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Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part1 of 5)

We have covered a whole lot of bases as to whether Michael Jackson staged his death and why he might have done it. We have explored the possibility that maybe he might not have staged his death but met with foul play. This is still a good possibility as well. But, I truly believe if this were the case it wouldn't explain some of the odd occurrences that occurred prior to the day of his suppose death.  Now if you've taken the time to think these things out as I have then I'm sure you will agree with me that some very odd things occurred and that this is probably the reason why a large number of people are suspicious about whether or not Michael Jackson is really dead.  The news organization "TMZ" referred to Michael's death as strange as his life.  Now some of us might have found this offensive, but I felt they hit the nail right on the head with that statement. Think about it, Michael's death was strange, and so were the things that took place before it, and then after it.  Heck, we're still dealing with some of it as I write this blog entry.  Who knows what will happen with the lawsuit that the Jackson family has against Dr. Tohme Tohme, and the financial agreement he had with Michael in regards to a part of his financial profits entitlement, whether Jackson was alive or dead.

I did a previous blog about the, "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008' that went into some odd  and contradicting behavior of those who were around Michael during this time leading up to 2009'.   When I think about all of the things that happened in 2008' which led up to Michael Jackson's supposed death in June of 2009', I sometime feel like I have a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces laying around.  I feel like I need to put these pieces together in order to get to the truth of what truly happened back on June 25, 2009' when we all heard that dreadful news that Michael Jackson was dead. 

Well, the one thing I have discovered through researching 2008' that I can sort of put a few pieces of the puzzle together.  Although, I have to admit here that what I am about to share with all of you is still just speculation on my part, but I can still see the rationale behind what I'm about to tell you, and you'll have to decide for yourself if it makes sense to you.

First, if you haven't read my blog entries Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', you might want to do that before continuing to read this blog entry.  Believe me by reading those three parts this entry will make more sense to you.

So let's discuss some of the puzzle pieces that I think sort of fit together.  The first puzzle piece is Dr. Tohme Tohme.  If you read my blog entries on "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', then you must know that Dr. Tohme was introduced to Michael by his brother Jermaine in the summer of 2008' because it was claimed that Michael was in need of financial help in saving his home, "Neverland" from foreclosure.  Dr. Tohme assured Jackson that he could save his home.  (Interesting, when you think about this the way the news media always acted as if Michael hated Neverland after all that had happened there with the suspicion of child molestation and the police raids that occurred there).  I guess the media didn't get this right, because my understanding is Dr. Tohme Tohme did find a backer to save Neverland from foreclosure.  Yes, Michael hasn't lived there since his 2005' trial, but he still owns a part of it.  I still believe he intended to one day go back there to live.

So here we are with Dr. Tohme Tohme entering Michael Jackson's life in the summer of 2008'.  But, then it didn't take very long before we heard after Michael's supposed death from his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin in an interview about Michael on the "Today" show program telling her he was afraid of this man and what he might be capable of doing. Once again, we have another puzzle piece.  She had a taped message that was recorded on September 23, 2008' where he voices all of his concerns about this man. Whatever was going on here we can at least put Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme on opposite sides of each other.  June Gatlin was quoted in this interview as stating that Michael was deathly afraid of this man.  She said that Michael told her that he didn't like him. He didn't trust him.  That he was mean, and that he was trying to separate him from everything and everybody he loved.  What was interesting in this interview was the reporter reporting this story, (Jeff Rosen), when he makes the comment that "Michael is frightened, and is looking for a way out."

It was stated by several people that Dr. Tohme Tohme
had complete control over Michael Jackson.
(Pictured:  Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme)
I feel that these two puzzle pieces we could definitely put together.  June Gatlin also stated in this interview that Dr. Tohme Tohme had taken over Michael's life completely.  I can definitely put this together with something Michael's manager, Frank Dileo stated in an interview that Michael had given the man his power of attorney.  Now, I don't know about many of you but not too many people would give power of attorney over to someone they hardly know.  Would you?  Think about this.  Just how mean and threatening was this man?  The bigger question is if Michael was afraid of this man, then you would have to believe on some level that the man either had something over him, had threatened him or his family in some way along the line. (I don't think I'm wrong in thinking this, do you)?  I have a lingering question here that keeps going through my brain, and that is did Michael ever share his fear of this man with his brother, Jermaine who had originally introduced him to Dr. Tohme? (Click below to watch another video I created about the above subject)

The next puzzle piece is a little harder for me to put together because although, Dr. Tohme Tohme claimed he was the only one in Michael's life at that time if you read: "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', then you must know Dr. Conrad Murray was around Michael during this time also.  So you can see the contradictions between the two men and what they were saying during this time.  In fact, in court testimony I discovered that his live in girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez admitted to meeting Michael in 2008' shortly before the birth of her son.  Now, my understanding is her son was born in early February of 2009'.  My question here is did Dr. Tohme Tohme know about Dr. Conrad Murray and vice versa.  In Dr. Conrad Murray's documentary he did during his Involuntary Manslaughter trial (Titled: "Michael Jackson and the Doctor"), he tells a story that Michael Jackson told him he considered him his only friend.  Now before any of you start gagging and shaking your head, I have to wonder if Michael did in fact tell Murray this.  Think about it, if you were being threatened by someone like Dr. Tohme Tohme who was trying to keep you from everyone you loved you might say just about anything to someone who for whatever reason managed to break through and get to you.  So did Dr. Tohme Tohme let Michael see Dr. Murray because maybe Jackson stated he needed a doctor and Tohme couldn't see any reason to deny him medical care?  Think about another side to this, during this time news media, Michael's bodyguards, and even fans who stood outside the gates of his Carolwood house stated that Michael would leave almost every day to visit his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.  Was Michael doing this to get away from Dr. Tohme and his control?  Just some questions I think you all might want to think about before my next blog installment on this subject. (If you didn't watch my video clip that I linked to in, "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008"- Part 2, that I created on which covers these subjects you can still watch it by CLICKING HERE).

So stay tune for Part 2, where I will try to fill in another puzzle piece that I think will fit together with all of the information I stated so far in this entry.  I will also explain why I think Michael Jackson was buying his time before he made his escape.  There is evidence to substantiate this claim.

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