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Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 2 of 5)

Ian Halperin
Author, Ian Halperin was quoted as saying that he believed that Michael Jackson would be dead in six months time. Now, once again I want all of you to do the math; this was December of 2008' when he predicted this, and we all know that six months later Michael Jackson was supposedly dead. Was this a lucky guess, or just a coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not. Of course, I don't think Halperin is psychic, far from it, but I think he might have played a huge part in what could have transpired. No, I don't think he went to Michael's house and took him out just to be proven right, but I do think his prediction might have given Michael the idea, if he did in fact stage his own death.  Let me explain what I believe might have happened and then you can decide for yourself whether it seems plausible.  Remember this is just speculation on my part.

Now, we have established in more than one blog that at one point in 2008' Michael was probably hiding out in an RV in Phoenix, AZ. At least that's what singer, Donny Osmond claimed.  My question is when was he doing this, and why was he doing this? Yes, Donny Osmond stated that Michael called him and told him he was hiding out because there was just too much stress around him, Right?  Well, we also know that if you've been reading my blog that I have researched and reported on the fact that 2008' was the year Michael had more than his fair share of idiots either stalking him (Pfeiffer), trying to control him (Tohme), or seeing what they could get out of him (Murray), so maybe Michael wanted to get away from all of this. (I know I would want to, wouldn't you)?  Also, let's not forget the financial burdens that Michael was living with also.  So he obviously had his reasons for going into hiding. The only problem with him going into hiding is it didn't solve anything. It's like most of us taking to our beds depressed after losing a job, or some other loss in our lives, it doesn't solve nothing, and it certainly doesn't change your life for the better. Michael had what was reported as a 400 million dollar debt to think about, but he felt trapped, and rightfully so. There probably didn't seem to be a way out, right?

Now, think about this if you were hiding out and you hear author, Ian Halperin's comment about you being deathly ill and that you probably only had six months to live, and instead of being mad or shaking your head at the utter stupidity of the man, Michael might have started thinking. What if you could actually make this prediction come true? What if he could die in six months time?  He would then know all of his problems would finally be over once and for all. So he sat down and started to map out his strategy of how to go about staging his death. He had to make sure that it was done in a way that would give him notoriety in the public. So, that when he died, there would be a huge cash out from his music and memorabilia. He also had to map it out so that he could be free once and for all, and his family would also be protected from the threat of the person who was controlling him, namely Dr. Tohme. He could also align himself with people he knew he could trust from the past, knowing they would be there after he disappeared.

So, Michael Jackson decides to go to Kenny Ortega with AEG and tell him that he wants to make a comeback.  After all, he had worked with Ortega before and knew that he was a reliable, dependable source.  So a short time later he has a huge press conference announcing the performances at the 02 Arena, (although it's been established this wasn't him, but an impersonator who made the announcement).  He starts rehearsals for the concerts. He goes back to his former manager, Frank Dileo, who helps Jackson by telling him what to do to get rid of Dr. Tohme.   He fires Dr. Tohme, and he gets back together with his former attorney, John Branca just a week before his supposed death.

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So there was AEG, Dileo, and Branca all back in Michael's life. Now you can say what you want about all of them, but I have never witnessed anything that tells me they ever operated in a way that wasn't in Michael's best interest. I can't say the same for Dr. Tohme, can you?  Now, before anyone starts in about the fifty concerts in row, let me just clarify here that they weren't in a row, and second, Michael agreed to them. (Even though I know some of his family members claimed otherwise), which was also odd when you stop to think about it, but I now believe that Michael never had any intention of doing any of these concerts at the 02. The reason I think this is that he told a former representative from Sony Music, Corey Rooney that if he ever toured again it would kill him.  I think Michael was a smart enough guy to know when and how to get out of something.  At least that's what Michael's former Public Relations employee, Bob Jones claimed.  I don't put a lot of stock in what a disgruntled employee has to say generally, but in this case this did make sense to me.  So what did it matter if he agreed to 50 concerts or even a 100, it wasn't part of his plan to do a single one.  I believe Michael Jackson was just buying his time before he made his escape, and he needed to do it without raising suspicion.  He also I'm sure wanted to make sure that his outstanding debts would be taken care of whether he did these concerts or not.                        

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The other reason I believe he had no intention of doing these concerts, was the fact that he had AEG film all of the rehearsals. Why did he have them do this? For that matter, why did Kenny Ortega let him? This wasn't a cheap process. I don't buy for a second it was for his personal library. Come on he never did this before, and also no one spends millions of dollars to do something like this, and then have others go along with it for their own personal collection. Do you know how stupid that sounds? Of course, you do but how convenient it was that this footage didn't go to waste, that it became the film documentary "This Is IT". So did Kenny Ortega know that Michael was buying his time, and went along with it knowing that in the end AEG wouldn't be empty handed, that they would make back their money and then some? It's possible, let's face it if Michael did pull off the staging of his death he needed help in doing so, from those he felt he could trust.

In Part 3 of this blog entry I will go into who those people could have actually been and why they could have been involved. So stay tune.

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