Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Michael Jackson was Weak, Sickly and Frail! Really? Where At?

We have all heard the news media say time and time again how weak, sickly, and frail Michael Jackson was prior to his death. He was so thin, so pale, so listless, there was just no way he could have done those 50 concerts. We even had members of the Jackson family talk about how Michael was in no condition to do these concerts.

The clincher for me was the statements made by author, Ian Halperin, where he depicted Michael as being so weak he could hardly get out of bed. Odd thing about this man though is that he predicted that Michael would be dead in six months, in December of 2008'.  You read that right, (six months later Michael Jackson was supposedly dead), so that was probably the only thing he got right in this piece of trash he was alluding to.

Anyway, getting back to all these so called claims that Michael was sickly, weak and frail, someone… anyone please show me the proof that this was actually true because all I got is proof to the contrary. First of all, I want to put to rest the rumor that Michael was bone thin. For the record, Michael was always a thin guy.

It must have been in his genetics, he never seem to gain weight at least not for long. Also, let's remember that the Coroner’s Report listed his weight at 137 pounds.  No one who weighs over 130 pounds can be classified as bone thin, yes height can play a part in your weight ratio, but come on this still isn’t an unhealthy weight. Then there is this whole weak and sickly business, please. I saw the "This Is It" documentary and that man didn’t look too sickly and weak to me the way he was keeping up with dancers who were at least twenty to thirty years younger than him. Yes, to listen to Michael's father, Joe Jackson that some of the Michael Jackson's we saw in "This Is It" weren't his son, but impersonators hired by AEG.  Yes, I will agree with Joe Jackson on this, especially I would agree with him in regards to the guy who announced the comeback concerts at the O2 arena.  This person was not Michael Jackson. A few giveaways were the guy's voice, his teeth, his walk and his physical gestures.  They were definitely not Michael's.  (CLICK HERE to view).
But I do know Michael Jackson when I see him, and when I saw him in this documentary I didn't see a weak, or frail man. 

CLICK HERE to see Michael Jackson perform: - "Jam" from "This is It" rehearsal).

Now some have wanted to argue that AEG and Columbia Pictures edited out all the bad stuff in this documentary, (such as Michael looking too weak to go on). To those who stand by this claim, I got news for you Conrad Murray's attorney, Ed Chernoff subpoenaed all 100 hours of rehearsal footage that was filmed because he thought it could be used as evidence in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial as a way of showing how Michael was deteriorating. Well, I'm sure most of you saw in this trial on TV, that none of this rehearsal footage was ever brought into evidence. No, because in the end Mr. Chernoff was unable to find anything that could be used as proof that Michael wasn’t in the best of health. In fact, I heard that he stated that Michael Jackson looked in pretty good condition.  He even admitted that Michael looked good even on those days that people say he wasn't doing all that good.  (Strange, right) In fact, the opposite happened during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial. The District Attorney, David Walgren instead showed a couple pieces of the rehearsal where Michael Jackson looked amazingly strong and in good physical condition. 

CLICK HERE to view Michal Jackson performing:  "The Way You Make Me Feel" from the "This is It" rehearsal).

So what does this tell me? Well, it tells me that no one can still come up with concrete proof that Michael wasn’t fit enough to do these concerts. In fact, the only proof we have that anything was wrong with Michael during this time was a statement made by AEG employee and "This is It" Choreographer, Kenny Ortega in court about the fact that a few days prior to Michael's supposed death, that he displayed serious flu like symptoms. The odd thing about this statement, correct me if I’m wrong here, but wasn't this the first time any of us heard about this; in the manslaughter trial, right? Yet, it's far from the first time that Kenny Ortega made any statement in public before this trial began. He had done interview after interview and in those interviews he talked about how Michael always seem to be on top of his game.  The only thing Kenny Ortega brought up was the fact that Michael seem to be having trouble sleeping and that he often appeared tired.  He also added that Michael had passed a complete and thorough physical before starting rehearsals for "This is It".  Then out of the blue, Mr. Ortega at the trial brings up Michael having flu like symptoms a few days before his supposed death, to now paint a picture that Michael may not have been in as good health as we were first led to believe. Strange thing is this is exactly what the news media and even the Jackson family are trying so hard to convince all of us of, and yet I just never saw any proof that this was indeed the case.
(CLICK HERE - Part 1 & CLICK HERE - Part 2 & CLICK HERE for Part 3 to view Kenny Ortega's testimony at the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaugher Trial).

So what do I make of all this? Well, I have someone who in my opinion appeared to be in relatively good health for someone at the age of 50. Yet, I am being told constantly this wasn’t the case, as if the masses are hoping that if they tell us this enough we’ll start to believe it. Sorry, seeing is believing more than anything else, and what I saw didn’t add up to a sickly, weak, or frail man.

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