend of Conrad Murray. She also probably gave one of the most memorable court testimonies during the Involuntary Manslaughter trial, not for being relevant or for giving good information but for hamming it up on the witness stand. There were even members of the press who said this woman was acting like she was auditioning for an acting part, instead of giving testimony to a serious crime. So did she know?  Well let me put it to you this way if this woman thought Michael Jackson was really dead she sure didn't show any remorse over it, she seemed actually giddy on the witness stand while talking about meeting him. (Say what?)  If she was such a fan she claimed I can't imagine that a person would  be all giddy about this knowing that the man was now dead, would you? There were a few things that did come from Alvarez that should give you something to think about. First of all, she talked about how Murray reassured her from the ambulance on June 25, 2009, that everything was okay and to not  be alarmed about what she might be hearing from the news media.

(Click below video to watch her statement)

Odd thing to say, don't you all think?  I know some of us don't want to alarm people, but Murray could of at least said that he didn't know anything at the moment, and that he'd let her know when he had more information.  I can't imagine you telling someone you're living with everything is okay when it isn't. Then she also mentioned that Murray had been going over to Michael's house since 2008' and sometimes stayed there till the next day. (Did Dr. Tohme know about this)? Anyway, at the same token is this really a woman that someone should trust with such a secret, it's almost like trusting Latoya with the body, (sorry but from what I have seen of Nicole Alvarez so far she isn't someone I would trust to keep this secret if Michael Jackson is still in fact very much alive).  The other thing I found interesting about her testimony is how she never once acknowledged that Michael Jackson was dead or that she had any remorse over it, if anything she acted like everything was fine.  It's very interesting testimony to watch and listen to, and if you have time to watch it all CLICK HERE to do so. (She starts to testify around the time of:  22:25).  And then there is another video that continues her testimony. (CLICK HERE).  I think the other interesting thing here is the Assistant D.A. Ms. Brazil ending her questioning when she did.  She just asked whether Conrad Murray made his way home in the evening on June 25, 2009 and after Alvarez says yes, Ms. Brazil asked the judge if she could have a minute, which she is granted, and then she comes back with no further questions your honor.  (SAY WHAT!)  I don't understand how she could have ended her questioning right there.  Why didn't she ask her what Conrad Murray told her if anything in regards to Michael Jackson and what happened that day?

So I have to go back to my original question of, "Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape?"  Well, let me put it to you this way with the amount of people who have changed their stories, and who can't seem to keep their story straight, and knowing about the financial agreement that Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme whether he was alive or dead does make one wonder, right?  And, then knowing about what some people have said about Michael like Corey Rooney (ex-Sony executive), stating that Jackson told him he never wanted to do a concert tour again because it would kill him.  Some might say it obviously did kill him, but from what I've gathered from many of Michael's security personnel that he was a highly intelligent guy, (regardless of what the news media wanted us to believe about him), so I can't imagine that he would allow Conrad Murray to give him propofol for forty straight nights and not know that he had a problem, (if this indeed did happen as stated in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial).  If Michael had been that desperate I would think that he would have put the brakes on all of this and decide to vacate from the problem, wouldn't you all think so?  His ex-public relations manager, Bob Jones stated in his tell all "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask", that Jackson always knew how to get out of something if he needed to.  Now whether I give much credence to this book, this part does have some merit. 

One more thing to consider here and that is Conrad Murray.  Can you imagine a doctor giving someone propofol for forty straight nights and not know you have a problem on your hands.  I mean, when you listen to Murray's past patients you would have thought the man walked on water.  They sang that man's praises as if he were the best doctor in the world.  Does this sound like the same Conrad Murray we all met during all of this craziness?  If you ask me none of this makes sense, which is one of the reason I have become a believer in the death hoax.  The pieces to this puzzle are starting to come together and whatever the outcome I just know we haven't heard it all yet.

So stay tune for Part 5, which I'll discuss and show how the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial gave us many clues that this in fact is probably a hoax and that Death Hoax Believers should feel extremely hopeful with what I am about to share.  This is a part you don't want to miss.

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