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Michael Jackson: Who, What, Where, When, and How of 2008'? (Part 1 of 3)

This blog entry is about 2008', because through research I came across a lot of conflicting information about WHO Michael Jackson was around in 2008', WHAT he was doing in 2008', WHERE was he exactly in 2008', WHEN all of this occurred in 2008', and HOW all of this could have happened in 2008'.  I know it sounds confusing.  Believe me when I tell you this…it is.

After the supposed death of Michael Jackson I heard reports from Michael's family that they hardly saw him in the past few years leading up to his death. Come to think of it the general public didn't really see Michael during this time either. In fact, to be honest with you I actually believed that Michael was still abroad, which is where he had gone after the 2005' Child Molestation trial had ended. So imagine my surprise after his death to hear reports from various individuals that Michael had actually been back in the United States, and that he was reported to have at one time been in Las Vegas, and in Phoenix, Arizona, then of course, in Los Angeles.

So my understanding of all of his whereabouts was that Michael had returned back to the United States in 2006', and apparently this was also the time when he first met Dr. Conrad Murray, whom he met through one of his bodyguards, who recommended the doctor to Michael to treat one of his kids colds.
Dr. Conrad Murray
This now brings us to the subject of this blog entry, about the who, what, where, when and how of what happened to Michael Jackson back in 2008'.  In my previous blog entry titled:  "Did Michael Jackson Want to Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death", I stated that it appeared that Michael Jackson had a very eventful 2008' as well as 2009'.  I think the interesting thing here is we might just be able to possibly piece together what may have truly happened to Michael Jackson or not on June 25, 2009 by going back in time to 2008'.

The reason I feel that going back to 2008' is important is because there is just as much conflicting information back then as there was in 2009' leading up to Michael Jackson's supposed death from various individuals who claimed they were with Michael during this time, or that Michael was hiding out somewhere.

First of all, in April of 2011' we heard from a man by the name of Jason Pfeiffer on the television show "Extra", where he claimed to be Michael Jackson's gay lover. (Now I could say a whole lot about this man's claim here, but I'm not). 
Jason Pfeiffer's article in the Austialian Woman's Day Magazine
The reason I bring this up is in this interview Mr. Pfeiffer stated that he met Michael Jackson in 2008' at the office of his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein where he was working as an office manager at the time.  He stated they hit it off and started a relationship.  (Gee someone better tell Jason that there is a line around the building and he better get in it).  I say this because it seems there is more than Jason stating they were the one in Michael Jackson's life in 2008'.  Of course, the interesting thing that came out of this was Michael's dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein during this interview confirming it by saying it was true that Jason and Michael were in love, but then much later down the road recanted his story by saying they made it up.  Now, why they made it up is beyond me, but Jason Pfeiffer is apparently sticking to his story. 

Jason went on record during this interview by saying: "Setting the record straight and telling the truth, as opposed to hiding in some house in the middle of nowhere….I think he would have approved of this, yes."

What do I have to say about all of this; not much other than it's easy to get wrapped up in your own fantasies and make them your reality. (Hey, I'm willing to admit I've had a few fantasies about Michael Jackson, but that doesn't make them true).  This guy has publicly said that he and Michael were lovers during this time. Do I believe this, do any of you? Come on this was a guy who obviously had a thing for Michael but somehow I don't think it was mutual. In fact there is zero proof to that effect. The only times Michael was seen with this guy was at a Christmas party he had at his home with a group of other people in a photo, and Michael isn't even standing next to him, let alone have any physical contact with him in any way in the photos I saw, but some think this is proof, of what, I'm not sure.  

The supposed incriminating photo of Jason Pfeiffer with
Michael Jackson at a Christmas Party that was given in Jackson's home.
Seriously, if you're famous be careful who you are photographed with even if it's a group photo. Other then this the only other times Michael was seen with this guy was leaving Kline's office (where Pfeiffer worked at the time) and these photos made Pfeiffer look like a love sick puppy dog following after Michael. Don't believe me, here is a video I found on YouTube showing this: (CLICK HERE)

So, maybe Michael was going to Kline's office at that time, and maybe Pfeiffer worked there, but I would put money on the fact that this was the extent of their relationship. So we can rule out Pfeiffer's vivid imagination as being creditable when it comes to what Michael was up to 2008'.  The one thing I am sure of is that Mr. Pfeiffer sold this story to Australians Woman's Day Magazine, and gave several more interviews in regards to this, to which I am sure he was paid.  But, hey he said Michael would have wanted him to come clean and tell the truth about them. (PPLLEEAASEEE give me a break)!!!  It's amazing how many people came out of the woodwork after Michael's death to claim all kinds of things about him.  It's really amazing what a person will do for fifteen minutes and the mighty dollar.

Anyway this is just the first of a few so called people who supposedly became involved in some way with Michael Jackson in 2008', or so they say.  Believe me when I tell you there are more.

So stay tune for Part 2, where I'll discuss several more people claiming all kinds of things about Michael Jackson, and it all took place in 2008'.  If Michael Jackson is still alive, I'm sure he is shaking his head right about now.

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