Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are We Painting Michael Jackson In a Bad Light On This Blog?

I have received some messages from people visiting this blog that were less than happy with what was being written here. Some have accused me of painting Michael Jackson as heartless because I have delved into the death hoax. According to them I am out to get Michael Jackson and that I am making Michael look heartless because Michael would never do such a thing to his fans as fake his death. Some even have accused me only of trying to profit off Michael by doing this blog, and questioning what kind of a researcher I am. All right, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Just like I am entitled to mine. I do want to go on record as saying that, yes it does seem like I spend a great deal of time on him staging his death here then I do on other possibilities, but that has to do with the fact that this is the subject of the blog, Death Hoax or Not. We are not the only ones who have gone into this subject, most of this blog has been inspired by things that have been brought up by other believers on the Internet or those who now call themselves knower's because they now feel they know he's alive. I won't go that far, I am now somewhat of a believer as many of you know, but I am more determined to get to the truth in whatever actually happened to him more than anything. This is what I want the most, because as I stated in other blog entries, we still have not heard the truth as of yet. 

Now if I were doing this for profit I would need to get out of this blog and fast because in the year since this blog began I have made less than five dollars doing this, not exactly breaking the bank here, folks. Let's face it if I wanted money from this I would have stopped awhile back, but that's not what this is all about.  

I am out here searching for the truth and I'm sure many of you are as well.  I mean why else would you be out here reading this blog, right? But as actor, Jack Nicholson said in his very memorable quote in the movie "A Few Good Men" when Tom Cruise told his character I want the Truth, to which Nicholson responded "You can't handle the truth." Perhaps that's why some of you are upset about what is being written here.  Let's face it, if we actually do find the truth, one way or the other it may be too hard to deal with for some of us.
(CLICK video clip below to see this memorable scene from "A Few Good Men")
But the question still remains, am I painting Michael Jackson as a heartless individual for wanting to stage his own death? Do I think Michael was a bad person if he in fact did this? To be honest, no I don't think any ill of Michael, I think he was a human being who tried to do the right thing, (regardless of how some wanted to paint him) and I think he was someone who wanted to do good. But notice that one of the first words I used to describe Michael was human being. Human beings aren't perfect, I know some of us want to see Michael as perfect, with a beam of light emanating from him.  Let's face it for some he was bigger than life, I'm sorry to tell you this but Michael wasn't a saint he was a human being, and he did have his faults. One of these was his desire to be perfect, or as he stated to interviewer, Oprah Winfrey back in 1993', "I'm a perfectionist, I'm never happy.", (yes that's a fault believe it or not).  He could also have a short temper, and could vent like the rest of us when backed up against the wall because he was human.
(CLICK video below to see a few examples).

It was also interesting to hear singer, Madonna eulogize him at the BET Awards as being a human being. (CLICK HERE to watch). 

Now it has been stated that Michael wouldn't fake his death because of his fans, that if he did he caused the death of 12 fans who committed suicide, (or so it's been said on the Internet, funny how CNN news never reported this). Now if Michael did decide to stage his own death would he have known that his fans would be so devastated that some would commit suicide? Yes, Michael knew even before his death that he still had some fan support, after all there were those who stood outside the gates of his Carol wood home showing their love for him practically on a daily basis, and he did sell out the concerts at the 02 arena fifty times over. But, was this enough to make Michael truly believe that he was still greatly loved? Remember this is a man who last performed in 2001' and after that faced a living hell by being accused of Child Molestation. A man who went through a very humiliating trial with a great deal of public scrutiny, and even after he was found innocent the court of public opinion still labeled him guilty. He was someone who dealt with people always coming after him, wanting a piece of Michael Jackson. He dealt with lawsuits galore, some over the stupidest of things like he looked at them the wrong way. (I kid you not here). 

So given what he was up against from the public, from the fact that he felt like he could be shunned by the public if he were less than perfect, the fact that he had severe outstanding debts, to which some of us could never even comprehend or even conceive, I'm sorry to say that it is possible that he could have been looking for a way out. I have already discussed 2008' to a great extent here, and its possible Michael was trying to escape then by going and living in an RV in Phoenix, Arizona. So why is it so hard to comprehend that he could have done this now? I realize some of us don't think he would do that to his fans, but let's face facts here; Michael really wasn't responsible for his fans or their actions. If you think he was then that seems pretty heartless on your part, because after all from where I am sitting, by saying that Michael Jackson is responsible for millions of people is a pretty hefty weight to place on the guy.  If it was a choice between his life and his well being, or being there for his fans, which do you think he should choose? Better yet, which one would you want him to choose?

Just something more to think about here...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 5 of 5)

Okay, so we've come to the last part of the question, "Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time in Order To Escape"?  This question still keeps me up at night.  When you think of all of the coincidences that this issue has brought up you can't help but question all of the things we've all witnessed before and after Michael Jackson's death.  I was thinking about when I first started writing this blog about a year ago and I was looking at some of my past blog entries and the one thing I thought was interesting was that the information in many of the articles that I have written is that over time the information has seemed to change.  Why is that?  What is it about all of this that the information never seems to stay accurate and precise?  Why is it that the story constantly changes, and why is it that after almost three years since Michael's supposed death that he and his family are still very much in the news?  What is it about all of this that just doesn't make it cut and dry if someone is in fact dead here?

Of course, the questions still linger in my mind to why he might have faked his death, if he in fact actually did this, and if he will ever come back?  Now, don't get me wrong I have to admit here right now that there is still a part of me that does wonder if Michael Jackson might have met with foul play.  This is still something we all might have to consider. This is also something that still weighs heavily on my mind.

So in this blog entry I'm going to start from what I call the beginning to where I was when I heard Michael Jackson was dead.  It was the morning of June 25, 2009 and I was on summer vacation from the school where I taught and it started out like any other day.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and headed out to my living room and turned on the television.  It wasn't more than a half hour and the news was announcing the death of actress, Farrah Fawcett.  It was reported that Farrah died at 9:28 a.m. after fighting a long battle with cancer.  What was interesting about this was it wasn't much more time later that Conrad Murray stated in his documentary that Michael was asking for propofol because he hadn't slept all night.  Did Michael know about Farrah Fawcett dying at this time?  It would make some sense if he wasn't sleeping that he might have been watching television and heard the news report about her passing.

Click below to watch Conrad Murray's statement about this:
If you've been reading my blog then you know I've done several articles on Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett in my belief that he might have chosen this date to take some of the news heat off of her.  Some may not like me inferring that Michael wanted to take all the news off of her, but as I stated in those past blog entries about this, if he did I believe he would have done it to help her and not to hurt her, because it seemed like every time the news media talked about her they couldn't get off the fact that her son, Redmond was in jail for drugs.  So I think that if Michael Jackson chose this date maybe it had some significance to this, and not just being one of those coincidences once again.

Now let's talk about the above video for a little bit.  This piece of video has some holes in it when Murray says that Alberto Alvarez shows up at the bedroom doorway and asks him what happened.  Murray tells him I need help, call 911 he isn't breathing.  Now my question is what happened to the phone that Murray was using to make calls to his girlfriends and patients with earlier? 

This piece of the documentary doesn't make sense, but then none of this does, but yet Murray must have had a phone to call Michael's assistant, Michael Amir, right?  I understand he did this when I saw his phone records in his court trial. Why didn't he just call 9-1-1 instead of Michael Amir?  The last time I checked the numbers 9-1-1 appears on every phone, so what gives here?  Why wasn't any of this questioned in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial? 

Now let's talk about Kai Chase, the chef in all of this shall we. Kai Chase stated in her court testimony that Murray came downstairs calling for help and asking for security and for Prince.  Now I assume all of this happened before security guard, Alberto Alvarez even got into the house and went upstairs.  So why didn't Murray ask her to call 9-1-1?

This just utterly sounds ridiculous when she says Murray came downstairs yelling for help and to get security and to get Prince.  Then what does she do she goes gets Prince and then says she went back to work! (WHAT)!!!! 

Click below to watch Kai Chase testify to this:
Does she know how stupid this sounds?  I don't understand this woman.  Think about it she runs to get Prince and then she goes back to work.  I mean, she tells Prince that Dr. Murray needs him and that something is wrong with his father, but what is she basing this on?  I don't recall anywhere in this testimony that she asked Murray what was wrong, so how did she know what to tell Prince?  Then there is the other question I have, why didn't she get security after she got Prince?  Kai Chase has given many interviews after this and her story has constantly changed.  One of the biggest things she says is the kids never went upstairs, but it was stated by Murray in his documentary ("Michael Jackson and the Doctor"), and also it was stated by Alberto Alvarez in his court testimony that Prince and Paris were upstairs.  Also, where was their nanny in all of this?  If this didn't sound stupid enough she gave an interview on CNN, "Larry King Live" basically adhering to all of this:
Click below to watch Kai Chase interview on "Larry King Live":
This is just a few samples of inconsistencies that I found throughout the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial and other interviews.  Believe me there are a lot more, and I will be presenting them to you during other blog entries.  Just these few inconsistencies have made me question what was truly going on.  Do all these inconsistencies mean that Michael might have been making his great escape and didn't coach these people well enough?  Now I know there are some of you reading this blog probably yelling at this screen for me even remotely thinking that Michael Jackson would have created this elaborate plan and faked his death.  Yes, I can understand why you would feel this way.  Some of you may think that I might be heartless towards Michael Jackson in thinking he would do this.  Some people think he would not have done this to his fans. The truth is I have no animosity towards Michael in any way.  Do I personally think he faked his death?  As I stated there is a strong possibility, but I want you all to know that I am a smart enough person to know that the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial obviously showed us, if anything that there is some kind of cover-up going on.  Yes, my percentage rate has changed in favor of Michael being alive, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.  The real truth is I would hate to think that someone would take out this incredible, talented, gentle, loving man.  So with that in mind, although this blog might seem to lean on Michael Jackson faking his death and possibly escaping from all of the stress he was under, I want you all to remember this blog is called: Death Hoax or NOT for a reason.
So with all of that in mind don't think for one minute that I'm not about finding out the truth in all of this, because let's face it I'm sure we can all agree that we haven't heard the truth as of yet, right? 
So for Michael's sake let's all keep searching for that truth.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 4 of 5)

In my previous blog entry I went into the people who could have been directly involved in Michael Jackson possibly staging his death. After all if Michael did do this, he was going to need help, so there were those who would have to play a part. There were also those that Michael would want to know the truth because he would never want to hurt them by making them believe he was actually dead, (such as; his family and closest friends). But were there others who might have been involved or inadvertently involved (which means they were involved without knowing it). Another question I have is could there have been others involved after the fact. Here are some of the people who might have played a part, some without knowing it, and those who found out after the fact but now must be trusted with the secret.

Cherilyn Lee: She was the nutritionist nurse who stepped forward a few weeks after Michael Jackson's supposed death claiming that the music icon wanted an anesthetic called propofol from her.  It sounded so ludicrous at the time that no one actually believed her story.  Most people thought she just wanted to get her fifteen minutes.  Then little did any of us know the supposed autopsy came back stating that Jackson had died from an overdose of propofol.  Although, throughout all of this Lee's story has changed somewhat, not as much as Alberto Alvarez or Kai Chase, but there have been some discrepancies in her remarks. But for the most part Lee has said that Michael called her regarding the propofol and about not feeling well shortly before his death. So was Lee involved? Well this is definitely a gray area where I am concerned, but it's possible that she was involved. It's also possible that Michael might have used her as I said in a previous blog entry to bear witness to the fact that he intended to use this drug or give the illusion of said use.

June Gatlin: Michael's spiritual advisor around this time. She has said that Michael feared his financial advisor Dr. Tohme, and that he had been threatened with death and destruction by the man. Did he tell her what he planned to do? Hard to say but she did come forward with this information about her sessions with Michael, and the woman was only all too willing to playing a tape recording of Jackson voicing his concerns about this man.

Nicole Alvarez: No relation to Alberto Alvarez, not that I know of, but the live-in girlfriend of Conrad Murray. She also probably gave one of the most memorable court testimonies during the Involuntary Manslaughter trial, not for being relevant or for giving good information but for hamming it up on the witness stand. There were even members of the press who said this woman was acting like she was auditioning for an acting part, instead of giving testimony to a serious crime. So did she know?  Well let me put it to you this way if this woman thought Michael Jackson was really dead she sure didn't show any remorse over it, she seemed actually giddy on the witness stand while talking about meeting him. (Say what?)  If she was such a fan she claimed I can't imagine that a person would  be all giddy about this knowing that the man was now dead, would you? There were a few things that did come from Alvarez that should give you something to think about. First of all, she talked about how Murray reassured her from the ambulance on June 25, 2009, that everything was okay and to not  be alarmed about what she might be hearing from the news media.

(Click below video to watch her statement)

Odd thing to say, don't you all think?  I know some of us don't want to alarm people, but Murray could of at least said that he didn't know anything at the moment, and that he'd let her know when he had more information.  I can't imagine you telling someone you're living with everything is okay when it isn't. Then she also mentioned that Murray had been going over to Michael's house since 2008' and sometimes stayed there till the next day. (Did Dr. Tohme know about this)? Anyway, at the same token is this really a woman that someone should trust with such a secret, it's almost like trusting Latoya with the body, (sorry but from what I have seen of Nicole Alvarez so far she isn't someone I would trust to keep this secret if Michael Jackson is still in fact very much alive).  The other thing I found interesting about her testimony is how she never once acknowledged that Michael Jackson was dead or that she had any remorse over it, if anything she acted like everything was fine.  It's very interesting testimony to watch and listen to, and if you have time to watch it all CLICK HERE to do so. (She starts to testify around the time of:  22:25).  And then there is another video that continues her testimony. (CLICK HERE).  I think the other interesting thing here is the Assistant D.A. Ms. Brazil ending her questioning when she did.  She just asked whether Conrad Murray made his way home in the evening on June 25, 2009 and after Alvarez says yes, Ms. Brazil asked the judge if she could have a minute, which she is granted, and then she comes back with no further questions your honor.  (SAY WHAT!)  I don't understand how she could have ended her questioning right there.  Why didn't she ask her what Conrad Murray told her if anything in regards to Michael Jackson and what happened that day?

So I have to go back to my original question of, "Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape?"  Well, let me put it to you this way with the amount of people who have changed their stories, and who can't seem to keep their story straight, and knowing about the financial agreement that Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme whether he was alive or dead does make one wonder, right?  And, then knowing about what some people have said about Michael like Corey Rooney (ex-Sony executive), stating that Jackson told him he never wanted to do a concert tour again because it would kill him.  Some might say it obviously did kill him, but from what I've gathered from many of Michael's security personnel that he was a highly intelligent guy, (regardless of what the news media wanted us to believe about him), so I can't imagine that he would allow Conrad Murray to give him propofol for forty straight nights and not know that he had a problem, (if this indeed did happen as stated in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial).  If Michael had been that desperate I would think that he would have put the brakes on all of this and decide to vacate from the problem, wouldn't you all think so?  His ex-public relations manager, Bob Jones stated in his tell all "Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask", that Jackson always knew how to get out of something if he needed to.  Now whether I give much credence to this book, this part does have some merit. 

One more thing to consider here and that is Conrad Murray.  Can you imagine a doctor giving someone propofol for forty straight nights and not know you have a problem on your hands.  I mean, when you listen to Murray's past patients you would have thought the man walked on water.  They sang that man's praises as if he were the best doctor in the world.  Does this sound like the same Conrad Murray we all met during all of this craziness?  If you ask me none of this makes sense, which is one of the reason I have become a believer in the death hoax.  The pieces to this puzzle are starting to come together and whatever the outcome I just know we haven't heard it all yet.

So stay tune for Part 5, which I'll discuss and show how the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial gave us many clues that this in fact is probably a hoax and that Death Hoax Believers should feel extremely hopeful with what I am about to share.  This is a part you don't want to miss.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 3 of 5)

In my previous blog entry I started to explore the fact that Michael Jackson could have been mapping out how to go about staging his death to get the most impact, and to be able to break free from those who had a strong hold over him.  I went into the actions that I think he might have taken.  Now, in this installment I want to go into who could have been involved in this elaborate plan.  After all, this was elaborate and Michael Jackson couldn't have pulled it off by himself, right?  You know he could have mapped it out, thought it out, cooked up the plan, but he could not have pulled it off all by himself.  I'm sure we can all agree on that.

So with all of this in mind, who do you think he might have trusted enough to help him pull this off, and who would he want to know that he wasn't really dead when this all came down the beaten path?  Now, please remember that this is all speculation on my part.  I've come to these conclusions because of the relationships these people have had with Michael and some of the actions they have displayed before and after his supposed death.
So here is my listing of the people that I feel could have been involved:

The Jackson Family: I have gone into the actions of the Jackson's many times on this blog.  There have been a lot of questionable statements and actions made by this family, such as Latoya Jackson being given custody of Michael's body.  Then there is Jermaine saying that Michael on the day of his supposed death arriving at the airport and then correcting himself with the hospital.  These are just a few things that have been in question by this family.  As for Michael's kids, some of their actions have also been questionable.  I know that people grieve differently, but there hasn't been much emotion shown by these kids, other than Paris, (the budding actress of the group).  Do I need to say more?   And, let's not forget that since Michael's supposed death this family has basically rejuvenated their careers.  I mean, just look at the fact that recently it was reported that the Jackson brothers are going on tour this summer after almost a twenty plus absence from performing together.  I'm sure you can all see the advantages to this family keeping this secret if Michael Jackson is in fact still alive, right?  There's a lot of money to be made here, don't kid yourself.

Kenny Ortega: I think Ortega could have been involved.  I mean, in the previous entry I talked about how he had agreed to go along with Michael in wanting to film the rehearsals. My understanding is this cost an estimated 30 million dollars to do. You read that right, millions not thousands. I can't imagine anyone with Ortega's production experience going along with such a thing, knowing that it was only for Michael's personal library. Now, I believe he would have done it if he knew that it would end up in some form of film production, to which it ultimately did in the film documentary "This Is It." Also, I love how he went around for months after Michael's death saying there was never any signs that anything was wrong with Michael physically, and then later he goes to court in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial, and says, "oh yeah there was a day where Michael wasn't feeling well," as if it were an afterthought.  If you ask me this was strange and very peculiar behavior.

Conrad Murray: The doctor at the heart of whatever happened to Michael Jackson. I think he is definitely involved in this cover up if Michael Jackson did indeed stage his own death. In all the time I have heard Conrad Murray make statements to the press, and in his horrid little documentary, ("Michael Jackson and the Doctor"), there was one thing he said that struck me as probably the most genuine thing that ever came out of his mouth. Murray said that he would never betray Michael's trust. The fact he would say this in his documentary I thought was ironic at the time, but there is something in his facial expression that makes me think that this is probably the most sincere thing this man has said since all of this craziness began.

(Click below to watch his statement).
Now, I know most of you are probably saying, that betraying Michael is all he has done since Jackson's supposed death, but when you watch a statement like this you start to wonder if he has in fact betrayed Michael up to this point or whether he was willing to go to great lengths to help him with this elaborate plan.  There are not too many people who would be willing to go to jail to help a friend.  Ask yourself, would you do it for your friend?  Also, there was another interesting thing that Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez stated during her court testimony when she said that Murray called her from the ambulance on June 25, 2009 and told her that everything was okay and to disregard anything that the news media would be spilling out later in the day. Also, this is a man who swears up and down that he doesn't belong in jail, he did nothing wrong. Let's face it; if he did indeed play a part in helping Michael stage his death then he hasn't really done anything wrong in the way of involuntary manslaughter, now has he, other than helping a friend, right?

David Walgren: The District Attorney in Los Angeles. So how did he get involved? Well let's say just for speculation purposes that Walgren got involved because he wanted a much bigger fish that he has yet to catch, but a fish that has had Michael Jackson in a strong hold for quite awhile. So if Michael went to the good D.A. and told him that he knew how to trap said fish if he would play along. Maybe Walgren agreed to do so and went about mapping out his part in this so called elaborate operation, which included the police, the paramedics, the hospital staff, and the coroner's office in order for it to all work. Now why does Walgren want to keep Conrad Murray in jail if he knows the truth? Simple, to protect Murray, as things stand, if Murray got out of jail he could cause havoc amongst a very volatile pro-Jackson public because right now he is known as the man who killed Michael Jackson.

John Branca: Another part of the elaborate operation that Michael went about forming with David Walgren. Suddenly a week before Michael's death he hires Branca back on as his lawyer, and he is made executor of Michael's Last Will and Testament. (Talk about convenient timing) Many believe this Last Will and Testament isn't real, and I have to wonder myself. I would go into the questionable things about the Will but we have all seen it or heard about it so I won't do this here. No, I would rather discuss another document that has been made public by Branca and the Jackson family not too long ago. This document is an agreement that gave Dr. Tohme a percentage of all of Michael's earnings whether he was alive or dead. So now a lawsuit has been filed, not by Dr. Tohme but by the Jackson family regarding this, so is this at the heart of why Michael might have staged his own death, only time will tell.  It should be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

Michael's Close Friends: Yes, there were close friends, regardless of what has been said by Murray and Tohme in interviews. One such friend was Elizabeth Taylor, (and notice that how except on Twitter); she made very few, if any statements regarding Michael's death. She didn't go to his memorial, but to his funeral, and I might add what I saw of her on the feed we were given she didn't look like someone who just lost her dearest and closest friend, but someone who seemed happy and relieved. The same could be said about actor, McCauley Culkin, Michael's long time friend, who also went to the funeral looking like he was attending a Michael Jackson concert. Add to this Liza Minnelli, another close friend of Michael's making a statement shortly after his supposed death that when everyone found out the truth they would be stunned, and then Miko Brando showing up on Larry King acting like he was there to talk about Michael's career. Not really showing any emotion about the fact that his closest friend who was like a brother to him had just died. At least Miko could be found, there was no sign of singer, Diana Ross, the only close friend mentioned in Michael's Last Will and Testament. As stated in a previous blog entry, this woman was more than Michael's friend, she was his mentor in the music industry, like a second mother to him, yet after he died she didn't even make a simple statement about how distraught she was.  I mean, she basically said nothing. I was about to have her put on a milk carton as missing, that's how bad it was, she was nowhere, and no one heard one word from her. So where was she? Some have speculated that she was with Michael helping him get settled wherever he actually was, you have to wonder. Then there is singer, Donny Osmond, who was Michael's child hood friend. Donny made a few interviews, although, he did show some emotion. But to be honest I think he has shown far more emotion over the recent death of music mogul, Dick Clark who was in his late seventies then he did over the untimely death of Michael. Also, have you noticed how Donny can't seem to shut up about Michael? I know about Michael hiding out in an RV in Phoenix, Arizona because of a recent interview Donny did. Why is he dwelling on something that occurred three years ago is beyond me, unless Michael wants him to, and told him to inform us of this occurrence?  For what reason, I can't answer that right now.

Michael's Household Staff: We have all seen Chef, Kai Chase do interview after interview, right?  I saw her testify in court to the events of June 25, 2009. My conclusion about the things she has said is that either this woman is on some serious anti-depressant medication that makes her a robot in regards to all of this, or she is just a very bad actress. Seriously, there is just no other way to explain someone who would go get an adolesant boy (Prince), and send him upstairs with a distraught doctor who just came downstairs screaming for help. Then instead of calling security or 911 she just goes back to work as if nothing was going on and acting totally sedated about the whole thing. Then there is Security Head of Logistics, Alberto Alvarez, I wish this man could actually get his story straight about what happened in that room on June 25, 2009 when he entered and stated he found an unconscious Michael and Murray standing over him.  This man constantly changes his story. I especially loved how he and the Paramedics contradicted each other in court. Alvarez said that he and Murray placed Michael on the floor, it was even on the 911 recording. Then the paramedics said they came into the room and found Michael lying in bed. So apparently if I am to believe both of these sources, Alvarez and Murray put Michael on the floor.  So what happened did they all of a sudden decide he didn't look comfortable there so they put him back on the bed, or did they just not put him on the floor to start with the way they were advised to do so from the 911 operator? (Strange, right) I'm sure you can see how silly this all sounds.

(Click below to watch video)
So these are some people I suspect could have been involved in Michael's death hoax and why. Do I think they have all stepped up to what they needed to do in all of this? Well I went into how absurd his household staff sounded. Was this all deliberate so that fans would see the holes and know that Michael is still indeed alive? The same with the Jackson family, there have been slip ups galore. And, on what planet does Latoya get custody of the body? So maybe everyone needed to be briefed a little better in their roles in all of this because very few have so far come across believable, which is why I think the death hoax continues.

So no matter what you might believe I'm sure you can at least agree with me when I say that whatever is going on and with all of the many coincidences there has been, there has got to be more to this then Michael Jackson is dead, right?

So stay tune for Part 4, where I'll continue what I believe when I say that Michael Jackson was just buying his time before his great escape, and why I think I am on the right track in thinking this.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part 2 of 5)

Ian Halperin
Author, Ian Halperin was quoted as saying that he believed that Michael Jackson would be dead in six months time. Now, once again I want all of you to do the math; this was December of 2008' when he predicted this, and we all know that six months later Michael Jackson was supposedly dead. Was this a lucky guess, or just a coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not. Of course, I don't think Halperin is psychic, far from it, but I think he might have played a huge part in what could have transpired. No, I don't think he went to Michael's house and took him out just to be proven right, but I do think his prediction might have given Michael the idea, if he did in fact stage his own death.  Let me explain what I believe might have happened and then you can decide for yourself whether it seems plausible.  Remember this is just speculation on my part.

Now, we have established in more than one blog that at one point in 2008' Michael was probably hiding out in an RV in Phoenix, AZ. At least that's what singer, Donny Osmond claimed.  My question is when was he doing this, and why was he doing this? Yes, Donny Osmond stated that Michael called him and told him he was hiding out because there was just too much stress around him, Right?  Well, we also know that if you've been reading my blog that I have researched and reported on the fact that 2008' was the year Michael had more than his fair share of idiots either stalking him (Pfeiffer), trying to control him (Tohme), or seeing what they could get out of him (Murray), so maybe Michael wanted to get away from all of this. (I know I would want to, wouldn't you)?  Also, let's not forget the financial burdens that Michael was living with also.  So he obviously had his reasons for going into hiding. The only problem with him going into hiding is it didn't solve anything. It's like most of us taking to our beds depressed after losing a job, or some other loss in our lives, it doesn't solve nothing, and it certainly doesn't change your life for the better. Michael had what was reported as a 400 million dollar debt to think about, but he felt trapped, and rightfully so. There probably didn't seem to be a way out, right?

Now, think about this if you were hiding out and you hear author, Ian Halperin's comment about you being deathly ill and that you probably only had six months to live, and instead of being mad or shaking your head at the utter stupidity of the man, Michael might have started thinking. What if you could actually make this prediction come true? What if he could die in six months time?  He would then know all of his problems would finally be over once and for all. So he sat down and started to map out his strategy of how to go about staging his death. He had to make sure that it was done in a way that would give him notoriety in the public. So, that when he died, there would be a huge cash out from his music and memorabilia. He also had to map it out so that he could be free once and for all, and his family would also be protected from the threat of the person who was controlling him, namely Dr. Tohme. He could also align himself with people he knew he could trust from the past, knowing they would be there after he disappeared.

So, Michael Jackson decides to go to Kenny Ortega with AEG and tell him that he wants to make a comeback.  After all, he had worked with Ortega before and knew that he was a reliable, dependable source.  So a short time later he has a huge press conference announcing the performances at the 02 Arena, (although it's been established this wasn't him, but an impersonator who made the announcement).  He starts rehearsals for the concerts. He goes back to his former manager, Frank Dileo, who helps Jackson by telling him what to do to get rid of Dr. Tohme.   He fires Dr. Tohme, and he gets back together with his former attorney, John Branca just a week before his supposed death.

                                               (Watch Video Below)
So there was AEG, Dileo, and Branca all back in Michael's life. Now you can say what you want about all of them, but I have never witnessed anything that tells me they ever operated in a way that wasn't in Michael's best interest. I can't say the same for Dr. Tohme, can you?  Now, before anyone starts in about the fifty concerts in row, let me just clarify here that they weren't in a row, and second, Michael agreed to them. (Even though I know some of his family members claimed otherwise), which was also odd when you stop to think about it, but I now believe that Michael never had any intention of doing any of these concerts at the 02. The reason I think this is that he told a former representative from Sony Music, Corey Rooney that if he ever toured again it would kill him.  I think Michael was a smart enough guy to know when and how to get out of something.  At least that's what Michael's former Public Relations employee, Bob Jones claimed.  I don't put a lot of stock in what a disgruntled employee has to say generally, but in this case this did make sense to me.  So what did it matter if he agreed to 50 concerts or even a 100, it wasn't part of his plan to do a single one.  I believe Michael Jackson was just buying his time before he made his escape, and he needed to do it without raising suspicion.  He also I'm sure wanted to make sure that his outstanding debts would be taken care of whether he did these concerts or not.                        

                                                (Watch Video Below)

The other reason I believe he had no intention of doing these concerts, was the fact that he had AEG film all of the rehearsals. Why did he have them do this? For that matter, why did Kenny Ortega let him? This wasn't a cheap process. I don't buy for a second it was for his personal library. Come on he never did this before, and also no one spends millions of dollars to do something like this, and then have others go along with it for their own personal collection. Do you know how stupid that sounds? Of course, you do but how convenient it was that this footage didn't go to waste, that it became the film documentary "This Is IT". So did Kenny Ortega know that Michael was buying his time, and went along with it knowing that in the end AEG wouldn't be empty handed, that they would make back their money and then some? It's possible, let's face it if Michael did pull off the staging of his death he needed help in doing so, from those he felt he could trust.

In Part 3 of this blog entry I will go into who those people could have actually been and why they could have been involved. So stay tune.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Was Michael Jackson Just Buying His Time In Order To Escape? (Part1 of 5)

We have covered a whole lot of bases as to whether Michael Jackson staged his death and why he might have done it. We have explored the possibility that maybe he might not have staged his death but met with foul play. This is still a good possibility as well. But, I truly believe if this were the case it wouldn't explain some of the odd occurrences that occurred prior to the day of his suppose death.  Now if you've taken the time to think these things out as I have then I'm sure you will agree with me that some very odd things occurred and that this is probably the reason why a large number of people are suspicious about whether or not Michael Jackson is really dead.  The news organization "TMZ" referred to Michael's death as strange as his life.  Now some of us might have found this offensive, but I felt they hit the nail right on the head with that statement. Think about it, Michael's death was strange, and so were the things that took place before it, and then after it.  Heck, we're still dealing with some of it as I write this blog entry.  Who knows what will happen with the lawsuit that the Jackson family has against Dr. Tohme Tohme, and the financial agreement he had with Michael in regards to a part of his financial profits entitlement, whether Jackson was alive or dead.

I did a previous blog about the, "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008' that went into some odd  and contradicting behavior of those who were around Michael during this time leading up to 2009'.   When I think about all of the things that happened in 2008' which led up to Michael Jackson's supposed death in June of 2009', I sometime feel like I have a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces laying around.  I feel like I need to put these pieces together in order to get to the truth of what truly happened back on June 25, 2009' when we all heard that dreadful news that Michael Jackson was dead. 

Well, the one thing I have discovered through researching 2008' that I can sort of put a few pieces of the puzzle together.  Although, I have to admit here that what I am about to share with all of you is still just speculation on my part, but I can still see the rationale behind what I'm about to tell you, and you'll have to decide for yourself if it makes sense to you.

First, if you haven't read my blog entries Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', you might want to do that before continuing to read this blog entry.  Believe me by reading those three parts this entry will make more sense to you.

So let's discuss some of the puzzle pieces that I think sort of fit together.  The first puzzle piece is Dr. Tohme Tohme.  If you read my blog entries on "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', then you must know that Dr. Tohme was introduced to Michael by his brother Jermaine in the summer of 2008' because it was claimed that Michael was in need of financial help in saving his home, "Neverland" from foreclosure.  Dr. Tohme assured Jackson that he could save his home.  (Interesting, when you think about this the way the news media always acted as if Michael hated Neverland after all that had happened there with the suspicion of child molestation and the police raids that occurred there).  I guess the media didn't get this right, because my understanding is Dr. Tohme Tohme did find a backer to save Neverland from foreclosure.  Yes, Michael hasn't lived there since his 2005' trial, but he still owns a part of it.  I still believe he intended to one day go back there to live.

So here we are with Dr. Tohme Tohme entering Michael Jackson's life in the summer of 2008'.  But, then it didn't take very long before we heard after Michael's supposed death from his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin in an interview about Michael on the "Today" show program telling her he was afraid of this man and what he might be capable of doing. Once again, we have another puzzle piece.  She had a taped message that was recorded on September 23, 2008' where he voices all of his concerns about this man. Whatever was going on here we can at least put Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme on opposite sides of each other.  June Gatlin was quoted in this interview as stating that Michael was deathly afraid of this man.  She said that Michael told her that he didn't like him. He didn't trust him.  That he was mean, and that he was trying to separate him from everything and everybody he loved.  What was interesting in this interview was the reporter reporting this story, (Jeff Rosen), when he makes the comment that "Michael is frightened, and is looking for a way out."

It was stated by several people that Dr. Tohme Tohme
had complete control over Michael Jackson.
(Pictured:  Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme)
I feel that these two puzzle pieces we could definitely put together.  June Gatlin also stated in this interview that Dr. Tohme Tohme had taken over Michael's life completely.  I can definitely put this together with something Michael's manager, Frank Dileo stated in an interview that Michael had given the man his power of attorney.  Now, I don't know about many of you but not too many people would give power of attorney over to someone they hardly know.  Would you?  Think about this.  Just how mean and threatening was this man?  The bigger question is if Michael was afraid of this man, then you would have to believe on some level that the man either had something over him, had threatened him or his family in some way along the line. (I don't think I'm wrong in thinking this, do you)?  I have a lingering question here that keeps going through my brain, and that is did Michael ever share his fear of this man with his brother, Jermaine who had originally introduced him to Dr. Tohme? (Click below to watch another video I created about the above subject)

The next puzzle piece is a little harder for me to put together because although, Dr. Tohme Tohme claimed he was the only one in Michael's life at that time if you read: "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008', then you must know Dr. Conrad Murray was around Michael during this time also.  So you can see the contradictions between the two men and what they were saying during this time.  In fact, in court testimony I discovered that his live in girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez admitted to meeting Michael in 2008' shortly before the birth of her son.  Now, my understanding is her son was born in early February of 2009'.  My question here is did Dr. Tohme Tohme know about Dr. Conrad Murray and vice versa.  In Dr. Conrad Murray's documentary he did during his Involuntary Manslaughter trial (Titled: "Michael Jackson and the Doctor"), he tells a story that Michael Jackson told him he considered him his only friend.  Now before any of you start gagging and shaking your head, I have to wonder if Michael did in fact tell Murray this.  Think about it, if you were being threatened by someone like Dr. Tohme Tohme who was trying to keep you from everyone you loved you might say just about anything to someone who for whatever reason managed to break through and get to you.  So did Dr. Tohme Tohme let Michael see Dr. Murray because maybe Jackson stated he needed a doctor and Tohme couldn't see any reason to deny him medical care?  Think about another side to this, during this time news media, Michael's bodyguards, and even fans who stood outside the gates of his Carolwood house stated that Michael would leave almost every day to visit his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.  Was Michael doing this to get away from Dr. Tohme and his control?  Just some questions I think you all might want to think about before my next blog installment on this subject. (If you didn't watch my video clip that I linked to in, "Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008"- Part 2, that I created on which covers these subjects you can still watch it by CLICKING HERE).

So stay tune for Part 2, where I will try to fill in another puzzle piece that I think will fit together with all of the information I stated so far in this entry.  I will also explain why I think Michael Jackson was buying his time before he made his escape.  There is evidence to substantiate this claim.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Is Michael Jackson's Last Album Giving Us a Message That We Need to Pay Attention To?"

Recently, I was out on just surfing around to see what fans were reporting about the Michael Jackson Death Hoax, and while I was doing this I was watching a video which had a song playing that I discovered was on Michael Jackson's posthumous album, "Michael".  The song is "Breaking News".  Now I have to admit that I hadn't bought this last album because I heard from fans and even Michael's own family that some of the songs on the album were not Michael's voice singing.  So with that information I decided not to buy it.  Anyway, back to "Breaking News", there is a line in this song that says, "He wanna write my obituary."  Let me repeat that line, "He wanna write my obituary."   I was really curious to know why Michael would write this kind of a line in a song, and the bigger question I have is who is HE referring to that wants to write his obituary? (CLICK HERE to listening to the song and to read the lyrics).

I went out to research when Michael Jackson supposedly wrote and recorded this song and I found out it was sometime in 2007', so I'm not too sure what was going on in this year that made  Michael write the lyrics of someone trying to write his obituary, so hearing that song and those words made me pause.

Now I realize this song that Michael Jackson supposedly wrote along the way that I probably shouldn't put so much stock in it, but it is quite obvious that he wrote it specifically about himself.  So when you hear something like: "He wanna write my obituary", and you know that we were told that Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 under some strange conditions, I just couldn't take this lightly.

I also can't forget Michael's "History Album" where he wrote a song called, "Tabloid Junkie", where there are a couple lines that he wrote in that song which reads: "Just because you read it in a magazine, or see it on the T.V. screen don't make it factual".  (CLICK HERE to hear song).

Michael Jackson I am sure you would all agree was quite an amazing composer, and when he had something to say and voice out loud he could definitely find the right words to write in his songs.  I'm sure most of you would agree to that, right?  So my question Michael Jackson in some way trying to tell us something with this posthumous album?

Let me explain a little more about why I'm asking all of you this question.  In a past blog entry I wrote about a woman named, Sharon Sidney, who was a fan that stated she was outside the gates of Michael's Carol wood home on the day Michael Jackson was supposedly taken out of the house by an ambulance on June 25, 2009.  This fan appeared on HLN cable television network show which was hosted by Jane Velez Mitchell.  In this interview she claimed that she didn't think that Michael was dead but was given a drug to make him appear dead.  She also said that she thought he had been kidnapped for the reason of being a music slave.  Now at the time when I first heard her say this I have to admit I thought this was totally ridiculous and I had a good laugh.  (CLICK HERE to watch interview).  

So with all of this in mind, I'm asking you all again, do you think that Michael in some way is trying to give us some kind of message or clue in this album about whether he faked his death, or whether someone kidnapped him for the reasons that Sharon Sidney stated, because I've stopped laughing at her.  (I know this probably sounds like a lot of conspiracy talk, but I can't help it, I'm sure you all have to admit Michael died under some strange circumstances that no one ever heard of happening in a house).

There was also a time back that I wrote another blog entry about a fan thinking that Michael Jackson's lips on this same album had engraved in some way the words:  "I'm alive".  There were also fans who thought that the collage picture on the front of the album in some way was giving off messages.  Now whether I think this I haven't quite decided,  although, I have to agree with someone who stated that the large photo of Michael on this album cover shows the same kind of stripes in his clothing that we saw in the backdrop in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial where the court emblem was displayed.  (See photos below showing this comparison).
I don't know how many of you actually currently own this album, but if you do you might just want to study the songs and the lyrics and see if you can pick out any other message clues inside of it.  If you don't own the album, I'm not going to tell you that you should buy it because I don't really feel you need to.  You can (CLICK HERE to get a short review of each song on the album.  You can also go to and type in the search engine each of the song titles and listen to them out there.  The song titles on this album are:  "Hold My Hand", "Hollywood Tonight", "Keep Your Head Up", "(I like) The Way You Love Me", "Monster", "Best of Joy", "Breaking News", "Another Day", "Behind the Mask", "Much Too Soon". 

I have to admit one of the songs that have become a favorite of mine is, "Another Day", I've become highly addicted to this song and find that I've been playing it a lot.  I think it should be released as a single for radio play.  If you would like to purchase this album you can (CLICK HERE to do so).

So to end I have to tell you that I am definitely going to keep studying the lyrics to these songs and see if I can figure out if they are really clues being dropped on all of us in this album.  Another question to ponder is that there were ten songs selected by Sony music for this album, right?  So why did they pick these songs?  I mean, my understanding is they claimed they have over 200 Michael Jackson songs in their vault that Michael recorded at some time but decided not to put on any album that he had done in the past.  So I have to ask again the question on why  they chose these particular songs, especially since there had been so much controversy surrounding who was singing these songs on this album in the first place.

If any of you discover anything else in this album that I haven't mentioned here, please add a comment to this blog article below and share it with the rest of us.

Once again, just some more stuff for all of us to think about…