Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Was Conrad Murray Up To?..... (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous blog entry I went into the enigma that is Dr. Conrad Murray. I went into some odd things that were stated by him in that horrid documentary, "The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson" or "Michael Jackson and the Doctor", that was done by him and his defense team during his Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. I went into how things he said in the documentary didn't quite add up to things he would say and do later during the investigation into the supposed death of Michael Jackson. I say supposed because I can only hope that Michael isn't actually dead because I would hate to think that anyone could be so callous and heartless about their actions as Conrad Murray had been during and since the trial. He basically has shown no remorse and continues to act as if he has done nothing wrong.  He has even filed for an Appeal to his case. 

Think about this for a moment, all his past patients who talked about the man during his trial on how good a doctor he was. If what these people are saying is true then wouldn't Conrad Murray have felt at least complete and utter guilt over what happened to Michael Jackson? Wouldn't he have wanted to tell Michael's family, especially Michael's children how sorry he was that he allowed this to get out of hand to the point where it cost them their father.

Michael Jackson's children:  Prince I, Paris, and Prince II (aka. Blanket)

Wouldn't he have taken his punishment, what little there was without any argument? Heck, wouldn't he have even pleaded guilty to start with, knowing that regardless of what had actually happened in that room he was ultimately responsible for bringing the propofol into the house in the first place, then not being prepared for the worse if it should happen. He must have known from the get go what he was doing wasn't right, after all, why else would he choose to have the propofol sent to his girlfriend's house and not his medical offices. Also, I love how he said he was weaning Michael off the drug, yet he had 4 gallons of the stuff sent to him. This makes me shake my head, which leaves me to wonder if he truly was weaning Michael off of the stuff, along with King Kong and Godzilla as well. (Please….who was he kidding here, really)?

Yet, I have heard so many of Murray's patients talk about him as if he was a shining example of the medical profession. All right, I know what is going on here there are two Conrad Murray's, right?  It's like the same way I have made comments out here on this blog that I feel as if there were two Michael Jackson's. The good Michael whom I believe was the real one, and the bad Michael who was painted in the news media. Now with Conrad Murray there is the competent doctor who would put his patients first and there is the Conrad Murray whose a bumbling fool who would put himself before his patients, which is what this idiot who stood trial for Michael's supposed death has done.

Seriously, this guy has yet to take any blame for what happened, it was all Michael's fault, doesn't sound to me like a great doctor to me. Then we have him sentenced to jail for what four years? No wait, make that two because of jail crowding.  Does he accept this sentence, no he doesn't.  As I stated he continues to say he didn't do anything wrong and that he doesn't belong in jail.  (Say what)? 

As I stated above, Michael Jackson better not be dead because if he is this man is totally heartless and so is his defense team. His attorney, Michael Flannigan acts as if Murray is the victim in all of this, and he shouldn't have to spend his sentence time in jail and that if this case had involved anyone else other than Michael Jackson that his client would have been serving his sentence under house arrest.  I hate to remind Mr. Flannigan but someone is dead here, or at least that's what we've all been told. 

The only hero I have in this whole scenario as it stands is Judge Pastor, a man who won't listen to this garbage and has called out Murray on his lack of compassion in this whole matter. You know I could go on and on about Conrad Murray but it gives me a pounding headache because as I have said before this man really doesn't make any sense. This is why I have to wonder what this man was and is up to?  Perhaps, this has to do with the fact that we don't still have the whole story about that day. Murray should be the key to finding out the whole story about what happened back on June 25, 2009 to Michael Jackson, but he still isn't talking. Well, he's talking but it's nothing any of us want to hear. The truth is we might not ever find out the real truth of what happened on that day back in June of 2009.

One thing is for sure I will continue to write this blog and continue to dig for the truth, it’s the least I can do for Michael Jackson.  The mystery continues on.

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