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Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 3 of 5)

In my previous blog entry I started to explore the fact that Michael Jackson could have been mapping out how to go about staging his death to get the most impact, and to be able to break free from those who had a strong hold over him.  I went into the actions that I think he might have taken.  Now, in this installment I want to go into who could have been involved in this elaborate plan.  After all, this was elaborate and Michael Jackson couldn't have pulled it off by himself, right?  You know he could have mapped it out, thought it out, cooked up the plan, but he could not have pulled it off all by himself.  I'm sure we can all agree on that.

So with all of this in mind, who do you think he might have trusted enough to help him pull this off, and who would he want to know that he wasn't really dead when this all came down the beaten path?  Now, please remember that this is all speculation on my part.  I've come to these conclusions because of the relationships these people have had with Michael and some of the actions they have displayed before and after his supposed death.
So here is my listing of the people that I feel could have been involved:

The Jackson Family: I have gone into the actions of the Jackson's many times on this blog.  There have been a lot of questionable statements and actions made by this family, such as Latoya Jackson being given custody of Michael's body.  Then there is Jermaine saying that Michael on the day of his supposed death arriving at the airport and then correcting himself with the hospital.  These are just a few things that have been in question by this family.  As for Michael's kids, some of their actions have also been questionable.  I know that people grieve differently, but there hasn't been much emotion shown by these kids, other than Paris, (the budding actress of the group).  Do I need to say more?   And, let's not forget that since Michael's supposed death this family has basically rejuvenated their careers.  I mean, just look at the fact that recently it was reported that the Jackson brothers are going on tour this summer after almost a twenty plus absence from performing together.  I'm sure you can all see the advantages to this family keeping this secret if Michael Jackson is in fact still alive, right?  There's a lot of money to be made here, don't kid yourself.

Kenny Ortega: I think Ortega could have been involved.  I mean, in the previous entry I talked about how he had agreed to go along with Michael in wanting to film the rehearsals. My understanding is this cost an estimated 30 million dollars to do. You read that right, millions not thousands. I can't imagine anyone with Ortega's production experience going along with such a thing, knowing that it was only for Michael's personal library. Now, I believe he would have done it if he knew that it would end up in some form of film production, to which it ultimately did in the film documentary "This Is It." Also, I love how he went around for months after Michael's death saying there was never any signs that anything was wrong with Michael physically, and then later he goes to court in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial, and says, "oh yeah there was a day where Michael wasn't feeling well," as if it were an afterthought.  If you ask me this was strange and very peculiar behavior.

Conrad Murray: The doctor at the heart of whatever happened to Michael Jackson. I think he is definitely involved in this cover up if Michael Jackson did indeed stage his own death. In all the time I have heard Conrad Murray make statements to the press, and in his horrid little documentary, ("Michael Jackson and the Doctor"), there was one thing he said that struck me as probably the most genuine thing that ever came out of his mouth. Murray said that he would never betray Michael's trust. The fact he would say this in his documentary I thought was ironic at the time, but there is something in his facial expression that makes me think that this is probably the most sincere thing this man has said since all of this craziness began.

(Click below to watch his statement).
Now, I know most of you are probably saying, that betraying Michael is all he has done since Jackson's supposed death, but when you watch a statement like this you start to wonder if he has in fact betrayed Michael up to this point or whether he was willing to go to great lengths to help him with this elaborate plan.  There are not too many people who would be willing to go to jail to help a friend.  Ask yourself, would you do it for your friend?  Also, there was another interesting thing that Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez stated during her court testimony when she said that Murray called her from the ambulance on June 25, 2009 and told her that everything was okay and to disregard anything that the news media would be spilling out later in the day. Also, this is a man who swears up and down that he doesn't belong in jail, he did nothing wrong. Let's face it; if he did indeed play a part in helping Michael stage his death then he hasn't really done anything wrong in the way of involuntary manslaughter, now has he, other than helping a friend, right?

David Walgren: The District Attorney in Los Angeles. So how did he get involved? Well let's say just for speculation purposes that Walgren got involved because he wanted a much bigger fish that he has yet to catch, but a fish that has had Michael Jackson in a strong hold for quite awhile. So if Michael went to the good D.A. and told him that he knew how to trap said fish if he would play along. Maybe Walgren agreed to do so and went about mapping out his part in this so called elaborate operation, which included the police, the paramedics, the hospital staff, and the coroner's office in order for it to all work. Now why does Walgren want to keep Conrad Murray in jail if he knows the truth? Simple, to protect Murray, as things stand, if Murray got out of jail he could cause havoc amongst a very volatile pro-Jackson public because right now he is known as the man who killed Michael Jackson.

John Branca: Another part of the elaborate operation that Michael went about forming with David Walgren. Suddenly a week before Michael's death he hires Branca back on as his lawyer, and he is made executor of Michael's Last Will and Testament. (Talk about convenient timing) Many believe this Last Will and Testament isn't real, and I have to wonder myself. I would go into the questionable things about the Will but we have all seen it or heard about it so I won't do this here. No, I would rather discuss another document that has been made public by Branca and the Jackson family not too long ago. This document is an agreement that gave Dr. Tohme a percentage of all of Michael's earnings whether he was alive or dead. So now a lawsuit has been filed, not by Dr. Tohme but by the Jackson family regarding this, so is this at the heart of why Michael might have staged his own death, only time will tell.  It should be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

Michael's Close Friends: Yes, there were close friends, regardless of what has been said by Murray and Tohme in interviews. One such friend was Elizabeth Taylor, (and notice that how except on Twitter); she made very few, if any statements regarding Michael's death. She didn't go to his memorial, but to his funeral, and I might add what I saw of her on the feed we were given she didn't look like someone who just lost her dearest and closest friend, but someone who seemed happy and relieved. The same could be said about actor, McCauley Culkin, Michael's long time friend, who also went to the funeral looking like he was attending a Michael Jackson concert. Add to this Liza Minnelli, another close friend of Michael's making a statement shortly after his supposed death that when everyone found out the truth they would be stunned, and then Miko Brando showing up on Larry King acting like he was there to talk about Michael's career. Not really showing any emotion about the fact that his closest friend who was like a brother to him had just died. At least Miko could be found, there was no sign of singer, Diana Ross, the only close friend mentioned in Michael's Last Will and Testament. As stated in a previous blog entry, this woman was more than Michael's friend, she was his mentor in the music industry, like a second mother to him, yet after he died she didn't even make a simple statement about how distraught she was.  I mean, she basically said nothing. I was about to have her put on a milk carton as missing, that's how bad it was, she was nowhere, and no one heard one word from her. So where was she? Some have speculated that she was with Michael helping him get settled wherever he actually was, you have to wonder. Then there is singer, Donny Osmond, who was Michael's child hood friend. Donny made a few interviews, although, he did show some emotion. But to be honest I think he has shown far more emotion over the recent death of music mogul, Dick Clark who was in his late seventies then he did over the untimely death of Michael. Also, have you noticed how Donny can't seem to shut up about Michael? I know about Michael hiding out in an RV in Phoenix, Arizona because of a recent interview Donny did. Why is he dwelling on something that occurred three years ago is beyond me, unless Michael wants him to, and told him to inform us of this occurrence?  For what reason, I can't answer that right now.

Michael's Household Staff: We have all seen Chef, Kai Chase do interview after interview, right?  I saw her testify in court to the events of June 25, 2009. My conclusion about the things she has said is that either this woman is on some serious anti-depressant medication that makes her a robot in regards to all of this, or she is just a very bad actress. Seriously, there is just no other way to explain someone who would go get an adolesant boy (Prince), and send him upstairs with a distraught doctor who just came downstairs screaming for help. Then instead of calling security or 911 she just goes back to work as if nothing was going on and acting totally sedated about the whole thing. Then there is Security Head of Logistics, Alberto Alvarez, I wish this man could actually get his story straight about what happened in that room on June 25, 2009 when he entered and stated he found an unconscious Michael and Murray standing over him.  This man constantly changes his story. I especially loved how he and the Paramedics contradicted each other in court. Alvarez said that he and Murray placed Michael on the floor, it was even on the 911 recording. Then the paramedics said they came into the room and found Michael lying in bed. So apparently if I am to believe both of these sources, Alvarez and Murray put Michael on the floor.  So what happened did they all of a sudden decide he didn't look comfortable there so they put him back on the bed, or did they just not put him on the floor to start with the way they were advised to do so from the 911 operator? (Strange, right) I'm sure you can see how silly this all sounds.

(Click below to watch video)
So these are some people I suspect could have been involved in Michael's death hoax and why. Do I think they have all stepped up to what they needed to do in all of this? Well I went into how absurd his household staff sounded. Was this all deliberate so that fans would see the holes and know that Michael is still indeed alive? The same with the Jackson family, there have been slip ups galore. And, on what planet does Latoya get custody of the body? So maybe everyone needed to be briefed a little better in their roles in all of this because very few have so far come across believable, which is why I think the death hoax continues.

So no matter what you might believe I'm sure you can at least agree with me when I say that whatever is going on and with all of the many coincidences there has been, there has got to be more to this then Michael Jackson is dead, right?

So stay tune for Part 4, where I'll continue what I believe when I say that Michael Jackson was just buying his time before his great escape, and why I think I am on the right track in thinking this.

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