Friday, April 6, 2012

What Was Conrad Murray Up To? .........(Part 1 of 2)

Conrad Murray

I know we have spent a whole lot of time on Conrad Murray. But when you think about the fact that this is the man at the heart of the supposed death of Michael Jackson, how can this be avoided? So, here we are again on the subject of Conrad Murray, and the more I go into this subject the more I find myself having to ask what was up with this man, and I mean that seriously. This man doesn't seem to make any sense to me. We know, or so we have been led to believe he is the person who inadvertently killed Michael Jackson. He was supposedly a highly respected doctor, right?  I mean just ask any of his former patients. They all sing his praises, some even during his involuntary manslaughter court case, including a spunky 80 year old woman, whom I couldn't help but like even if she was defending Murray. The odd thing is the man she speaks of, along with all those other patients, some of whom stood outside the court house holding picket signs seemed somehow out of place.

Anyway, getting back to Conrad Murray, to hear these former patients talk, he was a stellar doctor, who could be trusted and who cared immensely about his patients. (Huh?! How did this man go from being this pillar of the medical community to the bumbling idiot who took care of Michael Jackson, and killed him)? This is the man who did CPR on a mattress remember, and didn't have any proper monitoring equipment, reviving equipment, adrenalin drugs on him in case of an emergency. (You know the saying prepare for the worst). If that wasn't bad enough he didn't call 911 right away because in the documentary he says he was busy doing CPR, but during the trial he said there wasn't a working phone in the house.  (Which is it?  Didn't he have a phone to call all of the women that his cell phone had recorded as doing)?  This doctor wasn't the least bit prepared from what I saw. If that isn't enough there is still so much that doesn't add up here, both in his actions and in his so called statements to the police.  Let's go over some of these shall we.

First, of all if you've seen that horrid documentary that was done by Conrad Murray and his defense team around the time of his trial, titled: "The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson" you probably will have some idea what I am talking about. If not, you can watch it on YouTube, but I have to warn you it’s tough to watch. 
(CLICK HERE to watch it). 

If you would rather not watch it I can tell you that Judge Pastor from the involuntary manslaughter trial voiced his total distaste for the thing during Murray's sentencing. Here is a few tidbits from this documentary, but let me just warn you right here that this almost had me throwing my shoe at the TV screen that's how bad it was.

Murray stated in the documentary that Michael wet the bed and he never let the bed be cleaned because he was obviously too embarrassed. When asked by his defense attorney's if this was because of medication he was taking or some other psychological reason.  Murray stated it was psychological and said it had to do with Michael's childhood trauma that he had suffered by the hands of his father. Now what is the matter with this statement? First, Michael grew up in a large family and there were times when he shared a room with at least one of his brothers and none of them ever brought this up about him having this problem. He was also married twice, and despite what some choose to believe these were real marriages.  So why would these women never mention it? Even Lisa Marie, Michael's first wife when she was on what I call her woman scorn vendetta period giving interview after interview about negative things in regards to Jackson after their marriage ended never brought anything like this up.  Neither woman has ever mentioned this problem to this day. So come on, do I need to remind Murray that if Michael's autopsy report is genuine that an inflamed prostate was discovered, which could have been brought on by a prolong use of a catheter, to which we found out during the trial that he used on Michael every time he put him under propofol.  My understanding is he gave Michael propofol for forty straight nights for anywhere from eight to ten hours. Seriously, I could do a whole blog post on this alone, but let's just say Murray was just trying to cover his own behind on this one, and leave it at that.  (If any of you want to know how I know this about a catheter, I know this because I had a family member who had to have one for a long time, and I was told by medical personnel that the longer a person uses a catheter the more problems a person could have with their urinary track).

Conrad Murray went on to say in the documentary that when he administered the propofol he would never leave Michael's side. Too bad his cell phone tells another story of him leaving and calling three women and being gone for over forty minutes. (Yet, he told the police that he only left Michael Jackson for two minutes to go to the bathroom). One of the women Murray called admitted she hadn't heard from him in quite awhile.  So while he was supposed to be monitoring a patient on a sleep medication (anesthesia), he is calling someone to catch up with them?  Can this get any more bizarre?

On that note, I will close this blog post and pick it up in the next installment where we will continue to try to figure out what Conrad Murray was up to.  Believe me there is a lot more which I am sure will have you shaking your head and asking yourself if this is really real. So stay tune.

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