Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are We Painting Michael Jackson In a Bad Light On This Blog?

I have received some messages from people visiting this blog that were less than happy with what was being written here. Some have accused me of painting Michael Jackson as heartless because I have delved into the death hoax. According to them I am out to get Michael Jackson and that I am making Michael look heartless because Michael would never do such a thing to his fans as fake his death. Some even have accused me only of trying to profit off Michael by doing this blog, and questioning what kind of a researcher I am. All right, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Just like I am entitled to mine. I do want to go on record as saying that, yes it does seem like I spend a great deal of time on him staging his death here then I do on other possibilities, but that has to do with the fact that this is the subject of the blog, Death Hoax or Not. We are not the only ones who have gone into this subject, most of this blog has been inspired by things that have been brought up by other believers on the Internet or those who now call themselves knower's because they now feel they know he's alive. I won't go that far, I am now somewhat of a believer as many of you know, but I am more determined to get to the truth in whatever actually happened to him more than anything. This is what I want the most, because as I stated in other blog entries, we still have not heard the truth as of yet. 

Now if I were doing this for profit I would need to get out of this blog and fast because in the year since this blog began I have made less than five dollars doing this, not exactly breaking the bank here, folks. Let's face it if I wanted money from this I would have stopped awhile back, but that's not what this is all about.  

I am out here searching for the truth and I'm sure many of you are as well.  I mean why else would you be out here reading this blog, right? But as actor, Jack Nicholson said in his very memorable quote in the movie "A Few Good Men" when Tom Cruise told his character I want the Truth, to which Nicholson responded "You can't handle the truth." Perhaps that's why some of you are upset about what is being written here.  Let's face it, if we actually do find the truth, one way or the other it may be too hard to deal with for some of us.
(CLICK video clip below to see this memorable scene from "A Few Good Men")
But the question still remains, am I painting Michael Jackson as a heartless individual for wanting to stage his own death? Do I think Michael was a bad person if he in fact did this? To be honest, no I don't think any ill of Michael, I think he was a human being who tried to do the right thing, (regardless of how some wanted to paint him) and I think he was someone who wanted to do good. But notice that one of the first words I used to describe Michael was human being. Human beings aren't perfect, I know some of us want to see Michael as perfect, with a beam of light emanating from him.  Let's face it for some he was bigger than life, I'm sorry to tell you this but Michael wasn't a saint he was a human being, and he did have his faults. One of these was his desire to be perfect, or as he stated to interviewer, Oprah Winfrey back in 1993', "I'm a perfectionist, I'm never happy.", (yes that's a fault believe it or not).  He could also have a short temper, and could vent like the rest of us when backed up against the wall because he was human.
(CLICK video below to see a few examples).

It was also interesting to hear singer, Madonna eulogize him at the BET Awards as being a human being. (CLICK HERE to watch). 

Now it has been stated that Michael wouldn't fake his death because of his fans, that if he did he caused the death of 12 fans who committed suicide, (or so it's been said on the Internet, funny how CNN news never reported this). Now if Michael did decide to stage his own death would he have known that his fans would be so devastated that some would commit suicide? Yes, Michael knew even before his death that he still had some fan support, after all there were those who stood outside the gates of his Carol wood home showing their love for him practically on a daily basis, and he did sell out the concerts at the 02 arena fifty times over. But, was this enough to make Michael truly believe that he was still greatly loved? Remember this is a man who last performed in 2001' and after that faced a living hell by being accused of Child Molestation. A man who went through a very humiliating trial with a great deal of public scrutiny, and even after he was found innocent the court of public opinion still labeled him guilty. He was someone who dealt with people always coming after him, wanting a piece of Michael Jackson. He dealt with lawsuits galore, some over the stupidest of things like he looked at them the wrong way. (I kid you not here). 

So given what he was up against from the public, from the fact that he felt like he could be shunned by the public if he were less than perfect, the fact that he had severe outstanding debts, to which some of us could never even comprehend or even conceive, I'm sorry to say that it is possible that he could have been looking for a way out. I have already discussed 2008' to a great extent here, and its possible Michael was trying to escape then by going and living in an RV in Phoenix, Arizona. So why is it so hard to comprehend that he could have done this now? I realize some of us don't think he would do that to his fans, but let's face facts here; Michael really wasn't responsible for his fans or their actions. If you think he was then that seems pretty heartless on your part, because after all from where I am sitting, by saying that Michael Jackson is responsible for millions of people is a pretty hefty weight to place on the guy.  If it was a choice between his life and his well being, or being there for his fans, which do you think he should choose? Better yet, which one would you want him to choose?

Just something more to think about here...


  1. I am only just now beginning to learn abou these theories regarding the hoax death, and I have a few thoughts on the matter.

    First,if he did fake his own death, it is a brilliant move. People love him now more than ever, and if/when he decides to come back into the public eye, things will be different. Some people will be angry, some will feel betrayed, but I think most will understand his reasons for doing what he did, and will have spent so much time missing him and memorializing him that the awful events that happened in the few years prior to his "death" will be distant memories. He will have a chance to start anew.

    As for how his decision affected the fans, I don't know that keeping the fans stable ever was really his job. If he was pushed to such an extreme that he felt the need to fake his own death in order to escape a situation that seemed insurmountable any other way, I don't think his primary concern would be keeping his fans happy. All indicators point to Michael's life being in danger in the months leading up to his death, and he knew there were people out to get him. In light of that, even someone as sweet and loving as Michael Jackson would have to rearrange their priorities and put the fans further down the list.

    I appreciate that you pointed out Michael's humanity. Many of the things I've seen regarding this death hoax have turned him into some kind of messiah, and people are eagerly waiting for his resurrection, "keeping the faith," "believing in Michael Jackson." He's not a deity.He's a human being. An extraordinarily talented human being who was generous with his wealth and had a beautiful heart, but still a human being. I have no doubt that if indeed he has created this elaborate hoax, his emergence into the public eye will be spectacular, more earth shaking than the news of his death, and some will feel that their messiah has risen from the dead. But, he's not Jesus Christ. He's a man. I think people would do well to remember that. If he hasn't passed away yet, he is going to eventually, as that is just the course of things. He is not immortal. He's not perfect. He's not without his flaws and frailties.

    It would be nice if he were still alive. After seeing the items presented as evidence, I would say that this spectacular hoax is something that only Michael could pull off with such finesse. He is a master of disguises. He is highly intelligent. He has been in the entertainment industry long enough to know how to feed the media misinformation and throw them off the trail, all the while using his skill as a performer, producer, director, and artist to create a labyrinthine trail which even the most seasoned of conspiracy theorists would have difficulty following. Really, if this is what's going on, it is brilliant.

    All of that said, there is no doubt that many people still feel the loss, even nearly four years after his (alleged) death. I know that I still miss him, I have difficulty watching videos of him because I think it is so incredibly sad that his life was cut so short, if that's really what happened. He made the world a better and brighter place just by being part of it, and his absence is felt. In consideration of that, I think it would be easy to get to a place of harboring hope that he's not really gone, he's alive and well, perhaps hiding in plain sight and awaiting the right time to unveil the truth. I know my heart would ache less just knowing he's alright. But ... I think it's something that only time will tell.

    If he is alive, I hope he's feeling peaceful, rested, and happy. For the first time since he was a child, he's free to just live his life without everyone asking for a piece of him. I wish I could hug him, but I'm also glad he's in a place where he is out of the reach of the media and the fans. He deserves that. If that's what's going on, anyway.

    1. Thanks for your comment and insights.