Sunday, April 29, 2012

Michael Jackson: Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008? (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1 of this blog I talked about the fact that I found a lot of conflicting information on Michael Jackson not just in 2009', when he supposedly died but also going back to 2008'.  I also told you about an office manager that worked for Michael's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein named Jason Pfeiffer who claimed that he and Jackson was involved romantically in 2008'.

Which now brings us to the people who said they were the only one's around Michael besides his kids, bodyguards, and house staff in 2008'. What is so odd about these claims is each one claims it was them, that they were his only friend during this time, yet neither one is someone I would put in the category of being Michael's true friend.

First, there was Dr. Tohme Tohme, (financial advisor) who was introduced to Michael by his brother Jermaine in the summer of 2008'.  He claimed that he was the only one around Michael during that time. Right and I believe this as much as I believe that Pfeiffer was his lover at that time as well. If this isn't bad enough Dr.Conrad Murray basic went on to claim the same thing in the documentary he did, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor", except he went even further by saying that Michael told him he was his only true friend. (Yeah, right and I'm Mrs. Michael Jackson. lol)  
Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Tohme Tohme
So I have Dr. Tohme Tohme and Dr. Conrad Murray claiming they were the only one around Michael Jackson during this time frame. But, yet I reported in an earlier blog entry that singer, Donny Osmond claimed that Michael had called him and told him he was hiding out in Phoenix, Arizona in an RV with his kids during this time frame because things had just gotten to be too much for him. 
Donny Osmond
Could all of this have happened?  Maybe, and maybe not, although I can basically show you the inconsistencies of some of the things each of them were saying.  One of the biggest inconsistencies is that there were actually other people that I have discovered that were around Michael Jackson during this time frame as well, such as June Gatlin, (Jackson's spiritual advisor), and Michael's lawyer, the late Peter Lopez, and who knows who else.

Click below for a video I created on to show you what was said and the inconsistencies these people were claiming.

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